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Mayan Crystal Skull

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Real Mayan Crystal Skull

"Cana ixim"

in the mayan language, this means "Lady of the corn"

"The head's name is 'Cana Ixim' in Mayan language (Lady of the Corn in English). The weight, about 4 pounds; Size, 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) width and 10 Centimeters (4 inches) Height. This head formed of green jade."

The person in Guatemala who held this skull recognized that he was not its guardian, but managed to save this sacred object, seeking "someone with a heart of love with good hands". It has a sacred history and several healing related anecdotes, so he believed that this crystal skull is meant to be with a healer rather than a collector.

The last guardian of this Mayan crystal skull kept it until his death at 85 years of age. The skull was originally found inside a cave that connects to the source of the river Sachichaj in a mountain about 100 miles from Peten, Guatemala (referred to as the Authentic Mayan land). The Sachichaj River (pictured below) possesses a beautiful characteristic in that it has a turquoise color, similar to the blue jade color of this crystal skull, Cana Ixim.

The following excerpt comes directly from a reliable source: "The person tell me that the history he listen from his father and he was hear from his antecessors was that a few days before the skull appears or was found it, in Guatemala was a big volcano eruption and a lot of people die, and the skull ( Cana Ixim ) appears to help and it won't let that never happen again. They use it the heal sick people, snake bites, help woman pregnant (the head was collocate in the stomach of the future mother), ceremony for planting (in Guatemala the indigenous celebrate ceremonies to bless their plantations for good harvest). The most shocking cases are an old lady that can't move her fingers because has it rigid and twisted ( I assume rheum ) - after the ceremony of healing she put hands on the skull she can move her fingers easily. A man that suddenly disappears a big mass (possible Tumor) in his stomach."

The Guatemalan keeper recognized that it is meant to do more good in the hands of a healer than it would gathering dust on a museum shelf where it would be regarded simply as an artifact rather than as a sacred tool.

Regarding its Mayan name "Cana ixim" ("Lady of the Corn" in English), it is interesting to note that corn was the sustenance and life-supporting force of the people. Corn represents the harvest of abundance, prosperity and plenty. It symbolizes female fertility and male virility.

Total Weight:   4 lbs.
Measurement:   3.5 inch W . 4 inch H (approx.)
Origin: Guatemala

Blue Jade

Click here for a large Resolution Phioto of Cana Ixim


All crystal skulls are energized with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM (unless noted as energized with the Ancient Crystal Skulls Sha Na Ra or ET, or in ancient Karpay ceremonies with the Q'ero, or at another special activation.)

Metaphysically, properties and benefits of Jade include:

Symbol of purity and serenity; signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility; centers on the heart chakra; increases love and nurturing; protective stone keeps the wearer from harm; believed to attract good luck and friendship; stabilizes the personality; integrates the mind with the body; dreamstone, brings insightful dreams; aids in emotional release, especially iritability; encourages you to become who you truly are, assists in recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey and awakens hidden knowledge; cleansing stone, aids in elimination; assists fertility and childbirth; blue green jade symbolizes peace and reflection, brings inner serenity and patience, it is the stone for slow but steady progress, helps people who feel overwhelmed by situations beyond their control.

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