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Pyramid Power

Activation for Ascension to Dec 21, 2012

October 28, 2011

On October 28, 2011, we held a crystal skull activation within a scale replica of the Great Pyramid. Crystal skull researcher and author, Jaap Van Etten, PhD. and his wife Jeanne joined us to create a special crystal skull matrix to usher in a new era of ascension. The Ascension Crystal Skulls, Illuminated Crystal Skulls and 12 large crystal skulls were major contributors to crystal skull matrix, along with many other crystal skulls anchored by the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM, and two major Crystal Skulls from Jaap Van Etten (Sam and AhBeSo), along with several other highly activated crystal skulls from Jaap's personal collection.

We were connected through the crystalline grid with others who held sacred space for the crystal skulls, including the ancient crystal skull SHA NA RA who was joined in matrix with several large crystal skulls (and one of the world's largest Nuummite crystal skulls - perhaps the oldest, rarest and most transformational stone on Earth). Members of the Hopi also joined in energetically, as did Hawaiin Elder, Aka, who activated an ancient Lemurian Temple that has been in her lineage for over 5,000 years.

Several activation ceremonies took place over two days in this full size pyramid. We brought many crystal skulls to a large pyramid to participate in the energizing activation to support humanity and the Earth through this birth process of Ascension.

We performed profound candlelight ceremonies and prayers with the crystal skulls on the evening of the 28th in honor of moving beyond the old world.

The following day, the crystal skulls were bathed in light and color in support of our new world that we are now collectively creating.


The crystal skulls were placed within the full-size pyramid - a scale replica of the Great Pyramid at Giza, which is lined in copper and has a quartz cluster in the apex.

We created a crystal skull matrix of concentric circles.

The outer ring consisted of 44 crystal skulls in all shapes, colors, and sizes, each on a chair representing humanity and their future guardians.

The next ring was a circle of photographs of 50 of the most sacred sites around the world, with crystal skulls placed upon them for energizing and awakening.

Within that was a ring of 12 large crystal skulls, with our 4 major crystal skulls in the middle under the apex of the pyramid: AMAR and his partner AMARA, and Jaap’s crystal skulls SAM and AHBESO.

In the very center was the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM, which has Mayan glyphs on the top of her head, including a round “vortex” for transmitting energy through the apex and beyond.

The Q’ero pendants infused with the Karpay Light Transmissions were each placed on the world map to bring light to each country on Earth.

A special map of the USA was covered with clear quartz crystal skulls supporting major US cities, with larger quartz crystal skulls highlighting the Pilgrimage Crystal Skull Journey across America.

Several of the powerful ceremonial tools that were used at this event are available below to support you in raising the frequency and vibration of everything around you in your world.

Pyramid Activated Crystal Skulls



Milky Way

Q-L-7710 : Quartz Crystal Skull 
Approx 17 lbs (7.7 Kg)
L: 8.5 " W: 5 " H: 6.5 "

This is a larger than life size crystal skull with unique features. This skull has a nice rainbow in the third eye. The face is very clear, but the back of this skull is milkier than what we usually offer – it also has several small yellow/reddish iron inclusions. This is why this skull is very well priced for a skull this large. This skull is beautifully carved with sculptural details – the temples arc all the way to the back, and the teeth are also sculpturally carved. It is extremely well polished and smooth. This is a very dramatic and powerful large crystal skull.

Price $6000(S&H $ 69.95)
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(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)
(This crystal skull has been activated in a special ceremony within a full size pyramid and a Summer Solstice 2012 ceremony)

The large base of this crystal skull allowed us to set it on two light boxes which provided a stunning new combination of colors that we have never seen before.

(we include both light boxes with this crystal skull)


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When I received the Illuminated Quartz Crystal Skull as soon as I picked it up I had a feeling of calmness and peace. It was very much like I felt for the 11/11/11 gathering that I went to. A couple of days later I was holding the skull and I saw a beam of light flying over the earth... and then I saw that there were others and they were all going to the same place. I then saw a pyramid shape and the light flew up the side of the pyramid and straight up to the universe! . (read more testimonials)



Ascension Crystal Skulls


Ascension crystal skulls are carved from ultra-clear AA Grade quartz. These crystal skulls are so clear that you can actually read through them. They also have a camera-like effect, where you can look through the back of the skull and see through the eyes of the skull, making these crystal skulls excellent recorders. Ascension crystal skulls are carved of natural quartz, so they still have minor natural inclusions such as wispy veils or rainbows, but these do not interfere with their clarity. This high quality of quartz is becoming increasingly rare and harder to find – from the hundreds of crystal skulls that we offer, we have very few that qualify as Ascension Crystal Skulls.

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A Legend set in stone...

crystal skulls

"To guard against destruction or subversion, people built 12 corresponding Bibles in "stone" and located them throughout the Motherland. In order to bring them together under one head, thus making the precepts everlasting, they built The Great Pyramid...

It would last forever, not only as a beacon that would hold high the light, but as a reflector for that light. It not only reflected the light but gave forth the oft-repeated command, 'if Humanity has lost the light, go within; there you will find recorded the precepts that will renew the light so that it may shine forth from you..."

Excerpt from 'Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East' by Baird Spalding - from the travels to India and Tibet of a research party of 11 scientists in 1894.

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Pyramids and Crystal Skulls
by Dr. Jaap van Etten

Many books and articles have been written on pyramids, especially about the great pyramid at Giza. This has led to the discovery of many interesting things about these unique shapes. Increasingly it becomes clear that we cannot understand a pyramid fully if we do not include the study of energies connected with their shape. In other words, we need to look also at the metaphysical qualities of a pyramid in order to understand their full function and potential. The same is true for crystal skulls. When we look at pyramids and crystal skulls from a metaphysical perspective we see that they have some interesting aspects in common and are able to enhance each other’s functions.

Both a pyramid and a crystal skull are very “reactive” to human consciousness. It is the human consciousness that determines to a large degree what energies are actively present around them and how these energies flow. When people work in a pyramid or with crystal skulls, they will affect the energy in and around them. In addition there is the possibility to connect and tap into different energy and information fields that are connected with these two objects.

Based on what is said it may not come as a surprise that bringing crystal skulls into a pyramid creates a very special situation. When on October 28, 2011 crystal skulls were brought into a pyramid, those who were present, were surprised about the intensity of the energies. Most special and important, however, is that crystal skulls in a pyramid magnify the possibility to tap into information and energy fields. When that happened on that day it changed the people and it downloaded the crystal skulls that were in the pyramid with information and energies beyond our understanding. It may take a long time, if ever, before we fully comprehend this downloaded information. In the meantime, however, every crystal skull that was in that pyramid during that event will have energies and information that will support their caretakers (or future caretakers) on the journey of remembering who they truly are.

Dr. Jaap van Etten, author of several books including, “Crystal Skulls – Interacting With A Phenomenon”, specializes  in studying and working with the energies of the Earth; he is an expert in vortex energies, especially in the Sedona area where he lives and offers phenomenal vortex tours (if you are ever in Sedona and want to truly experience the power spots of the Red Rocks, consider a Vortex Tour with Jaap). Jaap also offers lectures, meditations, and workshops in Sedona, and around the world. You can reach him directly at:


Dear MD and the crystal skull team,

I will try to express what a treasure I have received through your wonderful team, thou it will be a little hard to put into words.  Yesterday (12.05.11), I received a package in the mail that I have been eagerly awaiting.  Really not knowing how much it would effect me. 

I ordered a Fluorite skull and a Quartz skull.  The Fluorite was the smaller of the two so I unwrapped that from the protective bubble wrap first.  Looking at me was this happy little guy and he told me "Thank you for helping him get home", which is not going to be with me like I thought.  He will be going to a friend of mine, which it will be wonderful to give a gift filled with this much love.  Then I unwrapped the Quartz skull, I was excited and nervous at the same time. It is absolutely breathe taking.  Connecting with me instantly and letting me know her name is TaMara.  I stood in awe and total fascination.  The clear beauty of this skull is amazing and the rainbows held within, wow. 

Each time I look at TaMara I see more bright rainbows.  Right at the third eye is what I call a "star burst," beaming with brilliance and inviting one to communicate with the consciousness of the crystalline grid.  I really did not expect the connection that took place, although TaMara had been in communication with me before she arrived, it was strengthened when I was actually able to hold her in my hands and look in her eyes.  I welcome this and I am very open to what will be a very delightful journey.   

TaMara being energized with AMAR and CANA IXIM is truly a blessing.  To be in a ceremony within a pyramid with Jaap van Etten was another blessing for TaMara. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I feel truly blessed to welcome these crystals into my home and to send the Fluorite skull on his way to his guardian.  The energy imbued in these skulls is that of a warm, inviting and very loving nature. Thank you MD, AMAR, CANA IXIM, Jaap van Etten, and the wonderful team at Crystal Skulls.   
(read more testimonials)
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