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Is this the crystal Skull for you?

These are actual photos of the one-of-a-kind crystal skull that is available to you first as a VIP member.

It has been meticulously hand-carved in amazing detail by a master carver using only the highest quality Brazilian Quartz crystal.

OLYMPIC eMINENCE - highly Charged Crystal Skull:
Solar Eclipse, 08-08-08, Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon

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#DL808488 - Clear Quartz 7.32 lbs L: 6.5in W: 4.25in H: 5in

This is a really nice, large crystal skull. It is full of rainbows throughout the skull, and is unusual because it has rainbows in the eyes, nose, and teeth. It is large enough that you will want to hold it with two hands. At over 7 pounds, this crystal skull would normally retail for over $2000, but we are offering it right now to our VIP customers at a special price of $1500.

This crystal skull is about the size of a melon with fine details carved from high quality Brazilian quartz by a carver who is truly an artist in every sense (in fact, we may not be able to offer his skulls anymore because his carvings are in such high demand worldwide that it is driving his prices through the roof!).

This crystal skull will have been activated in the presence of Amar, the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull, through both a solar eclipse (August 1 - representing new beginnings and new identity) and a full moon lunar eclipse (August 16 - emotional and spiritual healing), with a special 08/08/08 activation for abundance and prosperity.

The way the light hits this crystal skull is mesmerizing - photos can't really do it justice. It is definitely a happy, smiling skull that will surely make its new caretaker very happy!

Your VIP Price: $1500
Special Sale: $1250 SOLD
(S&H $29.95)


This crystal skull has been energized and activated
in the presence of the Tibetan Crystal Skull, Amar.

For additional information you may call me at 1 800 663-6463 or email me directly at .
To guarantee that you get this one-of-a-kind crystal skull,
the fastest way to order is through the above 'buy' button.

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