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Vol. 16-08
Special Focus:
Crystal Skull Bible &
Shungite Powers
Dear %$firstname$%,This month we are featuring:
1. The Crystal Skull Bible
2. Shungite : The Stone of Life
3. Q'eros from Inca & Rainbow Crystal Skull
4. Hunbatz Men Prayers
5. Spirit Fest with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull
6. Crystal Skull Answers : Receiving Messages and What About Damaged Crystal Skulls?
7. DON'T MISS These Special FREE offers this month - win a 12 crystal skull set!
8. A Message from the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR - "Intuition, Imagination, Expectation and Perfection…"
9. Featured Testimonial: About "Shungite Immediate Results"
  1)   The Crystal Skull Bible  

From the author that brought to you the best-selling "The Crystal Bible" book series, now Judy Hall shares her insights about Crystal Skulls. Titled "Crystal Skulls: Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment", this new softcover book (also available on Kindle) is arranged in two parts: the first section covers what crystal skulls really are, including legend and lore from around the world - the second part covers how to work with the crystal skulls, including cleansing, activating, healing, scrying, journeying and reading the Akashic Record. This book offers essential information for those new to crystal skulls AND at the same time crystal skull experts will find new revelations that could really make this the "Crystal Skull Bible".

Judy Hall Book : Crystal-Skulls Ancient Tools

As the full title of the book alludes to, the author summarizes “Skulls have taken on an aura of magic and mystery like no other crystal artifact. They excite the imagination and are an amazing tool for personal and planetary evolution if used with the right intention and metaphysical awareness.”

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Editorial Review:
"As a relative newcomer to the world of crystal skulls, I found this book a fascinating mix of a walk through history with really workable and easy to understand suggestions on how to start to work with them. It is an extremely good read. I thoroughly recommend it." --Stephen Chapman, President, College of Psychic Studies, London


  2)   Shungite : The Stone of Life  

Shungite is often called "The Stone of Life" because of its healing properties. The main component in Shungite is carbon C60, but what also makes genuine Shungite so unique is that it is a natural mineral that contains all of the elements of the periodic table. It is a natural sorbent that is used to filter and purify water, but what is most important is that it restores mineral balance of an organism and reduces the risks of disease. Shungite is said to be the only mineral found on Earth that contains Fullerenes, which scientists call "the quintessence of health" because they are the most powerful antioxidants - they strengthen immunity, are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. Shungite can protect from electromagnetic radiation, and has been shown to absorb negative energy and radiation. When doctors at the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Science carried out experimental protocols on patients who had undergone radiation therapy, the blood of the group drinking Shungite water returned to normal after two weeks whereas the control group took up to three to four months.

Shungite shares many similarities with Nuummite - is is extremely old (2 billion years), extremely powerful, extremely rare, extremely transformative... and often fake! Because these stones are so difficult to find, especially carved in crystal skulls, some suppliers produce crystal skulls that look similar, but do not have the exceptional properties of the genuine stone. Fortunately authentic Nuummite is quite easy to distinguish from fake Nuummite, if you know what to look for: fake Nuummite has small square orange/copper colored "flash" that is identical to "stellar night granite" used in common countertops - genuine Nuummite has streaks of stunning flash in shades of gold, blue, green, or sometimes red that look like fireworks, or shooting stars streaking through the night sky, or sometimes like peacock feathers. With Shungite it is not so easy to tell the difference between an authentic or fake stone simply by looking at it because it is essentially a black stone whose properties need to be tested in order to be authenticated. Genuine shungite has an electrical conductivity property which is an extremely rare phenomenon in the rock species - when tested, genuine shungite will exhibit an electrical charge.

We have been trying to get genuine Shungite crystal skulls for a couple of years now as they are extremely rare... finally we found some real ones tested to be authentic shungite that are now available for the first time.

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"Thank you for your monthly information and VIP "first glimpse" at incredible crystal skulls. I have had incredible experiences with the ones I have purchased from you - especially the big rainbow-filled quartz crystal one of just over 2 lbs. She is very special. :) "

  3)   Q'eros from Inca & Rainbow Crystal Skull  

The Q'eros - considered the "Children of the Sun" and the "Weavers of Light", are the direct bloodline descendants of the High Priests of the Inka from Machu Picchu. The Q'eros are once again coming to the USA, however this may be the very last trip for Don Humberto Soncco Quispe who is a Paqo, a High Priest of the Q’eros of the Andes Mountains of Peru. Don Humberto is not a Shaman, he is one whom Shaman go to for their initiation. His last name means “heart of crystal”, and his energy is so pure and loving that it is akin to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

Sadly Don Humberto's wife, Dona Bernardina, passed away this month due to her advanced age, so there will be a void at his side. The family of the Sonccos extends to nearly 50 members, and they are appreciative of your prayers, candles and positive/healing thoughts for the family. Yet Papa Don Humberto and his eldest son will still be coming to the Land of the Eagles to deliver the ancient Karpay light transmissions. He is in good health and spirits considering all of the transitions occurring at this time, and affirmed that he will be arriving in the United States in a few weeks.

This September, a variety of Karpay transmissions will be offered - a Karpay is an ancient ceremony and initiation in which there is a direct transmission of power, wisdom, energy and light. The Karpay transmissions are a bestowal of an ancient lineage that has been passed down for thousands of years.  

For some of these ceremonies, you will also be in the presence of significant crystal skulls, like the crystal skulls from Dael Walker - including the Ancient Crystal Skull "Rainbow".  See all the details of the Land of the Eagle—USA Gatherings 2016. For those who cannot travel to California, we will continue to offer Q'ero energized crystal skulls imprinted with these very special energies and infused with the ancient Karpay light transmissions - with portions from every sale directly supporting the International Q'eros Foundation.

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"The moment i started to wear this [q'ero energized crystal skull] pendant, a total remake of my crystal consciousness was set in motion"

  4)   Hunbatz Men Prayers  

Many have been touched by Mayan Daykeeper Hunbatz Men and now you can reach out and give back with healing love & prayers of support as he recovers from a heart attack after which he was hospitalized in Merida, Mexico.  Patricia Morris Cardona from the Cosmic Mysteries School is coordinating a fundraiser as an urgent request for help has been issued.  Your contribution will also be rewarded with some very special gifts. See details.

Hunbatz Men has travelled the world sharing shamanic teachings and has been envisioning his promised land / cosmic doorway in the Mayan country: LOL BE.  As an earth guardian, he is also an avid supporter of crystal skulls - even stating at the United Nations why everyone should have a crystal skull.  (see video)

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"Just letting you know my Skulls have arrived and are already changing things up, even before i opened the box... They already have me creating my own sacred stone circle in my back yard and even though its hard work im having fun and i think the design is going to do something. So in total im so happy with the intuitive pick of the most perfect Skulls for me, Thank You"


  5)   Spirit Fest with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull  

The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is back in the public realm and there is an opportunity to experience it in person at the upcoming Spirit Fest in Indiana, USA when caretaker Bill Homann will be at the Historic Camp Chesterfield - a spiritualist haven. Camp Chesterfield offers one of the most marvelous tributes to the religions of the world with a memorial to religious leaders of all times. You can also touch Spirit at the Garden of Prayer, a shrine wherein thousands have made communion with Spirit, there to receive health of body and peace of mind. 

Spirit Fest 2016 will take place Sept 17-19 and offers fascinating free lectures throughout the days - visitors can always find a lecture to pique their spiritual interest. In addition to their regular activities - including many for kids, this year two very exciting attractions will bring some extra special energy to Spirit Fest visitors to enjoy: one will be the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, and another attraction is an authentic Native American Experience with native dancing and storytelling throughout the weekend.

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"Thank you so much for my beautiful little amber skull! It has a wonderful ruby red glow that just radiates from within and a delicate golden jawline. I will be carrying this one with me all the time, the only one so designated in my collection. It is precious - thanks again for making it available to me."

  6)   Crystal Skull Answers :
Receiving Messages and What About Damaged Crystal Skulls?

At times we get some great questions that may be of interest to others. We will be happy to answer your questions like these in future newsletters (send an email to with the subject line "Questions about Crystal Skulls").:

QUESTION: "I’ve learned a lot more about skulls since we last spoke. I still don’t hear a voice, but I get all those other subtle messages. I think maybe with time, more things will come. I had a skull whisperer intuitive come to my home. She could tell immediately the quality of your stones, that was cool. She was able to communicate with them the way that I wish I could... I accidentally chipped an inexpensive skull, and I want to throw it away, but I don’t know how. What becomes of a broken skull no one wants anymore. I glued her back together for now, but I have enough that I don’t need a broken one too. Weird dilemma?"

So glad you had a wonderful session with the crystal skulls. Intuitive gifts express themselves in different ways for different people - some people are naturally more clairvoyant and are able to see visions, images, or symbols that offer intuitive guidance; other people are more clairaudient and are able to hear words and messages; many people are more clairsentient (or sensitive) and are able to feel energies, emotions, physical and emotional sensations, etc. We are each inherently born with intuitive gifts and perceptions to varying degrees, but most people in our present society have learned to suppress or dismiss these intuitive messages, so it can take some time to become open to perceiving at higher frequencies. The good news is that these skills can be strengthened and developed the more you work with them, and crystal skulls are amplifiers and conduits for these energies - the key is to relax, be patient, release expectations and trust yourself. Not everyone "hears" things, but always trust what you feel.

Nuummite Crystal Skulls

Regarding chipped, imperfect or damaged crystal skulls: they can still hold positive energy in service for you, as long as you don't focus on the "flaw" every time you see them. Damaged skulls can be glued, or filed with a diamond file without interfering with their energy. Humans have scars from injuries and surgery that don't stop us from being useful… Some people use damaged crystal skulls in aquariums or terrariums, or put them in the garden. If you choose to let your damaged crystal skull go, you can give it back to nature in some form: you can release it into a body of water, or bury it in the earth - if you do this, do so with love and appreciation for how this crystal skull served you. Remember that crystal skulls will often reflect or mirror things about ourselves, therefore imperfect skulls can help us to heal and embrace our own flaws, wounds and imperfections...

SPECIAL NOTE: We believe that every crystal skull wants to be of service and has valuable energies to offer, even if it is imperfect. Because crystal skulls are hand-carved or hand-finished from natural stones, some can come to us with imperfections of varying degrees. Once or twice a year, we offer slightly imperfect crystal skulls at huge savings up to 70% off in our Crystal Skull Adoption Sale - which will be taking place next week in honor of Labor Day. You can be the first to be notified as we post these deeply discounted crystal skulls by signing up for our free VIP Crystal Skull Alert.

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"I received my new skull, pendant & your thoughtful free gifts. Thank you, they were already talking to me before arrival. the beautiful rainbow skull called me & said sleep beside me after I fell on concrete; I'm sure she aids in my quick recovery. She also teaches me in meditation. I feel my healing practice will be greatly enhanced. So blessings to the whole Millenium team & Amar & Cana Ixim. You all contribute to the growth of Humanity & Earth!"

  7)   DON'T MISS These Special FREE BONUSES this month - you could receive a FREE Solstice Energized 12 Crystal Skulls Set!  

CONGRATULATIONS! This month's recipient of an energized 12 quartz crystal skulls set is Bridget L. from Idaho, USA

a) Every crystal skull order automatically receives a free e-book: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CRYSTAL SKULLS - The Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Crystal Skulls, including How to program and work with your crystal skull; Which crystal skull is best for you?; How to care for your crystal skull: cleansing and energizing; How can crystal skulls help and heal the Earth?...and much more...

b) Every order over $100 (before S&H/taxes) automatically receives a FREE mini RED JASPER CRYSTAL SKULL (while quantities last). According to the Bible, jasper was said to be a direct gift from God. Jaspers have long been attributed magical powers in just about every culture.

c) Get FREE SHIPPING when you buy at least 3 OR MORE crystal skulls - must use coupon code: BUY3 during checkout (some exceptions may apply on large skulls, sale items, and overseas orders)

d) AND... Every order placed between Aug 20 through Sep 18 will automatically qualify for a chance to RECEIVE A FREE 12 CRYSTAL SKULLS SET valued at $198!

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"I just received my beautiful Ametrine Crystal Skull yesterday. Her name already came as "Sweetness" and I can say she is ever so sweet. Thank you so very much for charging her during the full moon. I am ever so happy with all of the Crystal Skulls I have received from you. THANKS!"

  8)   A Message from the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR:
"Intuition, Imagination, Expectation and Perfection… "

crystal skull Amar

What is the difference between intuition and imagination? In truth, they are closely linked… Many people receive intuitive messages or visions and wonder if it is their imagination, and then tend to dismiss or negate it. Imagination comes from the unlimited stream of consciousness where all possibilities exist – so does intuition. Imagination is not limited by the concept of what is possible or impossible – neither is intuition. Imagination is at the root of all innovation – so is intuition! The main difference between imagination and intuition is that imagination employs primarily the mind and the higher mind, while intuition employs all of the sensory perceptions and the extra-sensory perceptions. Intuition will employ imagination to convey images or concepts that are otherwise difficult to understand or are not yet manifest in earth reality. Intuition also connects with the higher realms of consciousness to guide you on your journey – firstly to keep you safe, and then, as you allow it, to guide you to your greatest joy and fulfillment. Imagination is creativity in its purest form; intuition is Creation in its purest form.

Intuition and imagination have something else in common: they are both strongest in children who have not yet learned to place limits on their reality or on what is possible. The world is a much greater place than the mind can conceive of, and the Universe is even more vast and limitless in its multi-dimensional scope. The human mind seeks to set parameters on what is possible, which limits both intuition and imagination… and also limits manifestation. But the human mind can also be as unlimited and as omnipotent as you will allow it to be. Crystal Skulls can enhance your mind’s abilities to imagine, to journey into limitless realms of possibility, to receive infinite intuitive guidance, and to manifest more than you could ever imagine...

The greatest impediment to intuition and imagination is doubt, which is the great un-doer. Skepticism can actually be a healthy form of discernment, but doubt is utterly a lack of faith. There is so much that remains unknown to humanity, and it is faith alone that will lead to enlightening the human mind and human potential.

Expectation and perfection are huge impediments as well… expectation creates limitation that often leads to disappointment, because it does not allow for the perfection of What Is. Perfection only exists in accepting how perfectly imperfect everything is on Earth, and that Divine perfection accepts all flaws as unique expressions – like snowflakes. Nothing and no one can ever be truly perfect in the mind of man, but everything is created in Divine Perfection in Divine Consciousness. So set your imagination free and allow yourself to be intuitively guided to your divine unlimited potential…

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"The Kambaba Jasper Twins arrived here very safe and nicely wrapped. Their energy is amazing to be miniature and I love that they are twins. . .so cute!
We'll be ready for this friday's meditation. Thank you so much and many many blessings to the Crystal Skulls Team."


  9)   Featured Testimonial : About "Shungite Immediate Results"  

"By the way I have been doing lots of experimenting with mixing stones together to see the energetic effect it creates. One of the most powerful combinations I've found is Shungite and Fluorite together. I have two 4" shungite cubes on top of each other and then a 5" Fluorite skull on top of them. The difference in the room was immediate after I set the skull down and it created an intense and continuous healing space in the room.

Oh, and the Nuummite skull I got from you has been absolutely phenomenal. Even though I was able to sit full lotus directly on the floor with no cushion for extended periods of time, my spine was still very crooked and I didn't realize it. Since buying the Nuummite, my spine has gone through and is still going through an incredible transformation. If you looked at my posture before the skull it would look very good and straight. If you look now, it doesn't look that much different, definitely more grounded and straight, but you might not notice. What is noticeable is the difference of how I feel inside. I feel much stronger, comfortable, more fluid in my body. Meditation keeps getting deeper and deeper.

It's like every day I'm more and more the observer on this grand journey of life. Every day more surrender, more opening to Truth. I am so grateful for all of the skulls I have received from you and I thank you from the deepest of my being :)

Happy Full Moon!"

When you order crystal skulls from, they have all been energized and activated by the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM (except those specifically energized by the Ancient Nocerino Crystal Skull Sha Na Ra and the Ancient ET Crystal Skull Collection of Joky Van Dieten)

Experience the power of our offerings for yourself:

All the Best,

MD & the Team

Experience the power of our offerings for yourself
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