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BOOK : Adventures

by Joky van Dieten & Jill Gurr

A rare personal account from a guardian of truly ancient crystal skulls. Joky van Dieten is a real spiritual adventurer and pioneer - there is no one else like her! Be prepared to be awed and inspired.

Book - Adventures Ancient Crystal Skulls

For years, people have been waiting for Joky van Dieten to publish her story about her extraordinary life and her journey as the guardian of the Ancient Crystal Skull ET, one of the few known truly ancient crystal skulls in the world - that book is finally ready for you.

"Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls" is an inspirational memoir by Joky ("YOH kee") van Dieten, guardian of the Ancient crystal skull ET and a collection of significant crystal skulls that have been examined by experts and exhibited as important artifacts in a museum in Europe.

Joky van Dieten is a real spiritual adventurer and pioneer - there is no one else like her! She was one of the first female race car drivers in Europe, driving for Ferrari, whose racing career ended after she survived a life-threatening accident. Her adventures led her to travel the globe to bring together one of the world's most important collections of significant and ancient life-size crystal skulls, whose stories are as fascinating as Joky's own life story.

After Joky astounded doctors by healing herself of a brain tumor with the help of the ancient crystal skull ET, she traveled all over the planet so many people could have extraordinary experiences with her amazing crystal skulls.

Be prepared to be awed and inspired by her book, by her life, and by her powerful crystal skulls!

Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls

Joky van Dieten & Jill Gurr

van dieten-crystal skull book
Pub. Date: 2013
Review Rating: *****
"astonishing inside look at the life of a crystal skull guardian"
You can also experience the energy of the Van Dieten Crystal Skull Collection by owning your own ET energized crystal skull

" I did purchase her book and loved reading every minute of it" . (read more testimonials)


From the back cover:

Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls is an inspirational memoir by Joky ("YOH kee") van Dieten. She shares stories about her fascinating journeys around the world, and the spiritual awakening that transformed her life.

As a child, she helped her father hide from the Nazis. Joky was one of the first female Ferrari race car drivers in Europe. She became an international celebrity after surviving a horrific accident. Joky defied the doctors' predictions of death or disability when she realized that her own belief system controlled her body.

Her family overcame a terrible tragedy. Joky journeyed to many exotic places and sailed with her husband and kids on a renovated minesweeper when a dangerous woman broke up their marriage. While fleeing back to the Netherlands, she had to save herself and her children from being kidnapped.

She was spiritually guided to buy an ancient crystal skull called "E.T." Joky miraculously recovered from a malignant brain tumor with help from her artifact. An extraordinary phenomena occurred with the crystal skull that was related to this. More ancient crystal skulls magically came to her.

She is now the guardian of a "crystal skull family" with twelve skulls. Some have mystical, paranormal and therapeutic effects on people and animals.

Coauthor Jill Gurr shares her own experiences with Joky's crystal skulls, as well as others. She provides valuable information and resources so that you can further explore these extraordinary artifacts to discover their unique capacity to connect with each one of us.

Take this motivational journey to learn how the crystal skulls can unleash your power and creativity. Best Buy on Amazon

"I have just finished reading a very exciting book, Adventures With The Ancient Crystal Skulls by Joky Van Dieten and Jill Gurr. Joky has a very exciting life and her quest for a crystal skull is absolutely fascinating.  I would highly recommend this book, couldn't put it down when I started it! 

After reading the book, I decided to purchase a small smoky skull (ET and Joky's  collection).  I was surprised at the energy connected with it.  This little one packs a strong balancing energy.  I even decided to purchase another one, slightly bigger, and am looking forward to receiving it.  It is my New Year's present to myself.  You can tell I am a skull enthusiast!  (I also have your other skulls from Amar, etc. and love them all.) 

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your promoting her book and the skulls.  There seems to be a lot more interest in the subject and I think 2014 will bring more skulls to the surface.
(read more testimonials)



Joky is no longer able to travel with her crystal skulls, so her family made a special arrangement with to energize a select group of crystal skulls with the Ancient Crystal Skull ET and with Joky's entire collection of crystal skulls - these energized crystal skulls include crystal skull pendants that come in a pack of 3, and crystal skulls in all sizes in various stones that correspond with the skulls in Joky's collection, including quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz, black obsidian, red jasper, aquamarine, lapis, etc.


"i just finished Joky's book - Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls, this book is fantastic !!!
I love the life story of Joky, and gratitude that i have chance to have ET energized skull, can feel the energy of ET and Joky.. it's so amazing !!! "

(read more testimonials)


Ancient ET Crystal Skull at the center of the Collection
Energizing Crystal Skuls For Sale

Ancient Crystal Skull ET
Energized Crystal Skulls for Sale
Rare Blue Moon - Pyramid Activated

For the first time, a group of crystal skulls has been specially selected to be energized with the ancient crystal skull ET and the entire crystal skull collection of Joky van Dieten that consists another 9 large significant crystal skulls. These crystal skulls have been energized and activated in a full size pyramid during a rare Blue Moon. These are the only ET energized crystal skulls available for sale in the world today.

This special blue moon activation took place in a full size pyramid (photo above: full moon at apex of pyramid).

See the only
ET energized crystal skulls
available in the world today

I wanted to thank you SO much for my ET (and friends) energized brecciated red jasper skull! I've looked at ET's image many times and wondered just what that energy would feel like in person, and now I know - it is absolutely amazing. Not only is the skull incredibly beautiful to look at, it's also a total powerhouse of energy. From the moment I took him out of the box, I could feel him vibrating through my hand and into my body. I feel so fortunate!

I have a huge family of spectacular crystal skulls. Most were energized with Amar and Cana Ixim (amongst others). I also have several Synergy energized skulls, and now my gorgeous ET energized skull. And your site led me to every one of them.

Thank you so very much! My life would not be the same without these phenomenal companions. I tell everyone I know who is interested in crystals about your site! .



The Van Dieten Crystal Skull Collection Includes :


Size: 11 lbs / 4.99 kgs

ET crystal skull

Stone: Smoky Quartz

Origin: Guatemala

Features make it look like the skull of an extraterrestial (alien) being

Official Website

Photo Credit

ET- Energized Skulls Sale


Baby Luv

Size: 16 lbs / 7.2 kgs

Baby Luv crystal skull

Stone: Rose Quartz

Origin: Ukraine Region

Found in the early nineteen hundreds in a burial mound in the region of the Ukraine by an old Russian monk

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET and Baby Luv



Size: 5.8 lbs / 2.6 kgs

Oceana Crystal Skull

Stone: Beryl

Origin: South America

Was passed from one tribe to another, ranging from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia & Brazil

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET and Oceana


Darth Vader

Size: 5.6 lbs / 2.5 kgs

Oceana Crystal Skull

Stone: Black Obsidian

Origin: Germany

The only contemporary crystal skull in the Joky van Dieten collection that was carved in 1926 in Idar Oberstein, Germany.l

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET and Darth Vader


Magnificent Fire

Size: 4.6 lbs / 2.1 kgs

Oceana Crystal Skull

Stone: Jasper

Origin: Columbia

Found in a cave near Citadel Saphadana near Rio d'Oro

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET & Magnificent Fire



Size: 4.4 lbs / 2 kgs

Oceana Crystal Skull

Stone: Quartz

Origin: Nepal

From a monastery in Nepal.

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET and Clouds



Size: 4.4 lbs / 2 kgs

Oceana Crystal Skull

Stone: Lapis Lazuli

Origin: Amazon

Handed over by a Peruvian Inka tribe.

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET and Mansur


Shui Ting Er

Size: 10.8 lbs / 4.9 kgs

Oceana Crystal Skull

Stone: Amazonite

Origin: Mongolia

It was discovered 140 years ago by a Chinese archeologist.

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET and Shui Ting Er


The Jesuit

Size: 4 lbs / 1.8 kgs

Oceana Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Americas

Thought to have a connection with St. Francis of Assisi

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET and The Jesuit



Size: 6.2 lbs / 2.8 kgs

Janus Crystal Skull Joky Van Dieten

Stone: Smoky Quartz

Origin: Montenegro

Handed down in Montenegro from king to king

Official Website

Photo Credit

Crystal Skulls energized
by ET and Janus


"I have been collecting crystal skulls since 2009 and like pretty much the idea of being a crystal skull guardian. Now, I have a dozen of skulls from different kinds of stones that I mainly purchased through your website. I placed them in different places at home, at my office. Now, they are all in my bedroom and make me feel I,m the thirteenth skull!

I am actually in vacation in Mexico and felt the urge to communicate since I have read Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls. For me this book is like a piece that completed a puzzle. I am so happy to feel this connection to Joky  with her stories, travels, life and skulls and with Jill experiences.

So, I wish you you a wonderful year 2014. I will continue to enjoy your crystal skulls alerts. And as Joky,s book end, I will continue to explore, follow my instincts, listen to my inner voice and be true to myself.." . (read more testimonials)


13 Crystal Skulls

joky van dieten

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