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The Texas Crystal Skull Max

Thanks to crystal skull guardian JoAnn Parks, Max is an ancient crystal skull you can experience for yourself. JoAnn Parks travels the country - especially the south and not just Texas - and allows personal one-on-one time with this ancient crystal skull. Max has been known to help people - similar to the way this crystal skull has healed her.

Max Texas Crystal Skull


See JoAnn Parks personal story with her crystal skull Max:


Max the crystal skull

When Joann Parks takes her ancient crystal skull Max on the road you will usually read about it in your local newspapers:


is an authentic ancient crystal skull; a wonder of the world estimated to be thousands of years old and considered by many, to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found on this planet. Max was discovered in Guatemala and was used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers.

Lama Norbu, and American, trained to be a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat lamas, studied in the tiny Asian nation of Sikkim with his own teacher, Lama Norbu Lampas, and in Guatemala with Mayan priests, where he came into the presence of Max. Norbu was given this precious skull when he left the Mayans to continue on his path as a healer. His travels took him to Houston, Texas, where he started a healing foundation. The crystal skull sat on his altar as a healing and spiritual tool.

It was during this time that JoAnn and Carl met the lama through their family medical doctor when their twelve year old daughter, Diana, was dying of bone cancer. JoAnn ended up working for the foundation and the lama for many years. Before Norbu died, he gave the cherished crystal skull to the Parks with no explanation except that someday when the time was right, they would know what the crystal skull was all about. JoAnn did not know what to do with the crystal skull, so she placed it in a box in her closet for many years.

In 1987 JoAnn saw a TV show that led her to Mr. F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino of California. She found out that he was considered the world's foremost expert on crystal skull research. Mr. Nocerino was "the man" who had searched for Max since 1949. He later acquired Sha Na Ra, another ancient crystal skull.

An old ancient legend tells of thirteen life- size crystal skulls. According to these ancient teachings, one day all of the true ancient crystal skulls will be re-discovered and brought together for their collective wisdom to be made available, but the human race must first be sufficiently evolved, both morally and spiritually so as not to abuse this great power and knowledge. No one knows if this ancient legend is true. However, one day mankind may find out.

Max the crystal skull is known nationally and internationally. He has been presented in several documentaries world wide. In 1996, Max was researched by the British Museum. In conjunction with the BBC British Network, and Everyman Productions a documentary was produced for Britain. This aired on the A&E Network, and the Discovery Channel all over the world. He was featured on the Travel Channel on a show called "Top 10 Mysteries" and a national show called "Strange Universe", He has done a documentary for Japan and the Spanish Channel, and has been featured in the news, including many newspaper articles, books, and videos world wide.


Because JoAnn Parks personal experiences with Max the crystal skull were so profound, she usually offers a public talk before the private sessions. It tends to be advertised like this:

Special Evening with Max and JoAnn Parks, Skullkeeper:  Hear the amazing story of Max. JoAnn Parks will tell the story of how Norbu Chen passed the skull to her right before his death. Hear how she moved from talking to the “rock” in her closet to being an internationally recognized peace elder offering healing and consciousness-raising sessions with the skull. Each person will have time to spend with Max.

Max the Ancient Crystal Skull will be with us in (city) from (dates). Max is considered by many, including the British Museum, to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found. Estimated to be at least 10,000 years old, MAX was used by Mayan priests in Guatemala for healing and prayer. The skull was given to Norbu Chen, a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat Lamas. In my own experience, Max is perfectly attuned to Christ Consciousness and transmits this state as much as possible to people who meditate with him. Many who have been in the presence of these crystal skulls have had a range of experiences including receiving instantaneous healing, information, visions of other worlds and the experience of higher states of consciousness and expanded intuitive abilities. To this day, Max is used as a tool for awakening consciousness and accelerating healing and growth on all levels.


JoAnn Parks should be commended, not only for allowing people to experience the ancient crystal skull Max, but also for making it quite affordable so everyone has the opportunity to be with an ancient crystal skull.



Size: 18 lbs / 8.17 kgs

Max Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Guatemala

"Texas Crystal Skull"
Used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers.

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JoAnn Parks Max

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