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Auralite 23   Rare


Black Obsidian

Black Tourmaline


Blue Lace Agate



Chevron Amethyst

Chrysocolla  Rare


Cryolite   Rare

Emerald   Rare



Golden Obsidian



Himalayan Quartz


Isua   Rare





Lapis Lazuli

Larimar   Rare


Libyan Desert Glass


Meteorite Rare

Moldavite Rare


Nuummite   Rare



Opal  Rare



Quartz Cluster

Rainbow Quartz

Rainbow Obsidian

Red Nuummite   Rare



Rose Quartz

Rubellite Tourmaline

Ruby  Rare

Ruby Zoisite

Shungite  Rare

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Smoky Quartz


Star Rose Quartz

Stichtite Rare


Tiger Eye

Tiger Iron




Zebra Jasper


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I have just returned home from holidays to find my fabulous necklace waiting for me. I love it and will take good care of it. My first impression was how lovely it is. I am wearing it at the moment and can already feel the energy emitting from it.
(read more testimonials)


It's all so beautiful! I can't say enough, how special it is. Thank you!(read more testimonials)



Unique limited edition crystal Skull Jewelry

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Our Crystal Skull Jewelry designer is on
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No designer jewelry (items beginning with "D-")
can be shipped until then.

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Crystal Skull Pendants

It is believed some crystal skulls have the power to grant all the wearer’s wishes when worn near the heart.


NEW Garnet Crystal Skull Necklace with Pyrite

#D-NP-GPY-404 :
Garnet Crystal Skull Necklace with Pyrite
24” necklace plus 1” Garnet Skull  drop pendant

This 24" long necklace features a Garnet Crystal Skull pendant, with 5 round garnet beads in deep red accented by 2 golden pyrite ovals and silver plated accents, on a silver plated chain with a lobster clasp.

Price $40 (S&H $6.95)


Red garnet ignites and refuels the fires of passion and romance. It promotes self-confidence, creativity and reflection. Garnet can cool the temper and calm anxiety, and can enhance security, comfort and relaxation, especially in times of transition. It can heal and intensify relationships, bringing them to a higher, more spiritual level, and can inspire a more permanent level of devotion. Garnet is a jewel of life, love and purity, enhancing vitality and life force. On the physical level, garnet is associated with purification, regeneration and warmth. It promotes peak performance in life. Traditionally, garnet is considered to be a talisman for protection.

more about the beneficial properties of Garnet


Peridot Necklace with Quartz Crystal Skull

#D-NP-CQPER-273 :
Peridot Necklace with Quartz Crystal Skull

17” – 19” adjustable length plus 1 ¼” Pendant Drop

This Princess length necklace has a genuine clear quartz crystal skull drop pendant with 15 high quality peridot round beads interspersed with silver plated chain, with a silver plated shell accent bead.

Price $ 55
(S&H $6.95)
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I wanted to thank you sincerely for the exquisite clear quartz Princess necklace and earrings that my dear husband got me for our 10th anniversary!

Over the years, everything from you has always been immaculate, your customer service is simply superb and your products are of the highest quality consistently.

I was very touched by your beautiful handwritten card and the fact that you made sure the beautiful designer jewelry would arrive in time--thank you ever so much!

I just adore your loving personal touch, like how you wrap everything always with great care, the flawless condition of your every product, your newsletter that always is highly inspirational and is read with great joy!

All this shows that you truly love what you do, and thank you for serving all sentient beings on so many levels with such a consistently top standard!

I shall reorder again and again as I have done from you,

with many thanks and blessings,

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Pyrite Crystal Skull Necklace with Nuummite

Pyrite Crystal Skull and Nuummite Pendant
1 ½" Drop Pendant

This drop pendant features a pyrite crystal skull hanging from a large Nuummite bead, on a silver plated bail that can be used on any chain (includes 24" silver plated chain).

Pyrite is a stone for attracting abundance, and is also a powerful shield of protection; this is amplified and enhanced by the transformative power of the Nuummite.

Price $ 45(S&H $6.95)
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Pyrite is a highly protective stone, blocking and shielding you from negative energies from people, places and things. Pyrite creates a golden energy field within the aura that deflects all kinds of negative vibrations (including pollutants), and protects one on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels. Pyrite promotes psychic development and is excellent for divination, particularly for scrying by candlelight. Pyrite attracts good fortune, prosperity, material abundance and wealth. It is a wonderful stone for manifestation.

more about the beneficial properties of Pyrite


Just received my beautiful necklace. It looks very calming! . (read more testimonials)


Citrine with Quartz Crystal Skull Short Necklace

Citrine with Quartz Crystal Skull Short Necklace
16” to 18” adjustable length

12 faceted citrine rondelles surround a clear crystal skull, all on a double silver plated chain.

Price $ 45 (S&H $6.95)



Hello, I want to let you know that I received our first delivery of crystal skull jewellery today, and I can't wipe the smile off my face. They are beautiful, and appreciate the extra little gift aswell. I'm even more excited about the delivery of the smokey quartz skull. I would like to thank you and your team, for all your help in getting them to us safely, and look forward to doing business again in the near future.
Many many thanks,
(read more testimonials)


Frosted and Faceted rose quartz Necklace
with Rose Quartz Crystal Skull

Frosted and Faceted Rose Quartz Necklace
with Rose Quartz Crystal Skull
17” to 19” length, plus 1/2” drop pendant

This lovely princess length necklace features alternating faceted rose quartz beads and frosted round rose quartz beads, with a rose quartz crystal skull drop pendant, on an adjustable silver plated chain.

Price $ 40 (S&H $6.95)
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I have received the turquoise skull pendant and it is truly beautiful! I love the grey lines on blue and even the silver piece underneath adds to the overall appeal. It is already my favorite of the 3 pendants I've gotten from you. Thanks again for the great quality skulls you make available! (read more testimonials)


Genuine Amber filigree Necklace
with Quartz Crystal Skull

#D-N-CQAMB-289 :
Genuine Amber Necklace with Filigree Beads and Quartz Crystal Skull
28” to 30” adjustable length plus 2” drop pendant

This gorgeous long amber necklace features four genuine amber beads with silver plated filigree accents, with a Quartz Crystal Skull drop pendant dangling from an ornate silver plated filigree bead, all on an adjustable length silver plated chain.

Price $ 60 (S&H $6.95)
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Hi, I received my necklace today. It look really beautiful. Thank you.(read more testimonials)


Princess length Crystal Skull necklace
with Amethyst

Princess Length Quartz Crystal Skull Necklace
with Amethyst

Length: 17-19 inches, plus 1 inch drop

This stunning princess length necklace features a clear quartz crystal skull pendant with 5 round amethyst beads. Silver-plated chain is adjustable from 17" to 19", plus a 1" drop.

Price $ 45 (S&H $6.95)

Amethyst is the stone of intuition. It opens the crown and third eye chakras to receive clear guidance and intuition, connecting one with the divine. Amethyst facilitates communion and communication with one’s guides and with higher realms of consciousness. Amethyst also creates a bubble of protective light around you.

more about the beneficial properties of Amethyst


I have received my necklace and I love it.,
(read more testimonials)


Pyrite crystal Skull Pendant with 24" Chain

Pyrite crystal Skull Pendant with 24" Chain

1/2 Inch Pyrite Pendant

This pyrite crystal skull pendant has a decorative silver-plated bail, on a 24” inch silver plated chain (although it could also be worn on leather, cord, or any chain).

Price $ 30 (S&H $6.95)


Pyrite is a highly protective stone, blocking and shielding you from negative energies from people, places and things. Pyrite creates a golden energy field within the aura that deflects all kinds of negative vibrations (including pollutants), and protects one on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels. Pyrite promotes psychic development and is excellent for divination, particularly for scrying by candlelight. Pyrite attracts good fortune, prosperity, material abundance and wealth. It is a wonderful stone for manifestation.

more about the beneficial properties of Pyrite


I just received my rainbow chakra necklace with the two little skulls.  It is even more beautiful than the picture.  I am looking forward to wearing it tomorrow.  Thank you so much.

I really love the energy from Amar. These crystals really nourish my soul.
(read more testimonials)


Black Obsidian crystal skull necklace
with Peridot & Filigree

Black Obsidian Crystal Skull Necklace
with Peridot
& Filigree
Adjustable 20" to 22" with 1.75 inch drop pendant

This stunning silver toned necklace features 5 faceted black obsidian round beads, 5 round peridot beads, 3 gorgeous silver toned filigree beads, with a black obsidian crystal skull.

Price $60 (S&H $6.95)
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Peridot helps regulate the cycles of life, and can project you into a new life cycle if you are stuck. It helps one to release old negative patterns and embrace the new. Peridot is a visionary stone that can help you discover your destiny or purpose in life. It opens one up to new challenges and adventures.  It is also believed to ward off evil spirits.

more about the beneficial properties of Peridot



Hi - it arrived today! Sweet little necklace and lovely energy. Thank you.(read more testimonials)


Labradorite & Quartz Crystal Skull
Princess Necklace

Labradorite Crystal Skull Princess Length Necklace
17” to 19” adjustable with 1 1/2" drop pendant

This stunning princess length necklace has a 1 ½ inch drop pendant with a Labradorite Crystal Skull, with labradorite faceted beads and silver toned accents, on an adjustable silver plated chain.

Price $50 (S&H $6.95)


I received the second package from you today and as expected, the jewellery is truly lovely.  Such wonderful energy!  The labradorite pieces are a gift for my daughter for Christmas and I'm sure she will be surprised and delighted.

It has always been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to returning for more.   Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place.   In love and light, (read more testimonials)



I really adore your entire site! I received my neckless and it's gorgeous. The craftsmanship is excellent and we I am always pleased. My fiancé is awaiting his first skulls now and he's so excited after seeing mine:) thank you do much! . (read more testimonials)



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These crystal skulls were specially activated in a ceremony with Amar, the rare Tibetan crystal skull that has been used in Tibet for healing and divination. They have also been activated in the presence of an authentic Mayan crystal skull that has been used in ceremonies for healing, fertility and prosperity.


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