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Is this the crystal Skull for you?

These are actual photos of the one-of-a-kind crystal skull that has been meticulously hand-carved in amazing detail.

Sparkling Champagne

When I first unpacked this crystal skull, I was amazed to see colorful rainbows shining right through the bubble wrap! As I kept unwrapping it, it kept unveiling more and more gorgeous rainbows all over this stunning crystal skull. Some of the rainbows sparkle like champagne bubbles, while other rainbows emerge in large technicolor ribbons.

This is a life-size crystal skull carved in great detail. There are so many fascinating event horizons within this skull that it can be mesmerizing from every angle. This crystal skull is sure to bring joy and delight to its new guardian, who might be interested to know that this particular skull has been activated in the presence of ShaNaRa, an ancient Mayan Crystal Skull - one of the few crystal skulls that has been verified as being truly ancient.


The carving on this skull is unlike any we have seen before. Photos don't do it justice, but the detailed carving is very lifelike, with features and details that you do not see on most crystal skulls. It is truly a work of art.

One of the most interesting features of this skull are the eyes, which are carved in great depth to pull you into the skull. It is like looking into some kind of dimensional doorway or portal, or like being drawn into a tunnel of light. The eyes allow you to penetrate into the depths of the crystal skull, and access new levels of awareness.

But what is really mesmerizing are the number and size of the rainbows appearing from virtually every angle in any light, and magnified even more in natural daylight...

I know that it is hard to see details in photographs, but the jaw has been meticulously hollowed out to allow the maximum amount of light to penetrate this crystal skull so that it shines from within. I usually do not take photos of the bottom of skulls because they are not usually remarkable, but this one is very intricate, with special attention paid to creating a lifelike jawbone.

I'm sure that everyone that you show this skull to will be amazed at the detailed carving work, the hypnotic eyes, and of course, the multitude of exquisite rainbows!


#K-090424 - Champagne Quartz - 13 lbs
L: 8.5" W: 5 " H: 6.5 "

Price $9,995

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This crystal skull has been activated

in the presence of ShaNaRa, an ancient Mayan crystal skull.

For additional information you may call me at 1 800 663-6463 or email me directly at .
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