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These are actual photos of the one-of-a-kind crystal skull that has been meticulously hand-carved in amazing detail by a master carver using only the highest quality Brazilian Quartz crystal.

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#DS811662 - Clear Light Smoky Quartz - 5.3 lbs
L: 6 " W: 4 " H: 4.5"

We have found the purest, clearest natural Brazilian quartz that has been carved into a magnificent 5-pound crystal skull. Crystal skulls of this clarity and quality are very rare - you can immediately feel their power as they seem to actually glow with light, even in the dark.

Quartz is a powerful amplifier of energy - the purer the quartz, the greater its power for conducting, storing and transmitting energy (as with a magnifying glass, the clearer the better). This is why scientists seek out only the purest quartz to power advanced tecnological equipment, however, because most natural quartz is milky or full of inclusions, scientists have to resort to growing clear quartz artificially in a lab. Naturally clear quartz of this quality is becoming increasingly scarce.

Crystal skulls have the power to raise consciousness. The clearest and purest crystal skulls can cleanse, purify and perfect the mind in preparation for ascension. The clearer a crystal skull is, the more it supports the purification of the mind to reach higher states of consciousness and ascension. These ultra-clear and highly sought-after crystal skulls have come to be known as Ascension Crystal Skulls.

Ascension crystal skulls is a name reserved for the clearest of crystal skulls, which besides having all the traditional properties of quartz crystal skulls, they serve as a tool to raise human consciousness and perfect the mind in preparation for ascension.

This particular crystal skull is classifed as clear light smoky, also called "fume quartz". Unlike some artificially irradiated smoky quartz that tend to be dark, this is a very clear lightly smoky quartz that naturally emanates light. In fact, as is evident in the picture below, you can see all the way through the over 4 inches of solid pure quartz!

Metaphysically, smoky quartz provides grounding and protection - it enhances survival instincts, and can help one reach personal and business goals, as well as assisting in making wishes come true. Smoky quartz, is ideal for removing negativity and negative energy of any kind and transforming them to positive energy.

This crystal skull took part in a special ceremony on 12/12 that specifically focused on the energies of abundance & prosperity. 12/12 marks a significant date for ascension as the Galactic Solstice, serving as a gateway to higher consciousness for the times to come.

It was also specially activated on 12/21 in preparation for the countdown to December 21, 2012 alongside an authentic Mayan crystal skull, which has been used in ceremonies for healing and abundance.

In addition, it spent New Year's Eve in the presence of the Tibetan Crystal Skull Amar and participated in the first World Peace Meditation on January 1, 2009.

These ceremonies take place on a magnificent marble altar table that is beautifully inlaid with semi-precious stones, such as lapis, malachite, amethyst, carnelian, aquamarine, jade and agate, which further enhance the crystal skulls with their energy and healing properties.


#DS811662 - Clear Light Smoky Quartz - 5.3 lbs
L: 6 " W: 4 " H: 4.5"

Price $4,000(S&H $49.95)


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This crystal skull was specially activated in a ceremony with Amar, the rare Tibetan crystal skull that has been used in Tibet for healing and divination. It has also been activated in the presence of an authentic Mayan crystal skull that has been used in ceremonies for healing, harvest and prosperity.

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