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The Largest crystal Skull in the World

Long before the "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" movie arrived in theaters and took the audience on a quest for the infamous crystal skull of AKATOR, there was the creation of what The Guinness Book of World Records is considering to be the largest crystal skull ever carved. It has already secured a precedent as one of the 52 - and the only crystal skull to be included in the Crystal Skull's Oracle (a Who's Who in the Crystal Skull World) before it has even found its true guardian.

Master crystal carver Leandro from Brazil had a dream that led him to find an 800 kg stone in a river that turned out to be a massive rock of Brazilian smoky quartz... Several years later, he completed the carving of the largest crystal skull in the world weighing in at 144 kg - it is now known as AKATOR and is said its primary mission is to teach us about life & relationships. Anyone who has had the honor of being in its presence will tell you that it leaves an unforgettable lasting impression.

Leandro originally referred to this massive skull as "Papa" - the daddy of all of crystal skulls. We nicknamed it Colussus for its enormous size, but it now bears the name Akator after the mythical city of legend - yet a new name may emerge once it finds its true guardian.

In the ebook The Skull Speaks and its sequel Beyond the Veil of Time, channelled information from the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull reveals that through the possible upcoming Earth changes there will be some safe haven spots which are anchored by crystal skulls. We believe that the crystal skulls serve as a type of acupuncture to soothe the Earth and relieve excess energies in order to restore a harmonious flow of peace. This huge smoky quartz crystal skull holds an enormous amount of grounding and protection.

You do not have to travel to the Amazon to experience this crystal skull, as this crystal skull could be yours. In a gallery, this huge crystal skull could garnish $250,000 - but the carver is offering to sell it to you directly for $100,000. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that awaits the right person to be the guardian of the largest crystal skull in the world.

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