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Are you Destined to be the guardian of this crystal skull?


the ancient amethyst crystal skull at the center of it all

In today's world there is a tendency to want to classify crystal skulls as "ancient" so they can garner in a higher dollar value. Often, because of some limitations in determining the age of a crystal skull carving, one has to rely on other factors. This is one of the few crystal skulls that is overwhelmingly categorized as truly ancient.

The laboratory at Hewlett-Packard (who had previously tested the Mitchell-Hedges Skull), carried out research and concluded that no high-pressure tools were used to carve this skull. The Hewlett-Packard laboratory reportedly also found that, like the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, it was carved against its natural axis, which authenticates the Amethyst Crystal Skull as being considered an ancient crystal skull, not an old or contemporary crystal skull.

Because of the history of this crystal skull, there is certain information that will only be revealed to its new guardian. As it has been held in a vault, the power of this crystal skull has yet to be unleashed and can only be fully appreciated in person. One look deep into its eyes will absolutely convince you of its intense power and inherent value. It is profoundly mesmerizing.

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Legends are told of the 13 ancient crystal skulls coming together in a circle, with 12 clear crystal skulls surrounding one in the center. It is hypothesized that the 13th crystal skull in the center is actually an ancient amethyst crystal skull. If this amethyst crystal skull called Ami is in fact the 13th ancient crystal skull at the center of the circle, it would indeed be priceless.

This skull is reported to have been in the hands of very powerful men in the past, and awaits a new guardian or guardians to bestow its power and ancient wisdom upon. Perhaps this crystal skull that came to the United States via a Mayan Priest (Shaman) has come to be of service at this critical time. As we are fast approaching 2012, it is time for this skull to come out and play its part, perhaps with a group of people who come together to share in its power and glory.

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones, promoting love of the divine and spiritual wisdom. Used at a higher level, amethyst opens one to a higher reality. It brings deeper understanding in meditation, and heightens intuition and access to divine wisdom. Amethyst enhances the assimilation of new ideas, and facilitates the decision making process by aligning spiritual insights with common sense. It enhances psychic gifts and intuition, and is an excellent stone for scrying (particularly when it is such a dark color as this amethyst crystal skull). It facilitates out-of-body experiences and brings intuitive dreams. It transmutes lower energies to the higher frequencies of the spiritual and etheric realms.

Amethyst Crystal Skull
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Price: $1 Million - $2 Million

(The higher price is the market price/retail price, while the lower price is what I may be able to secure for you.)

If you feel called to be the new guardian for this crystal skull,
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