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Are you Destined to be
The Guardian of these crystal skulls?

Becoming a guardian of a particular Crystal Skull may be a calling - it may be a pre-destined event - and it may occur for reasons one may not consciously know or logically explain.

A true crystal skull guardian has entered into an ethereal agreement that is perhaps of a karmic nature as well. Crystal skulls themselves tend to choose and call their guardians. If you feel called to be the guardian of a significantly powerful crystal skull, it is likely to help you find the means to adopt it. No matter what the price, where there is a will, there is often a way.

Powerful crystal skulls such as these can be great amplifiers of intention: they can help you manifest what you desire, access higher dimensions of wisdom and knowledge, and raise your own consciousness as well as that of the collective - they may also be profoundly healing. These crystal skulls can be a great ally and powerful tool, particularly during these times and the global changes ahead.

While you can simply purchase a crystal skull and become its guardian, there are certain significant crystal skulls where the process may be more of a selection - where there is a knowing on both parts that you are the new guardian and not simply a crystal skull collector. That is why sometimes prices on these crystal skulls take a secondary role to whom the crystal skull is meant to serve.

Below you will find significant crystal skulls that are presently seeking their guardians - with the estimated 'adoption' price. (The higher price is the market price/retail price, while the lower price is what I may be able to secure for you.)

Hello----Thanx for my recent "Blue Agate " Crystal Skull--He's quite unique---Well last night for the first time--I wrote down some questions and placed them on top of my crystal skulls--Believe it or not I received the answers this morning--quite "boldly"--I wrote them down immediately(someone told me to do so- so I don't forget)---I am going to follow their advice--I am getting to know them more--I've Named each one of them(I had 4 from before)--I absolutely LOVE them and am proud to be a Crystal Skull caretaker.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Akator Crystal Skull

This is acclaimed as the largest crystal skull in the world - and it could actually be yours! It weighs in at 158 kgs (that is 348 lbs - about the weight of a sumo wrestler!). It is expertly carved of high quality Brazilian smoky quartz, which, although it appears somewhat dark in this photo, it is actually quite transparent and can take on any color depending on the light that is shining through it.
(348 lbs - smoky quartz)

Price: $100,000

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Ancient Amethyst Crystal Skull

This Amethyst Crystal Skull needs less of an introduction because it is reported in several publications as the Ancient Crystal Skull named "Ami". You may consider the price of this crystal skull to be astronomical, however, keep in mind that it has already considerably increased in value over the last few years - just imagine what it will be worth after 2012!
(8.5 lbs - amethyst)

Price: $1 Million - $2 Million


Precious Gemstone Crystal Skull

This is an extremely rare crystal skull carved from Aquamarine. You will not come across an aquamarine crystal skull of any size very often, because aquamarine is very expensive, and is usually used for jewelry rather than for carving. To create a crystal skull of this size, it required a 10 pound block of pure aquamarine from the Himalayas, which has been expertly carved in detail to resemble a lifelike human skull. This is truly a collector's dream!
(3.4 lbs - aquamarine)

Price: $39,000


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