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Auralite 23   Rare


Black Obsidian

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Cryolite   Rare

Emerald   Rare



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Isua   Rare





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Meteorite Rare

Moldavite Rare


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Opal  Rare



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Red Nuummite   Rare



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Rubellite Tourmaline

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Stichtite Rare


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Tiger Iron




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Full Moon Crystal Skulls

Tha Magic of Full Moons

photo by Rebecca Lacey in Cambridge, Idaho

The Earth is strongly affected by the energies of the moon. The moon not only influences the tides, but also influences our behavior - particulary during Full Moons.  Full moons can help bring closure to projects (or relationships), and also create new developments that can take our lives to entirely new realms.

Super Full Moon

Ascension Dec 21, 2012

Super Moons are even more powerful than regular full moons because they are closer to the Earth, and therefore have a greater energetic force and impact, appearing up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than an average full moon.

Special Super Full Mooon Trifecta

Three back-to-back Super Moons will bring a supercharged ending to 2016. The Full Moon is a time when energies are intensified, so it is an excellent time to play with crystals and crystal skulls. It is also a good time to energize and cleanse crystals and crystal skulls, as they are activated by lunar energies and love to bask in moonlight. To harness the power of these Super Moons, we hold special Super Full Moon activation ceremonies in which we super-energize the crystal skulls:

Energized in all 3 Super Full Moon Ceremonies

Experience the power of three 2016 Super Moons:
October 16, November 14 and December 13

Deluxe 7 Chakra Crystal Skulls Set

CS-7C-PC: 7 Crystal Skulls Chakra Set & Power Center
each skull weighs approx. .7 oz (20 g)
L: 1.25" W: .9" H: .9"

Set includes these crystal skulls: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Tiger Iron

The seven different stones of these crystal skulls attune the frequencies of your chakras to maintain a state of balance and wellbeing in all of your energy centers. These chakra crystal skulls can be placed directly on the the body during healing and meditation to activate and energize the chakras and meridians. They are powerful tools for healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This deluxe chakra set includes a gorgeous POWER CENTER consisting of 7 quartz crystal points each about 1 inch long, with a 1 inch diameter quartz cone in the middle that extends 1 inch upwards to focus, amplify, energize and enhance the power of the crystal skulls.

SPECIAL OFFER Price $155 (S&H $14.95)
For deluxe set of 7 crystal skulls plus quartz Power Center


Clear Quartz - all-purpose healer; amplifies thought, energy, intention; raises vibration & consciousness; intuition; guidance; opens crown

Amethyst - opens crown & third eye; guidance; intuition; protection; communion with guides and higher consciousness; detoxifying

Fluorite - "genius stone"; supports creativity; clear thinking; concentration; discernment; truth; decision-making; higher consciousness

Rose Quartz - attracts love; enhances self-love; promotes loving thoughts; peace and calm; heals heart physically and emotionally

Aventurine - supports healing; well-being; peace; calms anger; dissolves negativity; decisiveness; perseverance; prosperity

Tiger Eye - brings money; luck; confidence; courage; willpower; patience; determination; psychic protection; attracts helpful people

Tiger Iron - supports empaths; empowers; self-confidence; passion; stamina; vitality; exhaustion; stress; overcomes fear; protection


Historic Super Full Moon
Special Offer / Limited Quantities

On Monday November 14th the full moon was at the closest it has been to the Earth in almost 70 years - an occurrence not seen since January 26, 1948 and not to be repeated until November 25, 2034. 


CS-BT-PC : Black Tourmaline Power Center
Approx 3 oz / 88 g
Height: 1"  Diameter: 4" (black tourmaline points 1.25" each)

This gorgeous Black Tourmaline POWER CENTER can recharge and amplify the power of your own crystal skulls, while also providing supreme grounding and protection.

This POWER CENTER consist of 7 polished black tourmaline points each about 1.25 inches long, with a 1" diameter black tourmaline cone in the middle that extends 1" upwards to focus, amplify, energize and enhance the power of the crystal skulls. Each of the seven black tourmaline points is adorned with a beautiful semi-precious stone cabuchon corresponding to the colors of the 7 chakras: GARNET, CARNELIAN, CITRINE, PERIDOT, MOONSTONE, IOLITE, and AMETHYST. The different stones in this POWER CENTER assist in attuning the frequencies of your chakras to maintain a state of balance and wellbeing in all of your energy centers.

Each is handcrafted, with natural rough and uneven areas.

Price: $55(S&H - $8.95)
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The end of  2016 graced us with a series of three consecutive Super Full Moons.  To end this cycle, you can harness the energies of the December Super Moon with these specially energized Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Skulls.

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Skulls

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Skulls(S&H $6.95)

These adorable large grape-size Rainbow Moonstone crystal skulls are hand-carved with round eyes. Also called White Labradorite, they each have blue flash of Rainbow Moonstone - some with black tourmaline

approx .5 oz / 14 g
approx .5 oz / 14 g
.9" x .7" x .8"
.9" x .7" x .8"
Sale 20% OFF
Sale 20% OFF
Sale $20
Sale $20
White Rainbow Moonstone White Rainbow Moonstone with Black Tourmaline

(Each will have similar features to the ones pictured here)

Moonstone brings good fortune, and is said to have the power to grant wishes and manifest your desires. Rainbow Moonstone can increase affection in relationships. It has also been said to reduce negativity and transform it into more positive energy. The blue flash creates a spectrum of light, bringing in uplifting energies.

more about the beneficial properties of Moonstone

Black tourmaline is said to protect from all kinds of negativity, including electronic radiation, negative people, psychic attacks and spells. It can transform and remove negativity from an individual or an environment. It is extremely grounding, balancing and purifying, promoting health and wellbeing on all levels. It is an aura cleanser, and can help one attain higher levels of awareness.

more about the beneficial properties of Tourmaline


SPECIALLY ACTIVATED Moon Quartz Crystal Skulls

Energized during the once in 70 years Super Full Moon

Moon Quartz is also known as Girasol. Moon Quartz has a luminous milky glow like moonlight - this unusual "play of light" is caused by asterism, which is the same internal phenomenon that causes the "Star of Light" to appear in Star Rose Quartz.

Moon Quartz enhances intuition, psychic abilities, and communication, and is excellent for connecting with mystical realms. Moon Quartz is great for energy workers, helping them tap into the flow of universal energy. It promotes calm, relaxation, hope and optimism, and balances emotions. Moon Quartz can enhance creativity and focus, and increases control over impulsive behaviour.

The Last Supermoon Energized Moon Quartz

5.4" Moon Quartz Crystal Skull

Ascension Dec 21, 2012

Q-L-1908 : Moon Quartz Crystal Skull
4.2 Lb (1.9 Kg)
measures approx: 5.4" L x 3.8" W x 4" H

This melon-size 5.4 inch Brazilian quartz crystal skull is very special and unique. The crown and bottom are moon quartz, which is beautifully luminous, while the center layer is clear quartz at eye level. It has gorgeous fans of rainbows at the back, with rainbows in the crown and third eye. There is a rainbow at the back with a surface ridge around it.

Moon quartz connects with the feminine, and clear quartz balances the masculine. This beautiful crystal skull supports going into deep layers to bring light and gentle healing.

Price $1500(S&H $ 34.95)
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(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)

Ascension Dec 21, 2012

Ascension Dec 21, 2012




Rare Blue Moon

Ascension Dec 21, 2012

The rare "Blue Moon" is the second full moon of a calendar month. The full moon happens approximately every 29.5 days, so the only time that one month can have two full moons is when the first full moon occurs in the first couple days of the month. This happens every 2-3 years


Ancestral Full Moons

Ascension Dec 21, 2012

Full moon magic is something that people have been performing throughout history. Each month's moon represents different energies, depending on the time of year and what is happening in nature at the time. A full moon's energy is very potent so many people choose to do powerful monthly magic on that evening.



Ascension crystal skulls are carved from ultra-clear AA Grade quartz. These crystal skulls are so clear that you can actually read through them. They also have a camera-like effect, where you can look through the back of the skull and see through the eyes of the skull, making these crystal skulls excellent recorders. Ascension crystal skulls are carved of natural quartz, so they still have minor natural inclusions such as wispy veils or rainbows, but these do not interfere with their clarity. This high quality of quartz is becoming increasingly rare and harder to find – from the hundreds of crystal skulls that we offer, we have very few that qualify as Ascension Crystal Skulls.

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A Legend set in stone...

crystal skulls

"To guard against destruction or subversion, people built 12 corresponding Bibles in "stone" and located them throughout the Motherland. In order to bring them together under one head, thus making the precepts everlasting, they built The Great Pyramid...

It would last forever, not only as a beacon that would hold high the light, but as a reflector for that light. It not only reflected the light but gave forth the oft-repeated command, 'if Humanity has lost the light, go within; there you will find recorded the precepts that will renew the light so that it may shine forth from you..."

Excerpt from 'Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East' by Baird Spalding - from the travels to India and Tibet of a research party of 11 scientists in 1894.

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13 Crystal Skulls

10-28-2011 End Mayan Calendar

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