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Frank Dorland


Frank Dorland - crystal skull

Holy Ice excerpt:

Most ancient civilizations had great respect for the skull, bordering on worship, because it is the container of the intellect, the personality, the being and the soul of a human being during his or her existence on this physical plane. The skull, or head, is the important portion, and the body is merely a mechanism attached to it to serve its needs.
In spite of many movies, television shows, comic books, popular literature and medicine bottles, the skull is a symbol of death only to the uninitiated.

The life path of Frank Dorland had him employed in the engineering division of Consolidated Aircraft at Lindbergh Field in San Diego. Later as an art conservator, Frank researched and produced the first scientifically formulated artists' wax for painting and preserving art pieces, sculptures, and archeological artifacts. In 1952, Frank was made member #122 of the International Institute for the Conservation of Museum Objects headquartered in London. In 1964, when a human sized quartz crystal skull was brought to Frank from England, his life made another turn - the more he studied the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, the more it demanded further research.

Having been entrusted with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull for six years, Frank Dorland's work evolved into a new category: biocrystallography, the study of the interchange of energies between the human mind and electronic quartz crystal. He was also responsible for the important examinations conducted on the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull at the Hewlett-Packard Laboratory.

His research culminated in a book titled "Holy Ice - Bridge to the Subconscious". Regarding the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, Dorland concludes "the Skull is genuine, even if most of the stories around it aren't." But this book covers so much more than a crystal skull - it is a true investigation into the powers of rock crystal and it addresses topics that even today are considred advanced findings - like the human body being a Super Antenna.

Holy Ice excerpt:

The secrets of the crystal are many, but according to shamans and others who work with crystals, the basic, number-one secret is this – a crystal, like any electronic instrument, will never work until you turn it on. A crystal has to have energy like a radio set. The crystal gets its energy from the person using it, so you must either cup your hands around it to allow the energy from your body to activate the crystal, or better yet, pick up the crystal in your hands and hold it. Upon receiving your energy, the crystal changes its vibration from its normal pattern to a rhythm that harmonizes in sympathy with the natural vibrations of your body cells. That is one of the major secrets. A crystal ball will not work by itself sitting on a stand. A person must hold it or cup their hands around it

Holy Ice - Frank Dorland


Clear quartz is also known as "Rock Crystal". The Greeks originally named Quartz "Krystallos", meaning ice, but this soon became the word used for all crystals - not just quartz crystals. This is why some refer to quartz as "Holy Ice". To the Japanese, quartz is representative of perfection, so they highly prize flawless ultra-clear quartz, which is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find. Feng Shui practitioners also draw upon the amplifying and harmonizing energies of clear quartz crystal - the clearer the better.

The book "Holy Ice" covers the background, and likely historical uses of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. Having brought the skull to the Hewlett-Packard lab to be studied, this book provides the most detail regarding these extraordinary findings.

As many people will atest, sometimes when crystal skulls appear in your life, they may take you on a wonderful new path. For Frank, it was the beginning of his research into all aspects of quartz, from its history, to traditional uses and its technological applications.

The beauty of this book - and Frank Dorland - is that he walked the paths of a scientist and a metaphysician. This book explores both shamanic aspects as well as 'right brain' revelations.

Holy Ice provides one of the best laid out supporting documentation for disciplines like crystal healing and meditation.

For anyone who is interested in the phenomenal Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, or fascinated by quartz itself, this is THE book to have! It contains dozens of amazing photographs you will not find anywhere else.

"Holy Ice" is out of print, and can be pricey - just as some of the other classic books like "The Skull Speaks" and "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed" - but if you can find a copy, you will discover a whole new world into the crystals and crystal skulls.

Holy Ice excerpt:

 The report in the Man journal never mentioned the existence of a most extraordinary flat prism surface carved in the roof o fthe mouth in the Mitchell-Hedges skull. This would be a major, time-consuming lapidary feat. All the work would be hidden from normal sight unless the skull was turned upside down. The prism was carefully positioned to reflect light from below (a temple fire perhaps?) which would then be plainly visible in both eye sockets.
     The report also ignores two small drilled holes, one on the right and one on the left side in the lower mastoid process area. These two small holes could act as support-bearing surfaces. This means that the crystal skull could be balanced upright resting on two slender pins inserted into the two holes, thus allowing the skull to be viewed as a moving, nodding oracle if its owners so wished. These two, tiny holes indicate a carefully and precisely engineered scheme of very high intelligence and not the result of accident or coincidence.

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