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Mayan Crystal Skull

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Is this the crystal Skull for you?



Star Rose Quartz

2.25" (108 gr) $65
2.25"(129 gr) $90* (s+h 7.95)
3.75" (532 gr) $375

*The last two star rose quartz are carved by one of the most famous carvers in the world - we also aquired some larger ones from him.

(The first one is from China -
but it has nice energy and looks good)


3" (295 gr) Golden Obsidian $100 (s+h 9.95)


TOTAL $90 + $100 = $190 - 10% = $171.00
(marked in red above) BUY NOW


For additional information you may call me at 1 800 663-6463 or email me directly at .
To guarantee that you get this one-of-a-kind crystal skull,
the fastest way to order is through the above 'buy' button.


13 Crystal Skulls

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