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New Book by Joshua Shapiro

Book - Journeys of Crystal Skull Explorers - Shapiro

Chapter summary for Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers
courtesy of co-authors Joshua Shapiroand Blue Arrow Rainbow


( The book begins with a story – it starts during the time of the Mayans in Mexico in the 16th century as the Spanish Conquistador are beginning their invasion and looking for a “Talking Skull”. The story moves to our modern time where we see a crystal skull has recently been unearthed in a Mayan ruin after being hidden for almost five hundred years. The skull calls to a young man, whose soul was the one to hide it in this distant past. The skull has arrived just in time as our world is threatened by a deadly disease that only the crystal skulls can help to cure … )


Chapter 2 – What are the Crystal Skulls?

( In this chapter we take a quick look at the material of which comprises the crystal skulls -- quartz crystals and discuss their properties. We define the three different types of crystal skulls known to exist in our world {ancient, old and contemporary}. And finally we offer a brief history of some of the key moments that have occurred around the crystal skulls from the 18th century till present to bring them into the public’s attention. )


Chapter 3 – The Ancient and Old Crystal Skulls

{ Chapter 3 introduces our readers to a few of the ancient and old crystal skulls that are known in the world presently. We provide a physical description and history, and offer comments from the guardians or owners where possible. The main crystal skulls that
we discuss include (the type of quartz is in parenthesis):
ANCIENT: MITCHELL-HEDGES (Clear), “AMI" (Amethyst), "ET" (smoky quartz), "MADRE" & "RAINBOW" (Clear), "SYNERGY" (Clear)



Chapter 4 – Contemporary Crystal Skulls,

The Caretakers
( Next we take a look at the newly made crystal skulls also known as contemporary crystal skulls. Here we hear from seven owners {or as we call them caretakers} of such skulls to compare their stories and experiences versus the older ones. You will meet Marion Webb-De Soto from England, who has written the first book that focuses upon this type of crystal skulls. Additionally we hear from two individuals who have more than 80 skulls in their personal collections as well as from a famous Polish healer who works with a skull at times in his practice. Lastly DesyRainbow talks about her personal crystal skull, known as “Mozes of Peace” and Joshua introduces his 10 lb. smoky quartz skull, “Portal de Luz”. )


Chapter 5 – Contemporary Crystal Skulls,

The Carvers
( This chapter introduces our readers to three very special and talented carvers who have the rare gift to create a crystal skull. We hear from Carey Robbins in Oregon who has carved several human-sized skulls including a movable jaw. You will meet one of the special carvers that work in Brazil who has personally made over 1000 crystal skulls of all sizes. Lastly, you will meet “Moonhawk”, who has been trained in the traditional ways to carve a skull that provides us a completely different orientation about what the
crystal skulls represent to the indigenous people and their keys to activating them. )


Chapter 6 -- Our Personal Adventures with the Crystal Skulls(with Joshua and DesyRainbow)
( Chapter 6 is our opportunity to share with the readers our most treasured stories and experiences with the crystal skulls. Joshua focuses about his experiences with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull; “Ami”, the amethyst skull, “ET” {a human-sized smoky quartz skull} and various visits with the British Museum Crystal Skull {including a very rare and private one with Desy}. In addition, he speaks about the three journeys he has taken to Peru searching for a Blue Crystal Skull inspired by an inner vision in 1990. This chapter finishes with Desy’s experiences at the Wolf Song Gathering in Holland in 1998, and her initial experiences with “Portal de Luz” and “Ami”. Finally she shares her experiences with two of the special skulls that “Moonhawk” works uses for performing the sacred chants {that have been handed down over many generations} with groups. )


Chapter 7 -- Personal Experiences and Insights with the Crystal Skulls
(from various sources)
( The goal of this chapter is to provide an idea of the type of experiences that can happen to a person who has contact with an ancient crystal skull. Here we hear the stories of various people from different parts of the world about what happened to them
while they were visiting or had contact (at times indirectly) with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, “Ami” and “ET”. The chapter finishes with a few stories around our crystal skull, “Portal de Luz” and the possibility of the existence of a gigantic crystal skull
that may exist at the center of the earth? )

Chapter 8 -- The Indigenous Views of the Crystal Skulls
( Some researchers believe that if there is a group of people that live on our planet who perhaps truly understand what the crystal skulls are all about, this can be found within the various indigenous cultures. Some of these tribes {or nations} not only may have been guarding some very old crystal skulls for a long time but also have a prophecy or oral traditions {that have been passed down from generation to generation} which discusses the crystal skulls. Thus you will find in this chapter comments from seven different Native American sources from North America and a few other sources that provide the perspectives from the Mayans, Toltec and the Inca. )

Chapter 9 -- Crystal Skull Research
(Past, Present & Future)
( Chapter 9 could be one of the most important parts of this book. It contains a review of different scientific research that has been conducted prior to the year of 2000 by various individuals and groups. Then the remainder of this chapter, our longest, focuses upon our involvement in various experiments and tests utilizing a number of electronic devices. This research was conducted on behalf of the World Mystery Research Center {located in Holland and the U.S.} as we tried to understand more about the energetic effect the crystal skulls are having upon people who have contact with them. Additionally, we take a look at some secret codes or information we uncovered related to the skulls and how a crystal skull can affect the energy within a crop circle.)

Chapter 10 -- Crystal Skull Theories
(What is the Purpose of the Crystal Skulls? Who Created the Ancient Skulls and How were they Made?)

( Our final chapter takes a deep examination of various ideas and theories that different people and organizations have about: Why the crystal skulls were created and What might their ultimatum purpose be, especially as is related to the near future. We hear
the perspective of a few crystal skull researchers as well as psychics or spiritual channels who have worked with a crystal skull. Next, we take a look at the possibility of the existence of a special set of 13 crystal skulls that work together. There are many individuals who have a strong feeling about such a set of skulls and it has been
discussed within various oral traditions of the Native Americans. We also look at a story told that this set of skulls might have originated from a very advanced civilization that lives inside of our planet (The Hollow Earth). We also review the ideas given in former
chapters to answer the three questions above based on the information we have received from our indigenous sources or from personal experiences of people who have made contact with an ancient skull. )


Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Crystal Skull Resource Section
B.1 Caretakers of Ancient and Old Skulls
B.2 Crystal Skull Carvers and Sellers
B.3 Caretakers of Contemporary Crystal Skulls
B.4 Crystal Skull Researchers
B.5 Miscellaneous Contributors for the Book
B.6 Contributors for Scientific Research
(World Mystery Research Center)
Bible Code Researchers
Crop Circle Researchers
B.7 Indigenous Contributors for the Book
B.8 Internet Resources
B.9 Crystal Skull Books

Appendix C: How to Work with a Crystal Skull
(Personal Techniques and Exercises)
( This appendix focuses upon our suggestions about how the reader can select the right crystal skull for themselves. We also share our process that we used to activate our own crystal skulls (one that our skulls indirectly taught us). Other topics discussed in
this chapter include a simple system for protecting yourself from negative energy or thoughts and we discuss a bit more about the etheric crystal skull energy network. We provide some suggestions of how to prepare yourself when it’s your time to meet in person an ancient crystal skull and what are the differences between these older skulls and the newer ones. )

Appendix D: Bible Code Research with Moshe Shak
( The complete analysis and study done by Bible Code Researcher, Moshe Shak, supporting his information given in Chapter 9 that the “Bible Code” verifies the crystal skulls are powerful artifact used by ancient cultures in the past. )

How to Order Your Copy of “Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer(s):
If you would like to get your own copy of the first version of this book, the e-book edition, there are a few on-line stores which still carry it. This version of our book is in an electronic form (or e-book) and requires a copy of Adobe Reader® or Adobe Acrobat® in order to read it. It is over 500 pages and includes many colored photographs and illustrations with tables. Additionally another edition of the e-book was released in 2006 by the Filament Book Club that can use an e-book reader (also shown below). The
printed enhanced edition (without color photos) is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2007 (please contact or email us for additional details).

Places to Order the Adobe E-book version:
Diesel E-books ( [ internet link for book ]
Ebookmall ( [ internet link for book ] ( [ internet link for book ]
Powell’s Books ( [ internet link for book ]
To Order for special E-book reader:
Filament Book Club ( [ internet link for book ]
Printed Version 2007 500+ pages:


Originally back around 2003 this book was made available as an ebook. The intention is now to release an updated 'printed 'version. If you cannot wait for the new updated version, there are still some vendors offering the older ebook edition. The best offer for Joshua Shapiro's "Journey of the Crystal Skull Explorers" at this time is from this vendor.

Journeys of Crystal Skull Explorers

Joshua Shapir

Journeys of Crystal Skull Explorers - Shapiro
Pub. Date: 2008
Review Rating: *****
"includes newest information and research about crystal skulls"
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Secrets of crystal skulls revealed, including ancient crystal skulls, 13 crystal skulls, mayan crystal skull. Featuring Joshua Sahpiro, NEW BOOK : JOURNEYS OF CRYSTAL SKULL EXPLORERS

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