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Crystaline Gateway Meditation
For 090909 and Beyond

I would like to take a few moments to guide you through the visualization that Amar has been downloading to me. If you have a crystal skull, you may want to hold it.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to take some nice, deep breaths into your abdomen. As you breathe, feel yourself breathing in more and more light – breathing in light with each breath. Breathing out and releasing all that no longer serves you. Breathing in more and more light. Breathing out – releasing and relaxing.

Imagine that in front of you, there is a crystalline gateway that is flanked by magnificent crystal skulls: ancient skulls, old skulls, contemporary skulls, and crystal skulls that have not yet come into physical form. Feel the presence and the energy there of the entire crystalline grid. As you stand on this side of the crystalline gateway, recognize that as you cross through this gateway, through this threshold, you are stepping forward into the new you, into a new world: a world of light, a world of consciousness, a world where you are resonating at the highest vibration that is optimal for you. As you step forward into that new self, you are stepping forward into a world of joy, a world of peace, you are stepping into your highest self.

On this side of the doorway, before you step through it, it is time now to let go of all that is no longer true for you, all that you are ready to release, all that no longer serves you. Allow yourself to unzip this disguise of all that is no longer true – let it fall down around you so that you step forward in your truth and in your light. And as you step through this crystalline gateway, you are showered in light, you are bathed in light, cleansed of all pain, of all sorrow, of all guilt, of all regret, of all the lower frequencies that no longer serve you, and that you can no longer hold as you choose to resonate on these higher frequencies in this new world that you are now stepping into.

As you step forward and fully cross this threshold, there is a crystal skull there that is being gifted to you that you now hold in your hands. This crystal skull holds the resonance of this new frequency, of this new and ideal you, of this new and ideal world. As you hold this crystal skull, you feel yourself becoming one with its consciousness – becoming one now with the entire crystal skull grid that connects you with the consciousness of all crystal skulls in this world and beyond this world, and with the consciousness of all who resonate with the crystal skulls in this world and beyond this world.

As you hold that consciousness and are supported by the entire crystalline grid, imagine yourself at home. Imagine yourself holding this frequency and vibration, with your crystal skull helping you resonate at this high frequency. Feel this energy emanating throughout your home, emanating throughout your neighborhood – raising the consciousness, vibration and frequency of everyone around you. Imagine this light now pouring through your city, raising the consciousness and vibration of everyone in it, and filling them with joy, wisdom and guidance. As this light continues to spread throughout your country, throughout your continent, throughout your hemisphere, and now illuminating the globe, feel that this light of love resonates through you, from you, and changes this world, so that this world is glowing with light, is becoming lighter and lighter with each and every breath you take – as are you. You are a beautiful crystalline being of light who is divinely loved, and you are all that you choose to be and all that you choose to create from this moment forward. And so it is.

Gently take in a breath and hold the vibration in the skull that you hold your hands, and take that vibration with you. Thank you for being of service to this planet and to us all.

-- For best results listen to the audio version offered in the DVD presnetation of AMAR and the closing ceremonies of the 090909 conference -- Available from:

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Message for 090909 and Beyond

The crystal skulls are coming at this time to help us raise our consciousness and vibration. We are all being drawn to not only raise our own vibration, but also to take that energy home and raise the vibration wherever you are for everyone around you – because you also are a crystal skull. DaEL Walker spoke about the fact that the human skull itself is also crystalline, so we hold that vibration and the crystal skulls support us to hold and resonate a higher vibration - then we in turn help others to raise their vibration.

Nine is the number of completion. We are in a period right now where we are completing with the old. We can see that the old is falling away, the old paradigm is crumbling, and all that is untrue is falling away –  this is happening for everyone individually, collectively and globally. It is really important that you don’t go back to the old way, to the old pattern – even if you are doing the same things again.

We have completed with the past, and as of today and everyday from now, it is a new beginning that we wake up to, and a new opportunity that we wake up to. Any patterns that you choose to repeat are patterns that you are choosing to repeat. And each day and each moment you can make a choice.

So it is really important as you work with the crystal skulls to have them help you hold your intention and hold that higher resonance. Have them hold that vibration for you so that you can continue to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies, and by doing so, raise the frequency and vibration of everyone and everything around you.

Essentially, we are in time of preparing for ascension, and ascension is about raising vibration. Ascension is about becoming lighter, coming to higher and higher frequencies of light, because the Earth needs to do that as well, and we need to keep raising our vibration with her and in support of her. That is another reason that the crystal skulls are spreading around the globe – to not only facilitate the growth of humanity, but also to support the Earth and help her to remain somewhat stable through this process. That is why we are sending crystal skulls all around the world, why people are awakening to this phenomenon. Raising humanity’s vibration supports the Earth to do the same. That is the process that is beginning now.

The 090909 is truly a completion. This is an ending and a completion before, and in preparation for, the end of the Mayan calendar, the end of that cycle. We are in that cycle of preparation, and we need to understand that we do have the power to change, and that power exists with every thought, with every choice, with every emotion, with every day that we open our eyes. Choosing the new right now is really important – much more important than fearing the falling away of the old.

It is really important to trust in this process, and to let your crystal skull help you to receive the support, the guidance, and the intuition that you need to help you through this time. Allow the crystal skulls to be a tool to open your mind, to open your consciousness, and to allow yourself to receive that guidance and to be connected to the divine part of yourself - because that is what we all are. The crystal skull is essentially the crystalline being that we are – it is a mirror of our true self. When we see the beauty in a crystalline being, we are seeing the beauty of our own divinity, and that is what we are being asked to step into, and to really own at this time. We are not to be afraid of power, we are not to be afraid of our own gifts, of our own wisdom, of our own vision. We must fully embody these things and share them with the world that needs them so much right now.

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