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F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino

Pioneer of Crystal Skull Research

Although he passed from this world in 2004, F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino may still hold the distinction of being the only person in modern history to have worked with and handled nine human-sized ancient crystal skulls, along with several hundred smaller crystal skulls that are known to be of ancient origin.

FR ' Nick  '  Nocerino
Nocerino at the scientific authenticity examinations
done at the British Museum

photo credit: JoAnn Parks

A lifetime of devoted research made F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino one of the world's foremost experts on crystal skulls. He was a true pioneer who became the leading authority on the subject as the popularity of crystal skulls started to emerge in the mid 1980's. His methodical explorations were credited with unraveling many of the mysteries surrounding crystal skulls.

Nick Nocerino first came in direct contact with crystal skulls during World War II, where he encountered a crystal skull in England, and two in France - one of which had been a Templar skull hidden by a secret organization near Carcassonne.

In 1955, Nick Nocerino founded the "Society of Crystal Skulls International".  In association with a number of research members, the Society initiated identifying, categorizing, documenting and record keeping of crystal skulls worldwide. Nick led over 33 research teams that included engineers, doctors, anthropologists and computer scientists to investigate crystal skulls in cities across the United States.

Mr. Nocerino believed that crystal skulls are intricate computers that can be activated by the use of color and sound. Through scrying, he found that crystal skulls show UFO activities, and images of societies within the Earth and oceans.

Although the society is now defunct, the following is excerpted from the Society of Crystal Skulls original website:

"In 1945 F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino became the Founder and Director of the Institute of Psychic and Hypnotic Sciences and the Society of Crystal Skulls, International. He holds the first teachers credential for Parapsychology and Hypnosis issued by the State of California in 1968. Authoring his own curriculum, Mr. Nocerino taught in many Universities, Colleges and institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and Canada. His lectures, seminars, classes and extensive workshops cover such varied topics as Psychometry, Aura Reading, Hauntings, Mediumship, Magnetic Healing, Elemental Magic, Shamanism and Ancient Crystal Skulls, just to name a few. Many of Nick's students have gone on to become respected international metaphysical teachers.

Nearly forty years before the crystal movement of today, Nick was presenting public classes on their uses and benefits. His knowledge of "frozen water stones" was handed down to him by his childhood teachers and predates the "New Age" concepts so popular today. The teachings imparted in his on going classes are timeless and steeped in tradition. Testimonial to this fact is evidenced by the many well known lecturers who consult with him on a regular basis.

Mr. Nocerino has spoken on numerous radio and television stations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Among his credits is special recognition for contributions in the Alan Landsburg production "In Search Of." He has been featured on "Sightings," "Mysterious Forces Beyond" and "Strange Universe."

On May 26, 1996, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired an hour long program about crystal skulls. Nick was invited to participate in the scientific authenticity examinations done at the British Museum in London. His crystal skull (Sha-Na-Ra), the one owned by JoAnn & Carl Parks (Max), and a skull recently acquired by the Smithsonian Institute, were among the few brought together for testing."

It should be noted that the testing at the British Museum (see photo above) concluded that the Smithsonian Crystal Skull and the British Museum Crystal Skull were carved using relatively modern tools so they could not be classified as being of ancient origin. However, although the British Museum refused to officially release their findings, and today some even try to deny that the testing ever took place, the crystal skulls Max and Sha Na Ra did not show any evidence of modern tool marks of any kind.


F.R. "Nick" Nocerino Archives

F.R. "Nick" Nocerino, founder of the Society of Crystal Skulls International, is one of the few people on Earth who has studied and examined most of the known ancient crystal skulls in the world. Using psychic archeology, he located his own crystal skull, Sha Na Ra, which has been scientifically tested, and many recognize it as being truly ancient.

A lifetime of devoted research made F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino one of the world's foremost experts on crystal skulls. He was a true pioneer who became the leading authority on the subject as the popularity of crystal skulls started to emerge in the mid 1980's. His methodical explorations were credited with unraveling many of the mysteries surrounding crystal skulls.

Since his passing, his research material has been safely protected in a private library. His daughter, Michele Nocerino (who is carrying on the work and guardianship of Sha Na Ra), is now beginning to release some of what may be the most valuable information yet archived on crystal skulls - and more...

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F.R. "Nick" Nocerino

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Crystal Skulls: Dreams, Doorways, Dimensions - The Ancient crystal skulls hold a mystery.
F.R.'Nick' Nocerino presents the keys to unlocking the secrets of the skulls. For more than 55 years, Nick has been actively researching the skulls and teaching in the metaphysical field.

Volume 2.

Skull Trek: The Journey of the Crystal Skulls - Over 20 skulls are presented in close-up photography. Featured are Sha-Na-Ra, ET, the Jesuit, the Rainbow, the Mystic Agate and Max, the Texas skull. Presented by the foremost crystal skull expert, Mr. F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino, this video is a must for your library. Included are elementary research phases such as x-ray, psychometry, light beam testing, and scrying session.

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I DID enjoy watching the DVD of Nick and the skulls. I can tell I'm still processing the information - and will probably watch it again.

Specifically I can tell you that it gave me specific information that i didn't have before, and gave me ideas of how I can work with my crystal skull.
I actually starting seeing pictures inside him the day after I watched it, so I feel like I've jumped up a notch on my journey.

I want to watch again and pause and zoom up close and just feel the energy from each of the different skulls as he's working with them. I know I've just tapped into the tip of the iceberg, and I again thank you for all you do to help me, and all of us seekers, on our journeys.
(read more testimonials)


Sha Na Ra Energized Crystal Skulls

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"All large skulls are each energized directly one-on-one with Sha Na Ra. Once all the skulls have spent time individually touching Sha Na Ra, the orchestration of the layout begins.  The skulls ask to be placed in a specific formation - all connecting from Sha Na Ra, to one another and back to Sha Na Ra. All of the crystal skulls must always be touching Sha Na Ra and each other, creating oneness of energy that resonates throughout the whole and energetically connects them to SHA NA RA eternally" - Michele Nocerino


Michele Nocerino is the current caretaker of Sha Na Ra and continues the life's work of her father F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino.


13 Crystal Skulls

Nick Nocerino crystal skulls

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