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Grand Nuummite

Largest Nuummite crystal Skull Ever

You may have heard about the difficulties of obtaining genuine Nuummite because it comes from only one mine in Greenland. The conditions are so challenging that this mine can only be accessed for a few weeks a year, and due to the physical obstacles we are told that no more large pieces of nuummite will ever come out again.

Nuummite is a gem predominantly used to make jewelry because of its exquisite beauty, and also because it is so rare to have pieces of Nuummite large enough to carve a crystal skull - and tremendously rare at this size. Weighing a grand 26.5 lbs (12 Kgs), measuring 9 inches (23 cm) from front chin to back, 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) from side to side, and 7 inches (17.5cm) in height, this is definitely the largest Nuummite Crystal Skull in the world - and the largest that will ever be carved.

Sitting with this larger-than-life-size Nuummite Crystal Skull is like holding the Universe in your hands. The multi-colored flash throughout the face looks like shooting stars and comets streaking through space.

Nuummite has extremely powerful energy. It is a very protective shielding stone that can protect you and your home/environment from all kinds of negative energy on the physical, etheric and emotional levels.

On the left side of this enormous Nuummite Crystal Skull the multi-colored flash in shades of blue, green, gold and bronze looks as if it has been painted by the cosmos in large sweeping brushstrokes. There are some minor grey and irregular areas on the back of the left side and on the rear of the jaw and cheekbone, including a deep ridge in the left jawbone at the back.

The back of the skull has showers of mostly gold and bronze flash while the right side has less flash but in large streaks.

N-L-12052 : World's Largest Nuummite Crystal Skull
Approx. 26.5 Lb (12 Kg)
L: 9" W: 6.5" H: 7"

Stunning Larger-Than-Life-Size Nuummite Crystal Skull with golden and multi-colored flash throughout. The face on this skull is absolutely magnificent, with beautifully carved teeth, large eyes, detailed nose and extraordinary flash! This ultra-rare soccer-ball size Nuummite Crytal Skull is a true collector's showpiece.

Nuummite helps to clear and release self-imposed limitations and constraints. It supports one to prioritize and act upon what is truly most important. It is also a stone for grounding and manifesting wealth and prosperity on the Earthly plane.

Price: $44,000(S&H $99)
Save 11,000 Sale Price $33,000
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This is such a mesmerizing and powerful crystal skull - we have never encountered anything else like it!  Feel the power of just gazing at the eyes through this photo. Now imagine doing it in person. The large highly polished eyes of this giant Nuummite Crystal Skull seem to reflect the depths of All That Is...

Nuummite helps remove energy blocks. It clears and heals the aura, filling holes and repairing tears in the auric field. It harmonizes intellectual thought with psychic and intuitive wisdom, and supports inner vision and clairvoyance. It is helpful for grounding both the physical and etheric bodies, and it can draw energy from the etheric body to energize the physical. Professional intuitives have said that Nuummite skulls are the most communicative and “chatty” skulls they have ever worked with, and they offer clear and direct guidance.

Nuummite can be used to open, activate and integrate all of the chakras; it is especially beneficial for opening and clearing the heart chakra, as well as the third eye and solar plexus. It helps one develop self-mastery, confidence and self-acceptance, supporting one to love all aspects of oneself. It assists one to come into full power, and to recognize one's gifts and talents.


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