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Larimar   Rare


Libyan Desert Glass


Meteorite Rare

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Red Nuummite   Rare



Rose Quartz

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Ruby  Rare

Ruby Zoisite

Selenite  Rare

Seraphinite  Rare

Shungite  Rare

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Stichtite Rare


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Yes I got the book and enjoyed it very much. I loved the bright photographs and the quick and thorough intro to crystal skulls. I loved the line, "Know that all is well and you are loved…."

I love learning about the skullies. I only found out they existed for real and that one could purchase them, and they were NOT creepy and weird, but delightful, warm, loving, and powerful, and about their amazing abilities, just over a week ago. "Crystal skulls? What?! What's the big deal? Oh they help raise your consciousness, grow you, help you, love you? They'll help with all the earth changes happening now? Get me some!!!"

I have been learning about them as if my life depended on it. I've ordered a bunch of lovely skulls from you folks, and I am sure I will order more. I have read Jaap van Etten's book, which will help me grow my new skullies. I have learned about activating them in the presence of older skulls, and I hope to educate my little skullies with their older brothers and sisters whenever I can. I am fascinated by them and seriously drawn to them and I can't wait to begin working with my own. I am not sure if in my future life I am to be a caretaker of skulls, in order to raise up skulls for the future, or if I am to just have them around, to help me grow beautifully into my purpose, or both! I am thrilled I found such a supportive and helpful source in

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A few days ago I received my Crystal Skulls...All are really nice, and feels a special energy and very strong in each of them. I've used them for meditation or to make some decrees and feel that energy is much stronger.

The books are fabulous, and I want to learn and apply all that is in them.

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Best Recommendations & Book Reviews

Special Selection

Considered by many to be the most essential book on crystal skulls, "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed" is the only book on crystal skulls that is written by F.R. "Nick" Nocerino, the grandfather of crystal skull research and founder of the Crystal Skulls Society International in 1949. It is an absolutely fascinating book, and a must-read for anyone who wants to explore the phenomenon of crystal skulls. This book is now out of print, and we managed to secure a sealed box from Joshua Shapiro, one of the co-authors, containing the last printing of this classic book.

#CS-MR-P :
Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed
(Brand New Book)

Price: $60
(S&H $9.95)
Save 20% Sale Price $48 (+ free pendant)
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NEW! Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls

The fascinating story of Joky Van Dieten, one of the most amazing crystal skull guardians, chronicles her extraordinary life, from being the first female race car driver in Europe for Ferrari, to having the most phenomenal collection of ancient crystal skulls in the world - the "youngest" of which was carved in 1926, which still makes it one of the oldest known crystal skulls. This inspirational story talks about the work she has done with these Ancient Crystal Skulls all over the world, and how she came to be their guardian, including the world-famous Ancient Crystal Skull known as "ET", which the Mayans recognized as their lost crystal skull from the Pleiades. "Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls" is an inspiring must-read book for anyone who wants to know what it is like to be a guardian of an ancient crystal skull.

NEW! Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls

Joky van Dieten & Jill Gurr

van dieten-crystal skull book
Pub. Date: 2013
Review Rating: *****
"astonishing inside look at the life of a crystal skull guardian"
You can also experience the energy of the Van Dieten Crystal Skull Collection by owning your own ET energized crystal skull


New  Book Crystal Skulls
Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment

Judy Hall

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Unlocking the Secrets
Pub. Date: 2016
Review Rating: pending
Insights by the author of "The Crystal Bible" book series - could be considered The Crystal Skulls Bible



Crystal Skulls & the Enigma of Time

Patricia Mercier

Enigma of Time
Pub. Date: 2011
Review Rating: *****
"reveals the evolutionary rebirth only possible through crystal skulls"
for more info on this crystal skull book click here


Holy Ice : Bridge to the Subconscious

Frank Dorland

Pub. Date: 1992
Review Rating: *****
"For anyone who is interested in the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, or fascinated by quartz itself, this is THE book to have! "
for more info on this crystal skull book click here

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

Chris Morton & Ceri Louise Thomas

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Unlocking the Secrets
Pub. Date: 2002
Review Rating: *****
"includes the most detailed investigation into the Mayan and Native American legends that refer to crystal skulls"
more info on this crystal skull book


Crystal Skulls - Expand Your Consciousness

Jaap van Etten, PhD

Jaap van Etten - CRYSTAL SKULLS - Interacting with a Phenomenon
Pub. Date: 2013
Review Rating: *****
"most comprehensive guide to crystal skulls. Ideal for a beginner and insightful for any Crystal Skull Guardian."
more info on this crystal skull book


The Crystal Skulls : Astonishing Portals to Man's Past

David Hatcher Childress &
Stephen S. Mehler

Crystal Skulls - Book Mehler
Pub. Date: 2008
Review Rating: *****
"offering lots of photographs, many of which you will not find anywhere else"
for more info on this crystal skull book click here

Crystal Skulls - Interacting with a Phenomenon

Jaap van Etten, PhD

Jaap van Etten - CRYSTAL SKULLS - Interacting with a Phenomenon
Pub. Date: 2007
Review Rating: *****
"well researched and informative - addresses crystal skulls not mentioned in other books and a new way of categorizing them"
more info on this crystal skull book


Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed

Author(s) : Sandra Bowen,
F.R. "Nick"Nocerino,
Joshua Shapiro

Mysteries Crystal Skulls Revealed
Pub. Date: 1988
Review Rating: ****
"a classic book - essential reading revealing some esoteric viewpoints"
more info on this crystal skull book


Journeys of Crystal Skull Explorers

Joshua Shapiro

Journeys of Crystal Skull Explorers - Shapiro
Pub. Date: 2008
Review Rating: *****
"includes newest information and research about crystal skulls"
for more info on this crystal skull book click here


2012 : The Secret of the Crystal Skull

Chris Morton & Ceri Louise Thomas

Journeys of Crystal Skull Explorers - Shapiro
Pub. Date: 2011
Review Rating: ***
"fascinating adventure involving a mysterious crystal skull and a possible outcome for 2012"
for more info on this crystal skull book click here



Stones of the New Consciousness: Healing, Awakening and Co-creating with Crystals, Minerals and Gems

Robert Simmons has been writing and teaching about the metaphysical properties of stones for over twenty years. He has become a respected authority in the field.


Ancient Memories, Future Dreams
-The Crystal Skull Diaries

Novel that follows the spiritual awakening of the British Museum curator as he finds himself initiated into the mystery of an ancient path under the tutelage of a contemporary priestess of the crystal skulls.


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I bought my first crystal skull from you last year and then added to the family throughout the year. To my delight and surprise, I began channelling information from my Crystal Team and set up a new website offering out this information.

I am now publishing my first book of this channelled information entitled The Way Forward. This is a powerful and beautiful book and I am informed it will be the first in a series of 3 books.

Thank you for guiding me to my first crystal skull - Charlie who is the Captain of the Team.

with love and blessings


I received my package soon after I made my order. My skulls were packaged, handled with care, and in perfect condition. They are gorgeous!! I absolutely adore them. They are now in the center of my alter and I have been working with them ever since. Only having 2 skulls prior to my order of the 13 ascension skulls, I decided to order the complete package of books to expand my knowledge. I am so glad I did! I have had some extremely relaxing and wonderful meditation experiences with these precious skulls. Thank you so much! I am officially a lifetime customer and look forward to making further purchases with!
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