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Auralite 23   Rare


Black Obsidian

Black Tourmaline


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Quartz  Rare



Chevron Amethyst

Chrysocolla  Rare


Cryolite   Rare

Emerald   Rare



Golden Obsidian


Green Tourmaline


Himalayan Quartz


Isua   Rare





Lapis Lazuli

Larimar   Rare


Libyan Desert Glass


Meteorite Rare

Moldavite Rare


Nuummite   Rare



Opal  Rare



Quartz Cluster

Rainbow Quartz

Rainbow Obsidian

Red Nuummite   Rare



Rose Quartz

Rubellite Tourmaline

Ruby  Rare

Ruby Zoisite

Selenite  Rare

Seraphinite  Rare

Shungite  Rare

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Smoky Quartz


Star Rose Quartz

Stichtite Rare


Tiger Eye

Tiger Iron



Zebra Jasper


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We received the crystal skulls and they are beautiful. They really have a powerful energy and they really communicate with us. (read more testimonials)


I absoutely love, love my new skullie. It is beautiful and I enjoy just looking at it and holding it. Thank you so very much for sending exactly what you say you are sending. No surprises, just beautiful skulls. Thanks, (read more testimonials)

I love my skulls , WOW ! they are happy to be with our family of skulls , and have been very bossy since they arrived !! after a period of total dormancy , all of my skulls are now talking again , wanting to go here and there.... Thank you so much!
(read more testimonials)


It's so cool that each one is slightly different and has different energies, sort of like a village of crystal beings! The jewellery we have purchased in not only beautiful but also a tool we use to remind us of a higher reality and purpose, we even have one crystal skull hanging on the rear view mirror of the jeep to help keep us safe and as an extra set of eyes on the road! (read more testimonials)


I received my crystal skull, I love it - and it is already working. Had an issue at work and it seems to have disappeared.(read more testimonials)


I spend much time on your web site, looking and admiring. Your selection is truly the finest I have seen in quality and good vibrations.
(read more testimonials)


I did receive my beautiful skulls, they are so highly energised, that they almost fell out of my hands. They are beautifully well carved.Thanks again in Love and Light. I will be ordering again soon because I know I need to get two more skulls, I know they will choose me soon.(read more testimonials)

I just received my Nuumite crystal skull and it's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to meditating with it and experiencing it's power. Once again I've received a truly special item from you and thoroughly enjoy browsing all your email updates and fantastic website. My new skull will join my growing 'skull' family and hopefully spark a herculean 'group' effort to connect me with the multiversal spiritual realm.(read more testimonials)

Hello, I received my indie skull today and I must say it is quite powerful.....
As I took it into my left hand, I started to feel several parts of my brain activating and I felt
my crown chakra opening up big was as if something was being downloaded into
my being....WOW !!! what a rush....

No need to say I'm very pleased with it...very well crafted !!
Thanx !!
(read more testimonials)


Just wanted to let you know that the cards arrived. The deck is very beautiful, thanks again.
(read more testimonials)


I've received my crystal skull and it's beautyful and very strong! Thank you very much! (read more testimonials)


Just to let you know I have received the beautiful Crystal Skull today. It is absolutely fabulous.
(read more testimonials)


The Crystal Skull just arrived (a day early)! It is just beyond beautiful ... just incredible. I AM so blessed!!!
(read more testimonials)


I am absolutely excited about my skull! I keep it by my bedside at night and I have noticed that I dream every night now, and I tend to feel much more at peace and less stressed when I am around it. Thank You.. (read more testimonials)


Yes I received the crystal skull and I really enjoy it! Thank you for the fast reponse and quality of the mechandise!! I look forward to ordering more in the future. (read more testimonials)


Received small Aquamarine skull pendant today!
Love it!...Thanks
(read more testimonials)


Dear sir,

I received wonderfull crystal skull you send.I immediately meditated with it.The experience is beyond words.I can say only this.Even after meditation was over,till now the effect is still there and still feeling vibrating at very high frequency.The energy flow is so intence that even now am feeling highly intoxycated by it.I have given the name SOHAM to him. I thanked him for choosing me as his caretaker. With greetings and love.
(read more testimonials)


Got it!!!!! today(23-09-08) around 3:30. thank you for sending such amazing crystal skull sir. i also did meditation with my crystal skull. it's AWESOME!!!!!! (read more testimonials)


I did select for 4 skulls.. for my family and I who are scattered about the world at the moment.. am really looking forward to them and to passing them on to my family! Thank You!(read more testimonials)


He's arrived! He's marvellous! I'm sure things are going to improve for me from hereon in. He's called Malachi. He's helping me already. Thank-you infinitely. Love, Peace & Blessings. (read more testimonials)


I just wanted to let you know that I have received the package last Friday. Thank you very much, the skulls are very very nice and have a great energy!
(read more testimonials)


This one certainly proves that size doesn't have anything to do with anything - it is a completely unexpected powerhouse of loving energy, humility and completely selfless co-operation, every bit as powerful. It has resolved a dilemma I've been wrestling with (read more testimonials)


I received the two Crystal Skulls I ordered and do love them... I think they a impressively beautiful as well as giving off an amazing energy, one that induces comfort and love. Thank you for such beautifully Carved Skulls (read more testimonials)


...I never go anywhere else for Crystal Skulls ... (read more testimonials)

I am thrilled to receive each and every order. It is a pleasure doing business with your company. I'm sure you will be hearing from me again. These skulls are addicting! Thanks again.(read more testimonials)


I love my crystal skulls that I ordered from you,they arrived on Saturday. Very powerful, and I felt immediately connected to each of them. Thank you
(read more testimonials)




New Crystal Skulls For Sale

All of our crystal skulls for sale are specially energized and activated just for you by the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR, and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM, allowing you to benefit from the powerful and healing energies the crystal skulls can facilitate.

Since the crystal skulls came into my life, I have felt safe and not alone anymore, in a way that I cannot describe(read more testimonials)

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I have received my crystal skulls a few days ago, faster than expected actually! They are beautiful and powerful and a bunch of things have already shifted in my life. I got a slight cold as a cleansing reaction, my dreams are much more intense and I have much better focus on my business, as well as an improved ability to bring up and deal with old patterns that no longer serve me, particularly when it comes to self-image and dealing with people. All of that is exactly why I ordered the skulls and in a few short days they're already delivering that! I feel calmer, clearer and more centered as well, which puts me much more in tune with the mind of God and in a flow of synchronicity. Just extraordinary! I'm so happy, thankful and grateful! I can only imagine what much larger crystal skulls will do for me in the future! Thank you so much!.(read more testimonials) offers the largest selection in the world of high quality real crystal skulls in all sizes, in a wide variety of stones - from Amethyst to Zebra Jasper and everything in between.

All of our crystal skulls are specially energized and activated just for you by the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR, and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM, allowing you to benefit from the powerful and healing energies the crystal skulls can facilitate.

We also offer exclusive designer crystal skull power jewelry, the largest selection of crystal skull pendants, plus activation tools, light boxes, as well as crystal skulls energized by the ancient crystal skulls Sha Na Ra and ET.(SHOP BY CATEGORY)

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Crystals and gemstones have been used for healing, guidance and divination for thousands of years. One of the reasons that gemstones adorned kings and queens was to support them with wisdom, guidance, healing and power. Crystals have also been used by shaman and medicine men throughout the world, and have been used in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Mayans for their mystical and healing powers. (Read More)

Metaphysical properties of stones and how they can support you:

  • Amber - good luck; longevity; vitality; sensuality; magnetism; memory; decisiveness; healing; pain; stress; calming; grounding

    Amazonite - healing; protection; dispels negative energy and fear of judgment; truth; integrity; confidence; communication; calming

  • Amethyst - opens crown & third eye; guidance; intuition; protection; communion with guides and higher consciousness; detoxifying

  • Ametrine - (amethyst & citrine) money; intuition; psychic awareness; spiritual enlightenment; protection; transmutes negativity; joy

  • Aquamarine - calms; soothes; uplifts; confidence; purpose; creativity; communication; releases anxiety & fear: restlessness; peace 

  • Aventurine - supports healing; well-being; peace; calms anger; dissolves negativity; decisiveness; perseverance; prosperity

  • Black Obsidian - purification; transformation; fulfillment; manifestation; psychic ability; power; protection; shields from negativity

  • Black Tourmaline - protection from negativity, radiation and psychic attack; grounding; balancing; purifying; health and wellbeing

  • Blue Lace Agate - peace; patience; calming; intuition; knowing; protection; angelic communion; supports the throat; self-expression

  • Carnelian -self-esteem; attain goals; focus; creativity; problem-solving; peace; courage; success; positive life choices; grants wishes

  • Charoite - power; transformation; transmutes negativity; intuition; opens third eye; inspiration; creativity; spiritual growth; healing

  • Chevron Amethyst - relaxation; peace of mind; inner strength; courage; self-discovery; release stress; diminish addictive tendencies

  • Citrine - manifesting success; financial prosperity; clears negativity; centering; empowerment; self-esteem; confidence; willpower

  • Fluorite - genius stone; supports creativity; clear thinking; concentration; discernment; truth; decision-making; higher consciousness

  • Garnet - ignites passion; romance; heals relationships; self-confidence; creativity; vitality; life force; calms anxiety; protection

  • Golden Obsidian - develops clairvoyance; shields negativity; grounding; overcome habits; attracts wealth; prosperity; manifestation

  • Goldstone - master healer; confidence; attain goals; calming; balancing; uplifting; vitality; courage; protection; grounding; conduit

  • Hematite - protection; deflects negativity; courage; strength; vitality; self-esteem; confidence; willpower; compulsions; calms stress


  • Howlite - memory; knowledge; progress; discernment; overcoming procrastination; achieving ambitions; past lives; astral travel

  • Hypersthene - extreme strength; protection; grounding; consciousness; awareness; clarity; insight; guidance; opportunities; esteem

  • Jade - all-purpose healer; relaxation; stress; serenity; fidelity; realization of potential; accomplishment; good luck; wisdom; long life

  • Jasper -protection; courage; strength; survival; justice; health; healing; calm; balance; energizing; stabilizing; motivating; aligns chakras; promotes beauty; inspires joy

  • Jet - good luck; protects finances; self-reliance; grounding; purifying; protection; depression; grief; healing; insight

  • Labradorite - transformation; strength; enhances intuition; eliminates illusions; goals; good luck; intuitive wisdom; discernment

  • Lapis Lazuli - insight; intuition; wisdom; protection; psychic attacks; stress & anxiety; harmony; expression; depression; fatigue

  • Lepidolite - success; growth; transformation; calm; soothing; EMF; depression; anxiety; insomnia; addiction; compulsions; self-love; patience; optimism; relieves pain; protection

  • Malachite - attracts love; new beginnings; soothes soul; releases stress; clears chakras; spiritual guidance; vision; protection

  • Meteorite
  • Moldavite - from space; synchronicity; makes dreams vivid; facilitates healing; channeling; visions; connects to spirit guides; astral travel; inner journeys; cosmic consciousness; contact other dimensions & ETs; deepens meditation; accelerates highest destiny
  • Moonstone -brings good fortune; grants wishes; manifests desires; increases affection in relationships; transforms negativity; uplifts

  • Nuummite - transformation; self-mastery; confidence; self-acceptance; self-love; empowerment; recognize one's gifts and talents; personal magic; activates all chakras; increases frequency of synchronicities; good luck; grounding; manifesting wealth & prosperity

  • Onyx - strength; stamina; courage; self-confidence; self-control; self-mastery; determination; accomplishment; mental focus; stress

  • Opal -

  • Opalite - psychic abilities; visions; meditation; communication; success; strength; persistence; sexuality; transitions; healing


  • Pyrite - abundance; prosperity; stability; intelligence; memory; psychic development; creativity; action; psychic shield; protection

  • Quartz - all-purpose healer; amplifies thought, energy, intention; raises vibration & consciousness; intuition; guidance; opens crown

    Rainbow Quartz

  • Rainbow Obsidian – scrying; clairvoyance/psychic abilities; protection; deflects negativity; calms fear; grounding; joy; love; truth

  • Red Dolomite - stamina; stops energy leaks; aligns and balances chakras; removes blockages; supports blood & adrenal glands

  • Rhodochrosite - love; passion; attracts soul mate; uplifts moods; depression; peace; self-worth; self-love; purpose; consciousness

  • Rhodonite -

  • Rose Quartz - attracts love; enhances self-love; promotes loving thoughts; peace and calm; heals heart physically and emotionally

  • Rubellite Tourmaline - abundance; love; passion; joy; courage; self-confidence; dispels fear; clears chakras; energy; vitality; positive attitude; peace; calm

  • Ruby - joy; spontaneity; courage; passion; vitality; maintains trance states, amplifies mental and psychic abilities; goals

  • Silver Sheen Obsidian - scrying; divination; mirror of the soul; enhances meditation; insights; uncovers truth; grounding; protection

  • Smoky Quartz – grounding; protection; transforms negativity; elevates moods; stress; depression; abundance; prosperity; good luck

  • Sodalite -self-trust; self-acceptance; self-expression; unites logic & intuition; deepens meditation; calms the mind; harmony; balance

  • Star Rose Quartz - unconditional love; radiates divine love; giving and receiving love in all forms; see all in the highest light


  • Sugilite - spiritual love/wisdom; opens/aligns all chakras; creativity; channeling; intuition; healing; pain; dispels negativity & anger

  • Tiger Eye - brings money; luck; confidence; courage; willpower; patience; determination; psychic protection; attracts helpful people

  • Tiger Iron - supports empaths; empowers; self-confidence; passion; stamina; vitality; exhaustion; stress; overcomes fear; protection

  • Tourmaline - protection from negativity, radiation and psychic attack; grounding; balancing; purifying; health and wellbeing

  • Turquoise - master healer; balances all chakras; detoxifies; luck; happiness; wealth; success; attracts love; repels negativity; power

  • White Dolomite - inspiration; manifestation; creativity; spontaneity; generosity; receiving; relieves sorrow, hurt, loneliness, anxiety

  • Zebra Jasper - courage to deal with problems; determination to succeed; completion; avoid over-thinking; enjoy life in the now

Skulls and jewelry may be available in all stones, even if they do not appear on our website – contact us for special orders or requests

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Crystal skulls intensify and amplify the power of intention, and hold the specific frequency and resonance of a desired outcome. Crystal skulls carved out of the gems and minerals can aid with the specific areas or issues (of course, this should not be a substitute for traditional medical treatment, but can enhance and support energetic healing).

Click Here to see which crystal skulll is best for a specific:

Physical Issues - Emotional Issues - Spiritual Issues


Thank you once again. It is gorgeous and a helpful. He has got my stomach coverd. The colors are so vibrant and I just love it. I also want to say thank you for the gift. The Carnelian skull, self-confidence, just what the doctor prescribed!
(read more testimonials)


From the moment I opened the package and held this crystal skull in my hands I had the greatest love for it. So much so that I feel like we cannot be apart from one another. I carry it in my pocket or bag. At night it rests by my bedside in the company of an opalite and angelite angels and other favorite high vibration stones. I've even seen this crystal skull facing me, in my mind's eye when I meditate.
(read more testimonials)

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My very first and very beautiful star rose quartz skull has arrived all this way so safely, thank you. I immediately felt the incredible energy and love and after breathing my intentions for our work together, I received the name 'Antara" - when I googled this name it means: near; intimate; soul; heart...I really wept!

My work includes being a channel for spirit and I could feel that Antara had much to share...I have enclosed a few sentences from Antara's message to me:

'I am Antara, I am a divine being of light, here to bring out your light dear one, there is so much work we can achieve together and all the pain and hurt that you have felt up to now shall dissolve in the presence of love truly felt. Love for the first time for yourself! Love that now explodes from your heart centre and opens you to true new beginnings. Dont be afraid of the intense power you can feel in your body now, our energies have now aligned perfectly and you can sense the changes within........'

As a 'newbie' to the world of crystal skulls - I feel like I have arrived home! I read all that you email me and have been researching others, including 'Solar'...who resides in Australia with Lia Scallon as caretaker, hope to travel for a visit one day soon (Australia is a big place)..........Peace and blessings for your business, it is with deep gratitude that I share this do wonderful work!
(read more testimonials)


I am so thrilled! Thanks. There is so much love emanating from my little tribe so far, I tear up looking at them.(read more testimonials)
the BEST selection of

small new crystal skull mid-size crystal skull Large Crystal Skulls

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Free Shipping when you buy 3 items (Coupon code: Buy3)
plus Free Gift for any order over $100

I have received the skulls and all are so worderful and beautiful and powerful.
I'm very happy and satisfied with the purchase. I'm sure that I am going to buy your skulls
more and more times.
Thank you very much for the gifts.
(read more testimonials)

These crystal skulls were specially activated in a ceremony with AMAR, the rare Tibetan crystal skull that has been used in Tibet for healing and divination. They have also been activated in the presence of the Mayan Blue Jade crystal skull CANA IXIM that has been used in ceremonies for healing, harvest and prosperity.

For additional information you may call 1 800 663-6463
or email directly

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