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I would like to thank you for your integrity and the refund of my shipping costs. You combined my orders and refunded my shipping costs and I do appreciate that gesture! I am very satisfied with your products and customer service! I WILL definitely do future business with you folks! Thanks again.
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I order online a lot so I usually don't anticipate the arrival of my packages but when my skull arrived I literally felt it! I said to myself "I bet the skull is in the mailbox right now", and it was! I am so pleased with the quality of the crystal it is absolutly beautiful. I am extremely happy with my choice, the crystal has its own unique marks which make it special. It has only been a few days and the skull is already very dear to me. Thank you!.
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I want to thank you for the beautiful skulls I received today. I ordered them as a 10 year wedding anniversary gift for my husband. I wasn't even sure they would arrive on time, and they just so happen to arrive on the exact day of our anniversary :-)! Made for a wonderful surprise for my husband. He loves them, as do I! Thank you again,
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Thank you for your great survice and i just love my skulls. Love them so much that i will have to buy some more :-)
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I was so excited to recieve my crystal skull, I checked the mail this morning and poof! There was the box! I brought it inside and opened it, feeling the energy radiating through my hands as I held him. Beautiful work! Great energy, so loving and peaceful. Looking forward to aquiring more skulls for my collection from you.. Anyways, thanks so very much, and I do hope that you'll continue doing all of the wonderful work you do for thr world for a very long time! Love and Light!
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My beautiful crystal skulls arrived within a short time of ordering and I received regular updates about my order. They are all happily meeting my other skulls and enjoying their new home!
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I received my skull. Its beautiful.
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You guys are the best. We are always very satisfied with your products and service. I could not think of one thing to make better. Thank you so much for all your great work, and we look forward to doing more business in the future.
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Shipping your CRYSTAL SKULL

Free Shipping

At times we may run a free - or reduced shipping promotion, however, certain items may be excluded such as: books, digital products, non-crystal skulll items, designer crystal skull jewelry, crystal skulls on sale, adoption skulls, some ET or Sha Na Ra crystal skulls, and some heavy items or large crystal skulls, crystal skull sets and 2 for 1 specials count as 1 item

Beacuse of increased shipping costs, the free shipping promotions apply to USA shipments only but we do review all orders and sometimes, especially when you order multiple small crystal skulls, we will adjust/refund international shipping charges.

Some international destinations may require a surcharge for air shipment (particularly for large crystal skulls) and depending on the expense of the item, a premium service may be required to provide safe transport to your country.

Unfortunately, due to problems we have encountered with shipping orders to some countries, particularly in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, the only shipping option may be by courier.

All our meditations and ebooks have free shipping because they are in digital format which means you get to enjoy them right away.

Click the link below if you need to take care of some shipping charges:

Basic shipping charge $6.95

Priority Shipping Upgrade - additional $15

USA Box Shipping Charge $17.95


International Shipping Supplement

There is an additional $4.95 charged to any shipping address outside North America. This will ensure your order will be sent via Airmail which can take as little as a week, versus surface mail which can take anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks depending on location.

Upgrade to Basic International Air by clicking here

In some cases, and particularly for large crystal skulls, additional freight charges will be needed if you desire faster delivery service. For centerpiece crystal skulls the shipping supplement covers handling charges and preparation for expedited or international shipping.

$5 Upgrade for Expedited Service

$10 Upgrade for Expedited Service

$20 Upgrade for Expedited Service

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$30 Upgrade for Expedited Service

$40 Expedited INTERNATIONAL Service

Custom Upgrade for Expedited Service

Received it today! Can't believe it came that quickly. Such amazing energy - thank you. Blessings
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I received my crystals today along with the gift of the hematite skull. Thank you so much for everything, the Nuumite and labradorite skulls are just what I'd hope for and I look forward to working closely with them from now on. I am so pleased with everything and will be recommending your company to all my friends from now on
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Thank you for my crystal skull. I'm very pleased with him/her and looking forward to getting to know it and working with it.
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I received my skulls yesterday. Thank you so much. I could feel the loving energy emanating from them when I held them. They are really lovely. I plan to give one to my sister and we will let the skulls pick which one of us they belong to. We will be attending a spiritual conference this weekend and plan to take them with us to support our work.
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I want to let you know my skull arrived today! She is beautyful and very powerful. Thanks a lot!
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My package of beautiful Crystal Skulls arrived. Thank you so very much for the wonderful gifts!
I really appreciate the entire experience of having found your website. Everything is perfect.

Thank you so very much again. I will be sure to always check your website first when looking for any
crystal (or gem stone) Skull.

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It was received and more beautiful than I could have imagined. I will be looking forward to my future purchases with you. (read more testimonials)


love it thank u . (read more testimonials)


I received my skull on Thursday. It is simply stunning. I purchased it for my husband for our 15th wedding anniversary. Crystal is the "traditional" gift so I thought that the star rose quartz would be perfect...and it is.

Aside from its aesthetic beauty, the skull exudes the unconditional love that I feel for my husband. It was very worth the wait and the skull pendant that your sent was also appreciated. He hasn't taken it off since Thursday.

Thank you for supplying a wonderful product. I look forward to my husband and I spending the rest of our happily married lives with it.
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My Skull arrived today. Just in time! Thanks for the quick delivery!

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