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Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR at Medicine Lake (Mt. Shasta)

The Crystal Skulls are presenting themselves in the world today as we move from what the Ancients call the 4th world into the 5th world. The 5th world is one of Crystal Vibration. Our human genetic blueprint is in the process of changing, and our Earth is changing as well. We must raise our vibration in order to ascend and adapt to the frequency of the 5th world. The more we raise our vibration, the easier the transitions will be.

Crystal skulls help raise our frequency and vibration from the outside in; the AMAR Crystal Skull Vibrational Gem Essence can help raise your vibration and frequency from the inside out.

Testimonial: "I have just received the Q'ero skull pendants and the Skull essence drops. Wow! The Skull gem Essence is like drinking liquid light, I felt inclined to offer drops to all my skull family and they loved it!. Thank you for your service and thank the Crystal Skulls for their Service to all of Humanity and Countless Souls on Earth and All Universes."
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Our bodies are made up of water, as is our planet. In the 1930’s Dr. Edward Bach discovered how to imprint and hold vibrational patterns in water, a process that is highly valued by healers all over the world today, especially with his vibrational flower essences.

Vibrational essences are water that has been energized with specific frequencies and vibrations – in this case, the energy or “essence” of the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR has been infused into the AMAR Vibrational Gem Essence by a master herbalist. Every step of this infusion process was done with the highest intention and vibration.

The Amar Crystal Skull Gem Essence was created at Medicine Lake, California, on the back of Mount Shasta with the purification of the first snowfall. This was just after AMAR had received the ancient Karpay energy transmissions of light from a high priest of the Q’ero (the last descendants of the Inca from Machu Picchu, who had just performed sacred ceremonies at Mount Shasta).

The AMAR Crystal Skull Vibrational Gem Essence has been charged with high frequency crystalline water with medicinal biodynamic organic brandy as a preservant.

Amar Crystal Skull  Gem Essence

AMAR Crystal Skull Essence
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I love the Amar essences. I use it in the water I drink and I can really feel a big boost in my vibration. I also like to put it on my hands before I do some of my energy work and before working with my skulls and handling them. Its just a great tool to renew and boost energy and I love how many different uses there are for it. This is definitely something that I will continue to keep in my life. Thank you for providing such quality tools to help me in my journey. So much love! :) (read more testimonials)

In the 1990’s, Dr. Emoto’s “Hidden Messages in Water” clearly demonstrated how water responds to vibrational energies. Crystals are water that has crystallized over millennia, with quartz holding the highest frequency and vibration. Since our bodies are made up of water, when our bodies take in these high vibrational gem essences it changes the frequency of our energy field. 

This imprinted water then raises the consciousness and vibration of each cell, supporting the ascension process. A crystal skull vibrational essence is essentially a “shortcut” in the process of ascension.

The gem essence is fantastic and works very well - an exhalant etheric and metaphysical sincere amplifier.
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According to Marza Millar, master herbalist and creator of the AMAR Vibrational Essence: “Amar holds one of the highest crystalline forms of energy due to the years in Tibet, as well as the clarity that this beautiful Crystal Skull holds. Taking the Amar Gem Essence helps raise your receptivity to the new crystalline vibrations coming into the Earth, while it also helps ground your energy body in the wisdom of the Ancients. As we raise our vibration, we also change our health, our lives, and our very core of human existence in this powerful time of change on the planet.”  

Marza Millar is a powerful medicine woman who has wildcrafted herbs since she was 5 years of age, having been taught by her father, a member of the Yavapai tribe of Sedona. She collects rare plants and flowers from the deserts, the mountains, and even the islands of Hawaii for her herbal medicines. For more information, please contact Marza Millar at


Huge THANK YOU for Amar and Cana Ixim essences!!! I use couple drops of each every day for myself and my teenage son (his morning tea). I feel energized, depression goes away and I am more aware (I feel more in my body, grounded). I can write a lot about how great it is for my consciousness and wellbeing. It was a reason I ordered 3 more. I also added several drops of each essence in my rose water for energizing my crystal skulls.

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Testimonial: "I'm still exploring the Amar and Cana Ixim essences, but I can say I have noticed a difference. In meditation, it is much easier for me to still myself and connect to All That Is. The essences have definitely helped to raise my vibration. And, I gave my skulls (except the hematite ones) a nice long bath in water infused with both essences...they LOVED it! Afterward, even the room seemed brighter, colors sharper. I also feel more deeply connected to my skulls. Thank you for offering these essences! "
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Instructions for using Gem Essences

Crystal Skull Gem Essences hold the essential vibrational energies of either The Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR, or the Mayan Blue Jade Crystal Skull CANA IXIM. Each contains high frequency energized water preserved with the highest quality biodynamic organic brandy. You can work with both Crystal Skull Gem Essences together or separately to energize yourself, your crystals, your crystal skulls, and even your pets, your plants, your home or workplace. Crystal skull gem essences can raise your vibration from the inside, creating a shortcut to ascension and higher consciousness.

The AMAR Crystal Skull Gem Essence holds the energies of the Divine Masculine, and the loving energies of the Tibetan monks who worked with this crystal skull for healing and divination. Working with the AMAR Crystal Skull Gem Essence can raise the frequency and vibration of anything it touches, creating peace, harmony and healing on all levels. The AMAR essence can open you to receive higher guidance, wisdom, clear vision and enhanced intuition. It holds the frequencies of the full light spectrum, increasing the vibration of the light around it. The AMAR Crystal Skull Gem Essence was created from the waters of Medicine Lake at Mount Shasta, after AMAR had received the light codes of the ancient Karpay ceremonies of the Q’ero (the last descendants of the Inca high priests of Machu Picchu).

The CANA IXIM Crystal Skull Gem Essence holds the energies of the Divine Feminine, and is powerfully healing, especially for women. CANA IXIM means “Lady of the Corn” - to the Mayans, corn was life itself. This Mayan Blue Jade Skull was used in ceremonies for healing, for abundance, for fertility and birth, and for prosperity. Blue Jade was considered more valuable than gold, and this skull has rare Mayan glyphs carved in relief which are foundation glyphs that appear on Mayan temples. The CANA IXIM Crystal Skull Gem Essence can heal and open the heart to give and receive pure love. It can promote truth, clarity and self-expression on all levels, and connect you to the wisdom of the ancients. It can enhance the energies of prosperity, abundance and fertility, helping you to create and manifest what you desire. The CANA IXIM Gem Essence was created in the healing waters of Hawaii near a 2,000-year-old temple that is still used for sacred ceremonies.


- You can put a drop of one or both of the crystal skull essences directly on your crystal skulls to infuse them with the energies of the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR, and/or the Mayan Blue Jade Crystal Skull, CANA IXIM.

- You could put a few drops of the essences into a bowl of cool water (not too cold or hot) and bathe the crystal skulls in this energy overnight, particularly under a full moon. (Skulls containing metal like pyrite, hematite or metallic nuummite should not be placed in water – instead, you could put a drop of gem essence on a piece of paper and put the skull on top of it).

- You can place a drop of either one of the Crystal Skull essences, or both essences, in the palm of your hand, and rub your palms together. Then hold your crystal or crystal skull in your hands, and imagine that they are receiving the vibrational energies of AMAR or CANA IXIM, raising the frequency of your crystal skull and raising your frequency at the same time.


- Put a few drops of Crystal Skull Essence in a glass of water; drink the water slowly with intention to raise the frequency and vibration of every cell in your body to its optimum level for your highest good. (Dosage: 5 drops to 2 ounces of water)

- You can also put a drop of either one of the Crystal Skull Essences, or both essences, under your tongue to receive the potent concentrated energies of the essence (it does contain biodynamic organic brandy as a preservant)

- Place a drop of Crystal Skull Gem Essence on your heart, third eye and crown before sleep or meditation to open you to higher frequencies of vision, guidance, wisdom and illumination.

- You can put a drop or two of the essences in the palm of one hand, then rub your palms together as you breathe, receiving the energies of AMAR or CANA IXIM into your body (many people are not aware that the palms are chakras, or powerful energy centers in the body for giving and receiving energy and healing). You can then cleanse and purify the energy of your aura and your body by stroking your hands all around you, as if you are brushing away dust from your hair and clothes.


- Put a few drops of the essences in a spray bottle, and use it to spray plants, or gently spray pets, or spray it in your home or workplace to raise the frequencies of the energies (particularly wherever or whenever there is disharmonious energy).

- Put a drop of Crystal Skull Gem Essence in the corners of your home, your room, your property, or your office, to create a vibrational field of higher consciousness, peace and protection.

The applications are virtually limitless, so trust your intuition to guide you... we’d love to hear your ideas and experiences!


I have loved the crystal skull essence. I really wasn't expecting to have such a strong response to it. I have used it for watering my plants. I like to put it in my my palms and rub my hands together, I can totally feel the power and like to spread that vibration to other things like my skulls and pets and child.

My favorite thing to do is that instead of putting drops under my tongue I put drops in a glass of water and BOOM I can sense that it's activating each water molecule so instead of just a couple drops I feel like I'm drinking a whole glass of crystal skull essence. Then after drinking it I get a feeling of being blissfully happy and I can tell that my vibration has been raised and my intuition is raised as well.

I really just love all of the experiences I have had and will not live without this again! What an amazing tool to help me on my journey. Thank you thank you thank you :) (read more testimonials)


We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Amar essences :)
(read more testimonials)
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