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Yes, I have definitely listened to the Crystal Skull meditation. :) The first evening of purchase towards the end of the meditation, tears started to well up in my eyes. It was an emotional feeling of a long-lost connectiveness...Yes, a very powerful meditation! Thank you very much.
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How wonderful that you contacted me. I did do the meditations right away the evening that I downloaded them. I have 2 new quartz skulls, and I activated both of them that night...

I do several energy healing modalities, and I know I sent a very powerful healing to a sick friend using one of the skulls that evening. One of them has already told me its name,

I heard a friend coughing and later found out that he has a very bad cold and was indeed hacking all evening, AND I got to "see" a friend who is across the ocean--all that very first evening after doing your meditations with the skulls.

I would say that was a pretty good beginning. Thank you for the great downloads.

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Hi, I have listened to the meditation twice. I liked it, and it was very nice. I really didn't have anything happen during the meditation. However, I did notice after I listened both times I had bad / bizarre dreams both evenings. So I'm not sure what to make of all of it. I suppose I'll listen again sometime as it is a very enjoyable cd, though I am just kind of unsure about all of it at the moment. Thanks! :)

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Thank you, thank you, thank for creating the crystal skull meditation. I sat with each of our recently acquired skulls and did the meditation. I honestly was on a high the remainder of the day!

Looking forward to downloading more and also using the Amar Gem Essences. :)

(read more testimonials)


Thank you! I am very Blessed to be aware of these Wondrous Crystal Skulls. I am already feeling the Powerful Energy and Guidance and know there is so much more. .
(read more testimonials)


I am enjoying the crystal skull meditations. They really send 'out there' lol.
(read more testimonials)


Yes I received the downloads thank u   I'm in the process of doing the meditations today.  love your voice -it is soothing, clear and easy to  connect to
(read more testimonials)


I ordered several meditations. The woman's voice was very melodic. I am glad there was no background music - which at times can be distracting.
While I am an old hand at meditation -I went deeper than I thought I would the first time. A great mini escape from the problems of the day.
Happy skulls!
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Crystal Skull Empowerment

You can access higher states of consciousness, healing, guidance and information with your crystal skulls through guided crystal skull meditations and visualizations.

Each guided crystal skull meditation ranges from under 5 minutes to 10 minutes or longer, thereafter allowing you time to enjoy your newly empowered experience.

You can benefit from a variety of crystal skull meditations created exclusively for


The meditation I purchased is the most emotionally, spiritually, and morally powerful meditation i have experienced. Much Thanks to all that made it happen.I look forward to more meditations
(read more testimonials)

I am amazed at your meditations! I absolutely love all that I have purchased! Thank you again for all the wonderful insight and information i benefited from in regards to my skulls. The meditations helped me understand myself better and also to send healing energy to others (which WAS felt!) thank you again!
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Get the 5 Meditation Collection

ascension crystal skulls

- Crystal Skull Activation -
- Programing & Clearing your Crystal Skull -
- Self-Healing with Crystal Skulls -
- Healing with Crystal skulls -
- Connecting to the Ancient Crystal Skulls -

Get all 5 meditations instantly
in MP3 as an instant download (28 minutes)
Price: $22.20
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Empower yourself right now to
Get the most out of working with your crystal skulls

I have absolutely loved each and every one of your meditations. I use them regularly!
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I was recently drawn to purchasing two new crystal skulls. Having never been in contact with crystal skulls before I wasn't sure what to do with them. They have already been programmed by a master skull so their energy is already very strong but I wanted a way to connect with them initially and your meditation was a great way for me to do that. It was a lovely meditation I enjoyed it very much and have developed a strong bond to my skulls. Thanks for your help:)
(read more testimonials)


Creating Balance in yourself and your world
with Crystal Skulls

This guided voice meditation was inspired by a crystal skull matrix that remained in place from the Solstice to the Equinox. The Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and its partner stayed in the center along with the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM, surrounded by the purest clear quartz crystal skulls (ascension and camera crystal skulls). A massive and powerful group of rare nuummite crystal skulls form an intense matrix like a vortex in the shape of an eye - virtually an eye of the universe.

Akashic Record Meditation

(CS-M9) Creating Balance In Yourself and Your World with Crystal Skulls
Guided Meditation MP3 Download
(12 min. meditation)

Think of the brain as a computer - and your mind as its software. As we evolve, we are ready for new programs; we also need new programs to accomplish desired outcomes. This meditation will virtually take you through the chakras of your body and balance them for optimum performance so that your mind, body and spirit are aligned with you and the universe - allowing you to see, feel, and think clearly. This guided visualization program also balances all of the systems of the physical body, balancing all dualities. It puts you in balance with your physical world, with your higher self, and aligns you with your soul's purpose.

Price: $8
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I listened to the meditation. It was great. I had a better connections with all my crystal skulls and feel they supported me deeply. I was at peace. It was an amazing experience and I will definitively doing some meditations more regularly with them around me. (read more testimonials)

You have great meditations. I Love all of them The last meditation I purchased (on chakras) is incredible. (read more testimonials)

I truly am grateful for the changes I have felt since listening to these meditations.

I certainly needed and felt instant results from the Creating Balance meditation.

Lately my ego self and soul self have been battling it out...a real clash of the titans :) however since listening to the Akashic Manifestation meditation I am happy to say I am back on track.

Thank you and thanks to Grace for the beautiful way she explains everything in the introduction to the Akashic.

I will certainly be in touch as I have my eye on a Nuummite Crystal Skull.

(read more testimonials)


I very much enjoyed the Akashic Crystal Skull Meditation. The introduction was very clear and insightful. The meditation was quite powerful and something one can do again and again to reach deeper levels of experience with it. I would thoroughly recommend it to others.
(read more testimonials)


Accessing the Akashic Record with Crystal Skulls

This guided meditation was originally presented at the 11.11.11. Crystal SKull Gathering in Los Angeles, where it received rave reviews. After many requests for it to be recorded, we have produced this extended version consisting of an 8 minute introduction that explains how to work with your crystal skull and the Akashic Record in order to glimpse, create and manifest your desired future. The nearly 20 minute guided meditation is on a separate track so you can play it anytime that you want to re-enter the "etheric" Akashic Temple to manifest whatever you desire with an array of crystal skulls as your command center.

Akashic Record Meditation

(CS-M6) Accessing the Akashic Record: Manifesting with Crystal Skulls
Guided Meditation MP3 Download
(9 min. introduction + 19 min. meditation)

The Akashic Record is the etheric realm in which all possibilities exist - it is the plane of pure potentiality where you can manifest anything you choose or desire. This is one of the highest levels of creation, and working at these levels gives you tremendous power. This guided meditation is an advanced technique for working with the Universal Laws of Attraction and Manifestation in the highest etheric realms. You will be working with the Akashic Record to manifest what you desire to create for yourself and for your world, for the present and for the future.

Price: $12
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I very much enjoyed the Akashic Crystal Skull Meditation. The introduction was very clear and insightful. The meditation was quite powerful and something one can do again and again to reach deeper levels of experience with it. I would thoroughly recommend it to others.
(read more testimonials)

I found it immensely powerful...I am a visual person and could clearly work through the guided meditation. (read more testimonials)

I absolutely love the meditation - really resonate with it. While meditating - I actually saw my smaller skull - & was told his name. very good meditation. would thoroughly recommend to anyone. I am using this every other night...(read more testimonials)

yes I enjoyed the meditation. i have done it several times. would say it is a treat to go to temple-beautiful!- am going to share with my group of ladies The Temple is awesome! -I have done much work on th Akashic -x 1 year -i would go there every night to help with updating records-felt honored to be chosen for this task...
(read more testimonials)


Aloha! Thank you for your service. I have used my Akashic Meditation almost everynight. It puts me into a deep and relaxed state and the visualization I am led through are just what I needed to feel more connected to my skulls. I will use the meditation as much as I can and I recommend it to whoever feels the call to meditate and become ONE with all crystal skulls and the Infinite Universe. Much Love and Gratitude, (read more testimonials)


I very much enjoyed the meditation. Took me exactly where I expected and wanted to go. Felt the energy almost right away. (read more testimonials)



I find this meditation the EPITOME of meditations. Absolutely all the elements are covered. It is inspiring and uplifting. I have been meditating for years and I will definitely include this meditation on a regular basis. I (also) appreciated programming, activating and attuning my skulls. It makes a difference. (read more testimonials)

Journey on a crystalline stairway, through the crystalline gateway to sit in the center of 12 crystal skulls where you become one with crystal skull consciousness, and connect to all crystal skulls that exist in all dimensions.

(Get your own Set of 12 Crystal Skulls)

(CS-M7) Crystal Skulls : Opening the Gateway
Mp3 Download Guided Meditation
(20 Minutes )

This guided visualization is a journey to become One with the crystal skulls and with the crystalline resonance so you can open the gateway to the highest frequencies, empowering you to create the reality that you choose for yourself and for your world. This meditation allows you to experience crystal skull consciousness for yourself, opening your third eye to receive clear guidance, wisdom and intuition. This visualization aligns you with with All That Is so you can fully embody your own power and greatness, raising your own vibration and that of the entire world.

Price: $12
Buy Now

I have found your 'Opening the Gateway' meditation one of the most powerful guided meditations I have encountered. It is amazing... I would like to listen to it often as it touches my centre deeply.(read more testimonials)

The Mayan Blue Jade Crystal Skull Cana Ixim has rare Mayan glyphs carved in relief on top of the skull that represent the alignment with the Galactic Rift and the return of the Solar hero. This provided the ideal inspiration for this meditation, along with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR.

'Opening the Gateway' is the best meditation to date. If you want to raise and hold your vibration or frequency to manifest the Reality you Desire, this is THE meditation. (read more testimonials)


I have now done some of the meditations (Activation, Connecting with the Ancient Crystal Skulls and Opening the Gateway). I have to say the Opening the Gateway one was to me the most incredible - really powerful! The woman who does the meditations has the best voice I've experienced in any guided meditation - very clear and relaxing, and considering there is no music, very effective too.
(read more testimonials)




A Guided Meditation to Align and Raise your Frequency

(CS-M8) Attuning to Crystal Skulls
Mp3 Download Guided Meditation
(17 Minutes )

This meditation was recorded live within a full size pyramid under a rare blue moon and within a crystal skull grid with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR while energizing crystal skulls (including the largest Nuummite crystal skulls in the world - the oldest and most powerful stone on Earth) to support transformation and ascension.

This guided visualization is designed to align your chakras and attune your energies to the higher frequencies of the crystal skulls so you can commune with higher consciousness and receive higher guidance. This meditation also connects you with the crystal skull grid, raising the vibration of the Earth and all living things, while raising your own vibration to the optimal level to support your greatest joy, prosperity and wellbeing.

Price: $12
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Once again I am very happy with my guided visualization. Opening and balancing my chakras with the crystal skulls guided meditation is a very enlightening experience. My body feels light and love and I feel connected to all the skulls that are ancient or new. They are here to serve us! They enjoy serving us in whatever positive way that we can connect with.

Each experience is a different journey with the skulls and I am loving it! I can feel my body raising its frequency with every encounter I have with my skulls and meditations. Thank you for your service,(read more testimonials)

crystal skulls
The rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR at the center of a circle of 12 life-size crystal skulls



Crystal Skull Meditations for Activating and Programming Your Crystal Skulls:

Crystal Skull Activation
(instant mp3 download - 4 mins)
Price: $2.22
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Programming and Clearing Your Crystal Skull
(instant mp3 download - 3 mins)
Price: $2.22
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As I am an anxious person, I downloaded the activation and clearing and programming meditations even though I haven't received my skull. Well, I thought I might as well begin to attune to my skull at the distance, though honestly I didn' t expect anything to happen. I must tell you also I have great difficulty at meditating, my mind tricks me every time , but I really am amazed and honestly wondering still at times if my experience was 100% real. I "saw" my skull and I heard him tell me his name. It really did not make sense to me, so I felt it had been my imagination, but then I searched the word on the web. Wow! It is a real name, and if this were not enough its roots are related to the angels, and well, my intention was to have an aid to work more closely with the angels. I really am finding it already powerful ! I need not say I am already saving to buy a second skull, hahaha. I am sure my healing therapies will be much benefitted by my skull's aid.! (read more testimonials)

Thank you so much for my Meditations, they were very calming and insightful. During the activation process my crystal skull gave me its name!Thank you again so much.(read more testimonials)

It was just what I needed to start working with the crystal skull. Thank you! (read more testimonials)


Crystal Skull Meditations for Healing

Self-Healing With Crystal Skulls
(instant mp3 download - 7.5 mins)
Price: $4.44
Buy Now

Healing with Crystal Skulls:
Directing healing energy to others
with your Crystal Skull

(instant mp3 download - 6.5 mins)
Price: $4.44
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I have never engaged in any crystal skull meditations, but I have to say when I tried the self healing meditation with my lemon- plus sized skull, I had a wonderful experience.
(read more testimonials)


I have just done both downloads with some amazing results on self healing. All the pain in my body is gone at this moment and I plan on doing this a couple of times a day for a bit.

The connection meditation was ever so wonderful and that too will be repeated as to really wipe away old messages that are not of light.

I feel quite elated and together at this time and plan on feeling this way for a long while to come...Thank you ever so much for this. (read more testimonials)





Crystal Skull Meditations for Empowerment


Connecting with the Ancient Crystal Skulls
(instant mp3 download - 6.5 mins)
Price: $8.88
Buy Now

Get it for free
when you order The Skull Speaks Bundle- see details

Thank you so much for the crystal skulls meditations. So far I have done the Connecting with the Ancient Crystal Skulls one three times. Each time I got a wonderful tingling sensation in my head and shoulders when connected with the skulls, and during the third meditation I received some wonderful insights and visions from the skulls, along with a very strong image of hundreds of skulls connecting themselves to the crystal grid. The meditations are beautifully read by a soothing voice that is very pleasant to listen to. I look forward to the release of more MP3s!

(read more testimonials)

Thank you for the Meditation. Yes it is an awesome one.(read more testimonials)

It was really amazing. Before I had any crystal skull to take care of, I was visited by a skull in my meditations. I experienced then the power of the skulls. With this meditation I immediatly was visited by many old skulls and feeled their presence and guidance. I felt the pillar of light. My whole body was filling with light in to my DNA. Until I was overflowing in my aura and environment. Very powerfull, relaxing, joyfull and peacefull. And, for me, so easy to acces.(read more testimonials)

Connecting again was powerful. Loved her voice and cadence -don't usually like 'guided' meditations. The skull advised me when I was with 'it'
(read more testimonials)


Get the 5 Meditation Collection

ascension crystal skulls

- Crystal Skull Activation -
- Programing & Clearing your Crystal Skull -
- Self-Healing with Crystal Skulls -
- Healing with Crystal skulls -
- Connecting to the Ancient Crystal Skulls -

Get all 5 meditations instantly
in MP3 as an instant download (28 minutes)
Price: $22.20
Buy Now

Empower yourself right now to
Get the most out of working with your crystal skulls

I have absolutely loved each and every one of your meditations. I use them regularly!
(read more testimonials)


I've already bought all of them. Here my feedback. Last sunday I got a deep backpain. On tuesday I heard the connection with the ancient skulls meditation. In the meditation I got a completely clear picture, from where it was coming, so I could work with. So, thanks for your work.
(read more testimonials)


Homage to F.R. "Nick" Nocerino

F.R. "Nick" Nocerino, founder of the Crystal Skulls Society International, is one of the few people on Earth who has studied and examined most of the known ancient crystal skulls in the world. Using psychic archeology, he located his own crystal skull, Sha Na Ra, which has been scientifically tested, and recognized as being truly ancient.

A lifetime of devoted research made F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino one of the world's foremost experts on crystal skulls. He was a true pioneer who became the leading authority on the subject as the popularity of crystal skulls started to emerge in the mid 1980's. His methodical explorations were credited with unraveling many of the mysteries surrounding crystal skulls.

Since his passing, his research material has been safely protected in a private library. His daughter, Michele Nocerino (who is carrying on the work and guardianship of Sha Na Ra), is now beginning to release some of what may be the most valuable information yet archived on the topic of crystal skulls - and many other fascinating subjects...

Nocerino DVD Collection

Rare Crystal Skull Double DVD

by the pioneer researcher of Crystal Skulls
F.R. "Nick" Nocerino

Nocerino DVD

Volume 1:
Crystal Skulls: Dreams, Doorways, Dimensions
The Ancient crystal skulls hold a mystery

F.R.'Nick' Nocerino presents the keys to unlocking the secrets of the skulls. For more than 55 years, Nick has been actively researching the skulls and teaching in the metaphysical field.

Volume 2:
Skull Trek: The Journey of the Crystal Skulls
Over 20 skulls are presented in close-up photography

Featured are Sha-Na-Ra, ET, the Jesuit, the Rainbow, the Mystic Agate and Max, the Texas skull. Presented by the foremost crystal skull expert, Mr. F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino, this video is a must for your library. Included are elementary research phases such as x-ray, psychometry, light beam testing, and scrying session.

Nocerino & Crystal Skulls Double DVD
Price: $35
(S&H $4.95)

Buy Now


I DID enjoy watching the DVD of Nick and the skulls. I can tell I'm still processing the information - and will probably watch it again.

Specifically I can tell you that it gave me specific information that i didn't have before, and gave me ideas of how I can work with my crystal skull.
I actually starting seeing pictures inside him the day after I watched it, so I feel like I've jumped up a notch on my journey.

I want to watch again and pause and zoom up close and just feel the energy from each of the different skulls as he's working with them. I know I've just tapped into the tip of the iceberg, and I again thank you for all you do to help me, and all of us seekers, on our journeys.
(read more testimonials)


Nocerino Guided Crystal Meditation CD

Nocerino CD

Journey into the Crystal Skulls

A rare honor and privilege to be guided into meditation with your crystals or crystal skulls, listening to the voice of master teacher and researcher F.R. "Nick" Nocerino.

(CS-N-CD-1) Nocerino Guided Crystal Meditation
Price: $20(S&H $4.95)
Buy Now


Meditation Crystal Skulls

Just as the human body has energy centers that we call chakras, so does the Earth. Everything in this world, indeed in this Universe, is made up of energy. We all feel, perceive and respond to these energies, however, some people are more sensitive to these energies than others and some places have stronger energy than others.

The Earth has many power places where energy is greatly concentrated – these are often places that people have gravitated to for centuries, and are usually considered to be sacred by indigenous people. The power places of the Earth are like acupuncture points where the Earth receives and releases energy in order to remain in balance. Holding sacred ceremonies in these places has allowed humanity to benefit from these energies.

Crystals and crystal skulls can absorb the energy of the power places of the Earth and record the information of all that has been there before. Crystal skulls also perform a sort of sacred acupuncture to bring love and energy to the Earth as well. The Earth is a crystalline being, as is the human body – the earth's crust is comprised of almost 1/8 quartz, and the human body is also silica based.  Crystal skulls resonate with our frequency and help us to maintain a vibration of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Crystal skulls are conduits for energy, healing and information from the Earth (and beyond) to guide us in our evolution in the present and for the future. These energy transmissions are enhanced in the Earth’s power places, allowing us to receive higher guidance and sacred knowledge to benefit ourselves and all of humanity.

These dimensional crystal skulls are imprinted with the energies of power places in Sedona, Hopi and Chaco Canyon during the full moon. We were led on this powerful journey with Medicine Woman, Marza Millar (Marza creates our extraordinary crystal skull essences).

Marza performed the ancient traditional songs of her people, as taught to her by her father and uncle of the Yavapai tribe of Sedona. Her songs and prayers activate ancient energies, opening doorways and bringing ancient dimensional portals to life. These special sets of flat crystal skulls vibrate with the ancient energies of these sacred songs, and of the sacred places in which they were activated, allowing you to experience these dimensional energies for yourself.

I must tell you for the first time, this morning during my meditation I am able to visualize all my chakras lit up in unison.My skulls are working...
(read more testimonials)


Sedona: Doorway Crystal Skulls

One of the great power places of the Earth is located in the beautiful red rocks and surrounding areas of Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is famous for its stunning scenery, and even more famous for its powerful energy vortices/vortexes. A vortex is a place where energy spins, and this energy usually rises up from the Earth, or goes down into the Earth. The energies of Sedona attract spiritual people – both as residents and visitors (and may also beacon those from space).

This area holds the sacred place known as The Emergence Door by the Yavapai tribe, who believe that they emerged into this world through that doorway... this sacred doorway was a place for shamanic initiations, crossing the threshold into other dimensions and other worlds. (This Emergence Door is not accessible to the general public.)

The petroglyphs in this area (and in some of the other sacred sites nearby) are unlike any others in this world. They depict the threshold guardians, and the veils between worlds and dimensions.

These crystal skulls have shamanic imprints from the holiest of holy places for the Yavapai Indians of Sedona.

FMS-7-S :
Sedona Doorway
Small Flat Meditation
7 Crystal Skulls Chakra Set
each approx. 1 g
Length: 0.7" Width: 0.4" Depth: 0.1"

These small (and very light) flat crystal skulls are very powerful for use in meditation and healing, because they lay flat on the body and can be placed directly on the chakras, especially on the third eye.

This Sedona Doorway set consists of 7 crystal skulls: Golden Obsidian, Goldstone, Picture Jasper, Aventurine, Blue Lapis, Crinoid Fossil, Quartz

Set Price $95for set of 7 crystal skulls (S&H $9.95)
Buy Now


“I received my flat meditation skulls and couldn’t be happier. Each set is gorgeous and has a unique energy pattern. It is clear that they have been lovingly prepared for their journey in helping promote healing. Thank you for offering such beautiful companions.”

Hopi: Prophecy Crystal Skulls

Prophecy Rock is a petroglyph that was created hundreds of years ago depicting the two pathways that are available to mankind: one of greed, struggle, war and hardship that is a shortlived path that will soon end; the other path one of honoring the land, remaining wise and in integrity and returning to source, that is the path of longevity or the eternal path.

It is believed that we have entered the age of choice where an alternate universe of parallel worlds will become more evident. Each one of us will be choosing which world we will participate in based on our actions and energies. These crystal skulls energized at Prophecy Rock may assist you in your choices and vision quest.

The oral history of the Hopi has been passed down for generations stating that the clans of their ancestors went on a great migration that began in Tibet and went in the four directions of the Earth before finding their homeland in the desert mesas of Arizona. They believe that through this migration, they are related to the Maya, the Inca, the Tibetans, and others, including the Q’ero (the ancient Q’ero people of Peru recently confirmed that they share identical rituals and symbols even though they are thousands of miles apart).

When each clan reached the Hopiland, they were sheltered in the sacred Migration Canyon, until they were accepted into the tribe. The Migration Canyon contains hundreds of petroglyphs that were carved as the clans arrived and awaited acceptance to their promised land. This is the place where the Prophecy Crystal Skulls were also ceremonialy blessed.

FMS-7-H :
Hopi Prophecy
Medium Flat Meditation
7 Crystal Skulls Chakra Set
each approx. 3 g
Length: 0.9" Width: 0.6" Depth: 0.2"

These medium sized (about .9" long) flat crystal skulls are very powerful for use in meditation and healing, because they lay flat on the body and can be placed directly on the chakras, especially on the third eye.

This Hopi Prophecy set consists of 7 crystal skulls:
Black Obsidian, Red Jasper, Goldstone, Tiger Iron, Picture Jasper, Blue Lapis, Howlite

Set Price $125for set of 7 crystal skulls (S&H $9.95)
Buy Now


My reiki healing/meditation flat skulls are soooo powerful...both my husband and I could feel their healing and shockra opening energies. And after we meditated with them we both felt soooo totally relaxed and was amazing and I could feel my third eye opening more or being re-energized or something ...(read more testimonials)

Chaco: Dimensional Crystal Skulls

Chaco Canyon has been called North America's Machu Picchu. It took 300 years to construct from the late 800's to around 1100 AD. Using extraordinarily precise masonry techniques far ahead of their time, they built several Great Houses that were 3 or 4 storys high, each consisting of hundreds of rooms that were preplanned within the massive semi-circular walled city. They are so well-built that they are still standing 1000 years later.

Chaco was believed to be a pilgrimmage site or spiritual center, where the only residents were the priests. It has dozens of kivas (sacred temples built within the Earth), some of which are massive. Descendants say that Chaco was a spiritual gathering place where many peoples and clans converged to share ceremonies, coming from as far away as Mexico and beyond.

The energy of this sacred place echoes through time. It was built in perfect alignment with solar, lunar and cardinal directions, and the energy is even more powerful during solar and lunar cycles. The full moon in Chaco Canyon is magical...

Chaco is connected physically and etherically with other sacred places throughout the Americas. You can experience the energies of these dimensional portals with crystal skulls full-moon energized in Chaco Canyon.

FMS-7-C :
Chaco Dimensional
Large Flat Meditation
7 Crystal Skulls Chakra Set
each approx. 5 g
Length: 1.1" Width: 0.7" Depth: 0.25"

These larger 1.1" (and still light) flat crystal skulls are very powerful for use in meditation and healing, because they lay flat on the body and can be placed directly on the chakras, especially on the third eye.

This Chaco Dimensional set consists of 7 crystal skulls: Black Obsidian, Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine, Labradorite, Blue Lapis, Rose Quartz

Set Price $155for set of 7 crystal skulls (S&H $9.95)
Buy Now

I just received the crystal skull chakra set.  I know about the quality of your products, but I was very surprised, feeling this great energy of the seven flat skulls. Each one is a masterpiece full of energie. They feel great and I know it will be great to work with them.(read more testimonials)


The journeys of lifetimes take a soul through many different experiences throughout the Earth and beyond. A crystal skull has many incarnations as it passes from one guardian to another, and from one experience to another. Power places also have different incarnational experiences, for each new wave of souls interacts with a place in a different way, leaving behind various energetic imprints.

Some sacred places have experienced desecration as subsequent generations lose respect for what is holy, only to have future generations rediscover what is truly sacred and hold it in reverence once again. Such are the cycles of time over the journeys of souls and lifetimes.

What was once held sacred will at one time or another be held sacred again, even if its sacred energy remains buried by the sands of time, such as the holy gathering place of Chaco Canyon. Future generations may be awestruck by what they see, and mystified as to its true purpose, but the energy imprint of the sacredness remains for all time...


About Chakra Crystal Skulls

The seven different stones of these crystal skulls attune the frequencies of your chakras to manifest and maintain a state of balance and wellbeing in all of your energy centers. These chakra crystal skulls can be placed directly on the the body during healing and meditation to activate and energize the chakras and meridians. They are powerful tools for healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Crystals are amplifiers of energy, and crystal skulls in particular amplify your thoughts and intentions. When you work with groups of crystal skulls, you can activate and empower "The Secret" to attracting and manifesting what you desire to create and achieve.




My Reiki Healing Circle is working with the meditations at the present time and find them very helpful. Thank you. (read more testimonials)


I do like the meditation CD and will surely make use of it many times again (the images of the crystal skulls i get during the meditation are very clear and vivid: amazing!) .(read more testimonials)

Yes, I listened to the meditation to clear my crystal and I am sure it worked was quite pleasant and a nice length. (read more testimonials)


This was a very powerful experience.  I incorporated it into my spiritual practice. Blessings
(read more testimonials)


My wife and i did the meditation yesterday. For it's 6 minutes, it's a powerful meditation! We both experienced a deep going calmth. At a moment i saw also a little circle of 8 skulls, in various colors, with above them in the middle a big transparent skull. Not sure what it means.

it's a very inspiring meditation and i'm planning to do it soon again. Many thanks & best wishes!

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Aloha, I did receive the meditation downloads and they are very enjoyable. I have been working with my skulls and we are very happy. (read more testimonials)



The meditation I purchased is the most emotionally, spiritually, and morally powerful meditation i have experienced. Much Thanks to all that made it happen.I look forward to more meditations
(read more testimonials)


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