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LARGE Quartz CrystalS Skulls

(Apple-Size to Grapefruit-Size & Larger)

These are genuine quartz crystals carved into crystal skulls each weighing over 1.5 lbs (over half a kilogram) up to about 2 pounds (around 1 kg.).

These natural quartz crystal skulls are outstanding on their own, and also make an ideal centerpiece as the 13th crystal skull in the 12 crystal skull sets.

Scroll for more information about how quartz is formed and about rainbows, inclusions and how to scry with quartz crystals.

Grapefruit-sized Quartz Crystal Skulls

These are our standard clear quartz crystal skulls - each one is an impressive 2 pounds (880g).

Large Quartz

Grapefruit-Sized Quartz Crystal Skull
approx. 2 pounds ( 890g)
4 " L x 3 " W x 3 " H

(Each is hand-carved with similar features to the one above)
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How is quartz formed:
Rainbows, inclusions and ultra-Clear Crystal Skulls

Clear quartz crystal skulls are beautiful and fascinating to look at: they hold infinite fascination when they are filled with rainbows, fractal planes and other event horizons that record the experiences of the crystal throughout eons of time. Quartz crystals can also contain veils, bubbles, water, and other "inclusions" that become part of the crystal as it grows in nature.

Ultra clear or flawless quartz is a marvel of perfection - when quartz is free of inclusions or fractal planes, it means that it was formed in a place of calm where it was protected from traumatic shifts in the Earth throughout its growth over millions of years.

Ultra clear crystal skulls are powerful amplifiers and magnifiers for pure intention. They hold and store more light, and almost seem to glow in the dark. Ultra clear crystal skulls can help cleanse and purify the mind, and raise one's vibration in preparation for ascension - this is why ultra-clear quartz crystal skulls are referred to as "Ascension Crystal Skulls".

Clear quartz crystal skulls, particularly those that are ultra clear, support purification and cleansing of the mind, body, heart and spirit. They can help heal traumas from this life and others, and can support spiritual transformation, transcendence and enlightenment.


Clear Quartz enhances any environment

Quartz is an ideal stone for bringing harmony and balance to one's environment, instilling a feeling of peace and calm while also raising the frequency and vibration of its surroundings. Quartz is excellent for energizing other crystals, and for transferring information and energy from one crystal to another (much like a memory stick). Clear quartz crystal skulls are best for absorbing energy and information from ancient or significant crystal skulls.

Quartz is a stone of clarity, which dispels and clears away negative energies. It can cleanse and purify mental, emotional, spiritual and physical planes. It enhances spiritual growth, and increases inspiration and creativity. It is an excellent aid for concentration, studying and retaining what one learns, particularly when clear quartz is carved into a crystal skull, which represents the essence of the mind and consciousness.


scrying and the psychic power of clear crystal skulls

Quartz is very helpful on the third eye chakra to enhance clarity of psychic vision - some use it as a conduit to communicate with spirits, and with other worlds and dimensions. Quartz can tap into ancient wisdom, and is a good stone for accessing past life information, and for connecting with information that is beyond Earth's recorded history. Clear quartz helps with dream work and dream recall (especially when placed near the pillow when sleeping), and is also good for astral travel. Clear quartz crystals, especially crystal balls and crystal skulls, have been used for centuries for divination, channeling, and scrying.

Read about: What are quartz crystals, what is quartz, where is quartz found, and quartz piezo

How quartz is formed & benefits of quartz crystals

Properties of quartz & programming crystal skulls

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These crystal skulls were specially activated in a ceremony with Amar, the rare Tibetan crystal skull that has been used in Tibet for healing and divination. They have also been activated in the presence of an authentic Mayan crystal skull that has been used in ceremonies for healing, fertility and prosperity.


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