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Sugilite Crystal Skulls

Sugulite Crystal Skull

Sugilite is a very rare stone that is only found in Japan or Africa, and it is extremely rare to find sugilite crystal skulls.

Sugilite is considered one of the most important love stones, representing spiritual love and wisdom that opens and aligns all the chakras to love. It facilitates physical and emotional healing, and is known to relieve pain and discomfort of all kinds. It dispels negativity and anger, and creates harmony. Sugilite helps channel energy through the physical body, enhancing creativity and one’s ability to create on all levels. It is a very powerful stone for channeling and for enhancing intuition and psychic powers.


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Metaphysical Properties Of Sugilite:

Emotional Benefits:

Sugilite protects against, absorbs and dissolves anger, hurt, and unwanted energies. It enhances belief in oneself, and negates feelings of lack. It encourages positive thoughts, alleviating sorrow, grief and fear, and it aids forgiveness by eliminating hostility. Sugilite teaches and protects in matters of love and spiritual quests.

Mental Benefits:

Sugilite brings peace of mind and well being, and helps to alleviate depression and stress. It helps bring understanding to negative circumstances by revealing what is truly happening, and why it is out of balance. It is excellent for meditation to bring the mind and spirit into attunement – it balances the mind, body and spirit. It also helps to balance right and left brain function. Sugilite teaches you how to live from your own truth. It imparts the ability to face unpleasant conditions, encourages positive thoughts, and releases emotional turmoil.

Spiritual Benefits:

Sugilite enhances psychic abilities and connects you with your Spirit Guides. It opens the mind and subconscious to higher influences, allowing you to become one with your higher self. Sugilite enhances the development of spiritual awareness, and is a powerful stone for promoting channeling ability and intuition. Sugilite brings light and love to the darkest situations, clears disappointments and relieves spiritual tension. It opens the chakras and brings them into alignment with the flow of love. Sugilite helps you follow your dreams. It assists in connecting the physical to the spiritual, and helps you understand the spiritual reasons for the lessons you encounter and accept the lessons for what they truly are.

Physical Benefits:

Sugilite brings light into the physical body and heart for healing. It is said to strengthen the heart, aid in physical healing and reduce stress. It can balance adrenal, pineal, and pituitary glands. Sugilite is excellent for relieving pain and discomfort at all levels.

Environmental Benefits:

Sugilite is used in Feng Shui in the Center direction for balance, and in any area where there needs to be a shift or transition. Sugilite can help anyone "integrate" into the world and into new surroundings.

History and Lore:

Sugilite is a powerful stone used by healer’s to gently draw out pain of all kinds (holding sugilite against the forehead is known to relieve headaches). Healers have used sugilite to release inflammation, stress, dis-ease, toxins, and emotional blocks. Placing sugilite on the third eye can alleviate despair. Sugilite is also used by healers for dyslexia and motor disfunction, and light-colored sugilite is used to purify lymph and blood.

A Special Note about Cleansing Sugilite: Some sugilite contains hematite (shiny dark silver color). Hematite cannot be cleansed in water or salt. Sugilite is so full of energy that it never needs to be charged. Click here for properties of Hematite.

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These crystal skulls were specially activated in a ceremony with Amar, the rare Tibetan crystal skull that has been used in Tibet for healing and divination. They have also been activated in the presence of an authentic Mayan crystal skull that has been used in ceremonies for healing, fertility and prosperity.

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Sugilite crystal skull

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