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How to activate your crystal skull

All crystal skulls that come from have all been activated and energized with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM (unless otherwise stated). Crystal skulls hold energy and information, like a computer that records everything that it has ever witnessed. Crystal skulls transmit and share this energy and information with other crystal skulls, like a download (those who are highly intuitive can see or feel this energy transmission between crystal skulls). Crystal skulls that have been activated have far more power and energy than those that are not activated or energized.

Activation changes your crystal skull from a simple stone carving to a powerful tool for healing, consciousness, and intention.

When crystals are removed from the Earth, they become dormant until their energy becomes activated and re-awakened. The process of carving a crystal skull, particularly once the eyes are carved, begins to awaken consciousness within a crystal skull. The more you work with a crystal skull, the more activated and energized it becomes, and the more you can benefit from this empowered and enhanced energy.

Crystal skull activation is a process of awakening and optimizing the energies and consciousness within your crystal skull. Activating your crystal skull is like turning on your computer so you can access the power and information held within it. Crystal skull activation is a term used to describe actions to augment the inherent power of a crystal skull, making their energies more radiant and effective.

There are several ways of activating a crystal skull - you should try and experience as many methods as you can because part of the activation in most cases empowers you as well.

Crystal Skulls ...By Jaap Van Etten, PhD

When a contemporary skull is carved it is like a blank slate. It contains earth information, but no other information has been downloaded. Whether this will happen depends on the caretaker and what (s)he does with this skull. By bringing the skull to sacred places, bringing it in contact with other skulls, especially ancient ones, and allowing people to work with them, will increase the information stored. In this way crystal skulls become an increasing valuable tool on our path of transformation.

Crystal Skull Activation with An Old or Ancient Crystal Skull

A passive yet powerful crystal skull activation occurs by placing your own crystal skull in the proximity of an old or ancient crystal skull. While this may not be logistically possible for everyone, there other ways to get this ancient crystal skull energy.

You can aquire a new crystal skull that has already been activated by an old or ancient crystal skull. At, you have the opportunity to purchase crystal skulls that have been energized by:

AMAR Energized Crystal Skulls for sale: all of the crystal skulls and crystal skull jewelry on our website have been energized and activated with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR, and with the Mayan Blue Jade crystal skull CANA IXIM. AMAR is a 22 pound quartz crystal skull that came from a monastery in Tibet, where it was used by the monks for healing and divination. CANA IXIM is a rare Mayan Blue Jade skull with Mayan glyphs on the crown - it was used for ceremonies of healing, fertility and abundance. These energies are imprinted and activated within our crystal skulls, giving them powerful energies to promote healing, higher consciousness, spiritual guidance, and properity.

SHA NA RA Energized Crystal Skulls for sale: the guardian of the Ancient Crystal Skull SHA NA RA lovingly energized a select group of crystal skulls specifically for us to offer to you that have been activated with this powerful ancient crystal skull. SHA NA RA is one of the few crystal skulls in the world that has been tested and verified to be truly ancient.

Ancient ET Energized Crystal Skulls for Sale: through a special arrangement with the guardian of the Ancient ET Crystal Skull Collection, we are able to offer a select group of crystal skulls that have been energized and activated with the Ancient Crystal Skull ET. This Ancient Crystal Skull was found in Guatemala in 1906 and was recognized by the Mayans as being their lost crystal skull from the Pleiades. The collection consists of 10 life-size ancient and significant crystal skulls, the "youngest" of which was carved in 1926 and is still one of the oldest known crystal skulls. These ET energized crystal skulls were activated in a full-size four-story high pyramid under a rare blue moon.


Crystal Skull Activation with Meditation

A crystal skull guided meditation is a simple and easy way to activate your crystal skulls, and offers the most benefits when you specifically want to direct the outcome of an experience. You can benefit from a variety of meditations created exclusively for (Crystal Skull meditations include activating, programming and clearing your crystal skull, using crystal skulls to heal yourself and others, using crystal skulls to amplify the law of attraction, Accessing the Akashic Record, Connecting with the Ancient Crystal Skulls, accessing the Crystal Skull Grid Matrix, etc.)

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Crystal Skull Activation with Pictures

People have found that staring at a high quality photograph of an ancient crystal skull can trigger insights. Placing your crystal skull on top of the photograph of a powerful crystal skull can activate these energies in your crystal skull - which is one reason why we usually include a free postcard of AMAR with every order.

(Access a good selection of pictures
from the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR)

Crystal Skull Activation with Essences

Another method for charging crystal skulls with the energy of an ancient crystal skull involves using Crystal Skull Grem Essences. Based on Dr. Masaru Emoto's studies of water and Dr. Back's study of flower essences, this process basically involves using purified water that has been vibrationally charged with a significant crystal skull. You can then use this energized water to activate your crystal skull, and you can also ingest these essences to energize yourself and raise your vibration with crystalline frequencies.

.Amar Crystal Skull  Gem Essence
Get your own Crystal Skull Essence created from the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR by clicking here

Crystal Skull Ceremony Tools

Crystal Skulls can be activated by light and sound. We offer high quality light boxes to activate a full spectrum of light frequencies within your crystal skull.

We also offer Tibetan Bells and Tingshas to activate and awaken higher frequencies of sound vibration within your crystal skull - these are also powerful tools for clearing and programming your crystal skull. Click here to see some of the tools used during crystal skull ceremonies with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR to activate crystal skulls.

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Thank you I love my skulls. They are very beautiful and they feel amazing. Your prompt response and delivery is very pleasing. Also the meditation CD is great - easy to download and to listen to straight away. Your website is full of very useful information. Thank you
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