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I feel that the Rainbow obsidian is so powerful. Sometimes I am learning truths about things that have been a little hard to hear, but all the necessary for me to know.

I wanted to increase my possitive flow of energy, and get rid of some of the negative low energies that have been dragging me down. So far it has helped me so much!

I was even empowered enough to really speak my mind at a group meeting and when finished I was applauded by the people who I never expected to be receptive!

Thank you for your quality of crystals... and the website that is so helpful and detailed in choosing the correct skull for each individual.

With much gratitude,
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I love this guy so much...Yesterday I discovered his name is Mike. :) He's my partner, somehow. My equal. He says I'm very safe and protected. And guided. And taught. etc etc . . all those good things all of my skulls have done and continue to do for and with me.

The green velvet glow is the most amazing thing ever. It makes him seem very alive to me. My grandson was here yesterday, and we took Mike out on the deck and stood in the sun, watching it pull in the different colors. It seemed to pulse somehow. I love it.
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Thank you again, for magnetizing such amazing skull Beings to you, and to the gateway you provide, for them to find us.
it's always such an honor to work with you, and with these magnificent crystal beings.

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Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skulls


The Magic of Obsidian

Obsidian has been used by shaman and ancient people for centuries; it is found in places where there is a volcano in the vicinity of water, such as in Mexico. Obsidian artifacts have been found at nearly every Mesoamerican archeological site - it was considered one of the most precious materials in early Mesoamerica. Obsidian was revered by ancient cultures and was one of the major materials used for barter and trade - it was particularly prized for its ability to be worked into powerful tools and blades to suit any purpose.

Black Obsidian is most common, but there are several other varieties whose magic appears when light is at play, displaying some of nature's most beautiful art. For example, the two photos below show an amazing rainbow obsidian crystal skull - the first photo is taken in regular light, and the second photo is taken in direct sunlight:

In sunlight the full magic appears from the hidden beauty within the stone which is mesmerizing.


Rainbow obsidian and velvet rainbow obsidian have concentric rings of color throughout the skull, sometimes appearing in the face and back of the skull, and sometimes appearing on both sides of the skull. The large Rainbow Obsidian crystal skulls have been carved by a master carver who has made it an art to bring out the full beauty of the waves of color in the face, highlighting the eyes and all the facial features with magnificent and intense color. These are the highest quality rainbow obsidian crystal skulls available.

All of the rainbow obsidian crystal skulls are highly polished, and draw you in deeply for meditation or crystal gazing. The intense colors bring in very high frequencies of energy:
is the color of healing, especially of the heart - it promotes wealth, prosperity, safety and vitality.
BLUE is the color of truth, loyalty and self-expression; it promotes peace, calm, wisdom, insight and self-mastery.
PURPLE is the color of royalty, mysticism and the Divine; it promotes higher consciousness, divine guidance, spirituality and intuition.

Yeah man, I am absolutely loving my new skull family Brought them all to Sedona for intense meditation practices at the Vortexes Incredible experience and going to go back again soon.  Especially the Rainbow Obsidian named Jasper is a totally out of this world unique being :). (read more testimonials)


Note: the highly polished black surface of obsidian makes it very difficult to photograph as there are lots of reflections - these reflections of light create white marks in the photos that do not actually exist on the crystal skull itself unless specifically noted in the description. Also, the rich and intense colors of the rainbow sheen cannot be adequately conveyed in photos, and are far more vivid and breathtaking in person.


Blue Velvet Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull

Blue Velvet Obsidian Crystal Skull   
Approx. 11.5 Oz (.32 Kg)
L: 3.4" W: 2.2" H: 2.7"

This 3.4-inch orange-size Rainbow Obsidian crystal skull has unique blue/green/gold velvet sheen all over, especially throughout the face, with golden rings in the eyes that give it a sense of smiling! The blue/green velvet sheen continues through the back of the skull, with some violet. It has some tiny white dots that are typical of rainbow obsidian (although the white marks in the photo above are reflections of light and do not exist on the skull). It is highly polished, and nicely carved, in a style that has it slightly tilted back so it looks up at you allowing the sheen in the face to catch the light.

Price $ 400 (S&H $12.95)

(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)


3.5" Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull

Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull   
Approx. 14.5 oz (.4 Kg)
L: 3.5" W: 2.2" H: 2.6"

This stunning orange-size 3.5-inch Rainbow Obsidian crystal skull weighs almost a pound. It has glowing emerald green sheen throughout the left side with rings of blue and violet. The right side is covered in glowing rings of emerald green, teal, blue and deep purple, including in the teeth. It is highly polished, with a unique carving style with large eyes that are great for scrying. The rich and vivid sheen is totally different on both sides, and is completely mesmerizing to look at!

Price $ 400 (S&H $12.95)

(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)


Green Velvet Obsidian Crystal Skull


Green Velvet Obsidian Crystal Skull   
Approx 4 lbs (1.8 Kg)
L: 5.75 " W: 3.25 " H: 4.5"

Exquisite green velvet obsidian where the entire face is emerald green. There is also a gorgeous circle of emerald green at the back. This velvet obsidian crystal skull is very rare to find, especially in this large size. The eyes are absolutely mesmerizing, and glow with light!

(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)

Price $1700(S&H $34.95)

Obsidian is an excellent stone simply to have around to absorb and transform the negative energies into positive. Obsidian supports purification, transformation, inner growth, fulfillment, metamorphoses, manifestation, introspection, practicality, psychic ability and correct use of inner power.


5.3" Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull

Velvet Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull   
Approx 4.7 Lb (2.1 Kg)
L: 5.3" W: 4" H: 4.4"

This is one of the most incredible rainbow obsidian crystal skulls we have ever seen. The right side has concentric circles of blue velvet with gold swirls. The left side almost looks like petrified wood, with swirls of deep purple, mauve and green. The entire crown has alternating stripes of green and black, going from the front to the back. It is truly exquisite!

Price $ 2000 (S&H $34.95)

(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)



6" Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull

Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull   
Approx 6.6 Lb (3 Kg)
L: 6" W: 4.2" H: 5.3"

This beautiful large melon-size rainbow crystal skull weighs over 3 kilos (6.6 pounds). It has gorgeous swirls of blues, greens and golds throughout both sides of the skull that are bright and vivid in the light.

Price $ 2200 (S&H $44.95)

(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)



10 Lb Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull

Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Skull   
Approx. 10 Lb (4.6 Kg)
L: 8" W: 5" H: 6"

Wow! There are almost no words to describe this outstanding life-size 10-pound Rainbow Obsidian crystal skull... The white area you see in the photographs along the brow and the nose are actually sparkling silver sheen that looks like stunning glitter through the face! The eyes are rings of deep purple, teal and emerald green, and these magnificent rich colors continue throughout the face, and in velvet rings through the back of the skull. It is beautifully carved and highly polished, with a silver line on the crown. It is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary Rainbow Obsidian crystal skulls we have ever seen! Photos don't even begin to do it justice - it is absolutely breathtaking.

Price $ 4000 (S&H $59.95)

(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)


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We also feature other variations of obsidian such as Black Obsidian, Silver Sheen Obsidian and Golden Sheen Obsidian.

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These crystal skulls were specially activated in a ceremony with Amar, the rare Tibetan crystal skull that has been used in Tibet for healing and divination. They have also been activated in the presence of an authentic Mayan crystal skull that has been used in ceremonies for healing, fertility and prosperity.

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