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Anything that we devote time, energy and attention to will blossom and flourish in our lives. The more we practice something – anything – the more we improve and become adept in that area. This is also true for spirituality in all forms.

Spiritual practice is intended to perfect the individual in order to attain higher and higher spiritual states in this lifetime and beyond. For thousands of years, spiritual practice has involved rituals of some form – the word “spiritual” even contains the word “ritual”. Most spiritual practices have rituals, from the arcane to the sublime. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Muslim faiths all have sacred rituals that are performed by practitioners on a regular basis – this is also true for so-called primitive or pagan practices dating back thousands of years. 

The question is, why? Many rituals are symbolic of greater esoteric meaning, and different icons and symbols represent higher spiritual realms. But the key to ritual is that it creates a well-worn pathway to reach those loftier planes.

When you walk the same route over and over again, you create a path that is easier to find the next time, creating a shortcut for yourself to your desired destination. This well-worn path also becomes easier for others to see and to follow after you. Each time you repeat an action, you also create such pathways in the mind, connecting synapses in the brain that allow you to reach those states of mind faster and more efficiently the more you practice them. The first time you do anything, you are forging a new path, but each subsequent time you do it, it becomes easier and faster as you become more practiced and proficient.

The concept of morphogenic resonance – or the hundredth monkey principle – has demonstrated that the more people do something, the easier it is for other people to subsequently do the same thing, even if they are not in physical proximity to each other. This is true for animals, and for all living things, because everything is connected to everything else through energy and consciousness – the more conscious you are, the more you become conscious of the consciousness contained within all things, and the more you can resonate with and command all things.

Many indigenous groups around the world have had rituals for thousands of years involving skulls and crystal skulls as receptacles for consciousness and symbols of transcendence and transformation. Crystal skulls are not religious icons or idols to be worshipped, they are spiritual tools for accelerating spiritual growth and raising consciousness on a personal, global and universal level.

Ritual involves focused and repeated intention, and crystal skulls amplify and magnify intention. Crystal skulls are ideal tools for enhancing intention and ritual of all kinds. The Tibetan Crystal Skull, Amar, was used by Tibetan monks in rituals of healing and divination. The Mayans also used crystal skulls in these types of rituals, as well as for rituals related to fertility, harvest, and connecting with the divine.

Scrying is a ritual of using crystal skulls to receive intuitive guidance and messages – clear quartz or obsidian crystal skulls are best for scrying. You can create healing rituals with crystal skulls in several ways: by holding a crystal skull in meditation and focusing your intention; or by placing the crystal skull on the area that needs energy and attention; or by sitting within a circle of 12 crystal skulls and allowing this powerful matrix to raise your vibration to higher levels beyond dis-ease. You can create rituals for manifestation by placing a word, photograph, affirmation or intention under a crystal skull, or more powerfully in the center of a circle of 12 crystal skulls, and let the crystal skulls amplify the energy of that intention and act as a magnet to draw that reality to you. There are many ways to use crystals and crystal skulls to create rituals of your own – simply set your intention, and remember that practice makes perfect.

Wearing Crystal Skulls

Crystal skull pendants allow you to benefit from the energy of crystal skulls wherever you are. Many crystals have energetic properties that enhance wellness and wellbeing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.The human body is crystalline in nature, and resonates with the energy of crystals. Crystals can help restore balance to the body, mind, heart and spirit – this is especially true the more you work with them, and the closer they are to you, making it ideal to wear them so you can get the most benefit on a constant basis.

Wearing different stones at different times can give you support as you need it. A daily ritual of selecting a crystal skull to wear can support you to achieve higher states of consciousness and wellbeing on all levels.

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Crystal Skull Meditations

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Crystal Skull Meditations
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Crystal Skull Light Boxes

Crystals emanate and respond to different frequencies of energy; light and color also emanate different frequencies of energy. It is theorized that light and sound are key components in activating the full power of crystal skulls, especially with regard to their healing properties. One thing is certain: light definitely evokes the beauty and enhances the experience of crystal skulls!

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