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Is this the crystal Skull for you?

Interesting finds:

Huge 21 pound Exquisite Citrine Crystal Skull

This is a really beautiful citrine crystal skull with excellent color and clarity. The quality of the carving and of the citrine are exceptional, especially for such a huge skull - it weighs 9.8 Kg, which is a whopping 21.56 pounds!

We are being offered a very special price for this huge crystal skull, so we are able to pass this savings on to you - but it is too large for us to bring home, so this offer is only available for the next 24 hours!!

It is available to you at a most attractive price of $11,000 for this massive citrine crystal skull. If you want it, you better act fast because you are not likely to see a skull of this size and quality at this low a price - it is a phenomenal deal for such a stunning crystal skull.

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Unusual Crystal Skull Portrait

This unique crystal skull carving proves that two heads really are better than one! The artist has carved two skulls into a phenomenal natural citrine elestial-like point. It is both subtle and outstanding at the same time!

It is an ideal crystal sculpture to honor a couple or a famiy, or the arrival of a new baby. It emits an energy of love, and evokes a lasting bond that is literally etched in stone.

It weighs 5.07 kg (11.37 lbs), and stands about 15 inches high. The price for this unique citrine crystal skull carving is $2200. It is truly a work of art from a master carver.

Please inquire


Crystal Skull Totem

This is a phenomenal sculpture of 2 crystal skulls within a fantastic natural elestial quartz point that is over a foot tall. Elestials are known to connect lightworkers to ancient wisdom and knowledge to benefit themselves and the collective consciousness. It is truly a work of art from a master carver. This Brazillian carver is known for producing decorative masterpieces carved entirely from pure quartz crystal, including tables, chairs, lamps, columns, and other objets d'art. This carving represents eternal partnership that transcends time. It is truly a meeting of the minds, for now and forever, etched for eternity in "holy ice" - which is what the Ancient Greeks called quartz crystal.

D0910-Q-PT: Quartz Crystal Skull Totem   
Approx. 5.6 lbs (2.5 Kg)
15 " Tall - 4.25 " Wide - 1.5"Thick

(These are photos of the actual crystal skull you will receive)

Regular Price $ 1200 Save $ 300 this week only
Sale Price $ 900
(S&H $49.95)

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The crystal skull on top is more clear, and holds a more feminine energy. The bottom crystal skull is slightly larger and more masculine, with magnificent rainbows in the third eye and between the eyes and nose. They create a wonderful energy of unity and partnership together.





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