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For a pocket-sized skull, this Nuummite sure packs a punch! I've always been happy with my purchases on your website, and I'm so glad you've given everyone the opportunity to be exposed to such powerful beings. I can't wait for future meditations with my little Nuummie skull!!
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Nuummite Crystal Skulls

The Transformation Stone

Nuummite Crystal Skull


The Ancient Stone Nuummite is of volcanic origin formed about 3.8 billion years ago, making it one of the oldest stones found on Earth. It is also one of the rarest stones, as it is only found in one place in Greenland, and can only be mined during the thaw in the summer months. Very little Nuummite ever becomes available, and it is even rarer to find it carved into a crystal skull. Nuummite is named after Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. It is a striking black stone with sprays of bright iridescent flashes that look like fireworks or a meteor shower all over the stone. This flash usually comes in two varieties: multi-colored flash (with blues, greens, and gold tones) or gold flash (golden bronze tones) and very rarely, red flash.

Nuummite is a gem predominantly used to make jewelry because of its exquisite beauty, and also because it is so rare to have pieces of Nuummite large enough to carve a crystal skull. In fact, we are told that we have the largest Nuummite Crystal Skulls in the world, and they will never be available again in this size because the mine will never produce pieces of Nuummite larger than a baseball. We have access to the only source for genuine Nuummite Crystal Skulls in the world - please don't be fooled by cheap imitations that cannot compare to the beauty and power of real Nuummite! (scroll down to see how to spot imitation nuummite)

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Nuummite can be used to open, activate and integrate all of the chakras; it is especially beneficial for opening and clearing the heart chakra, as well as the third eye and solar plexus. It helps one develop self-mastery, confidence and self-acceptance, supporting one to love all aspects of oneself. It assists one to come into full power, and to recognize one's gifts and talents.

Professional intuitives have said that Nuummite skulls are the most communicative and “chatty” skulls they have ever worked with, and they offer clear and direct guidance. Nuummite skulls are far more powerful than anything else we have encountered, even more intense than Moldavite, but also more gentle.

When Nuummite crystal skulls are put together, you can feel the intensity of the power in the room. Nuummite also intensifies the power of other crystal skulls around it, and is an excellent addition to any crystal skull collection.

Nuummite is truly intense, and not for the faint of heart. Even the smallest Nuummite crystal skulls are very powerful, and perhaps not for “beginners” – however, they are also very gentle and loving, and extremely beautiful. They offer clear guidance for transformation, and greatly intensify your power of attraction and manifestation.


Metaphysical Properties of Nuummite

Nuummite has extremely powerful energy. It is a very protective shielding stone that can protect you and your home/environment from all kinds of negative energy on the physical, etheric and emotional levels.

Nuummite helps remove energy blocks. It clears and heals the aura, filling holes and repairing tears in the auric field. It harmonizes intellectual thought with psychic and intuitive wisdom, and supports inner vision and clairvoyance. It is helpful for grounding both the physical and etheric bodies, and it can draw energy from the etheric body to energize the physical.

On the physical level, Nuummite can be used for general healing of all kinds, including purifying the blood, supporting the kidneys, relieving infections, improving eyesight, and supporting the central nervous system.

Nuummite helps to clear and release self-imposed limitations and constraints. It supports one to prioritize and act upon what is truly most important. It is also a stone for grounding and manifesting wealth and prosperity on the Earthly plane.


A stone of personal magic and "Good luck"

According to Robert Simmons in "Stones of the New Consciousness":

"Nuummites draw upon the fiery energies of the Earth's core, and they offer us the gift of inner power. They can facilitate journeys into the depths of the psyche. Nuummite can aid in releasing energies trapped in the subconscious. It can help one recall and release fixated energies from childhood, birth or even past lives.

Nuummite may be used as a gazing stone, helping one move into altered states of consciousness. It can enhance clairvoyance and intuition. It can help one learn the language of the body and channel healing energies for oneself and others. It is a stone of personal magic that can increase the frequency of synchronicities and "good luck" in life. Nuummite facilitates efforts to transform ungrounded fantasy into magical reality. As a gifting stone, it signifies deep love, for it symbolizes the gift of sovereignty."



Nuummite Crystal Skulls

Nuummite is a powerful stone of transformation, and Red Flash Nuummite adds a huge degree of intensity. It ignites the energies of power and passion, fuels intention, and facilitates bursts of energy to move you forward on your desired path.

In essence, Red Flash Nuummite has the energy of rocket fuel, to propel you in the direction that you want your life to take, and to help you fulfill your destiny. It is a magnetic stone that attracts positive change and rapid growth.

This stone is only recommended for those who are really ready for positive change and transformation, and who are truly prepared to manifest their deepest desires - it is not a stone for beginners! Even the smallest Nuummite skulls are tremendously powerful, and the larger Nuummite Crystal Skulls are positively life changing!!

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How to make sure it is a real Nuummite Crystal Skull

Notice: Because of its rarity, certain countries are offering cheap imitation stones and calling them Nuummite. If it does not come from Greenland, it is not genuine Nuummite, because Greenland is the only known source for this magnificent stone. In fact, Nuummite is named after the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, which is where it comes from.

Some people sell Chinese "Nuummite" that looks like the material from a black granite countertop with square coppery flecks - some say that it has the same mineral content as real Nuummite, but claim that it is just a lesser grade and "not gem quality". The problem is that imitation Nuummite does not resemble the beauty, power and energy of genuine Nuummite from Greenland in any way! Please don't be fooled.

Don`t be fooled by imitation Nuummite
Chinese Nuummite
Chinese fake "Nuummit" looks like black granite with sparkly copper colored flecks as seen in kitchen counters


The bigger skull nuummite skull I received nearly two weeks ago from you is stunning! I have also baught 2 weeks earlyer an other "nuummite" skull from someone else, but now I've seen your quality I have doubts about this other skull.

I'm very disapointed in this other supplyer of mineral and skulls...after seeing the real nuummite from you. I am very gratefull with the nuumite skulls I received from You! they can not be compared with this other quality, but you can easily be fooled!!

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Real Nuummite with Multi-Color Blue Flash like Fireworks



Nuummite is a very black stone that often has areas of iridescent flash like matchstick shaped fireworks – these are usually in either gold tones or multi-colored blue/yellow/green, and occasionally this flash can even be red or bronze colored. Nuummite can also have a metallic matrix throughout the black stones, either in a silvery nickel, or a golden pyrite, and sometimes a combination of the two with some rust colored elements – metallic Nuummite can come with and without flash. Very rarely, the black Nuummite will be encrusted with red rubies, which usually don’t have any flash.

I was fairly sure i would like the nuummite but now it is here it is incredible, the flashing so much stronger than labradoriite
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Nuummite comes in several varieties that are all dramatic, powerful and beautiful:

Black with multicolor flash – blue, yellow and green flash, like matchstick fireworks
Black with gold flash – dramatic gold or bronze flash, excellent for manifestation
Metallic Nuummite – black with gold pyrite and/or silver nickel creating a metallic sheen
Black with red ruby – the rarest of them all, red ruby encrustations, usually without flash

Real Nuummite with Gold Flash - Powerful for Manifestation


Nuummite Crystal Skull Jewelry

This is the only jewelry in the world featuring genuine Nuummite Crystal Skulls, designed and made exclusively for There is only one source in the world for genuine Nuummite skulls, and they have told us that we will never be able to get Nuummite Crystal Skull pendants or Nuummite Crystal Skull beads again.

We have two styles of necklaces with real Nuummite Crystal Skull pendants - one with leather and one with silver-plated chain. We also have a leather bracelet with a genuine Nuummite Crystal Skull. Each of these pieces is enhanced with pyrite.

Nuummite is a stone of transformation, and pyrite is a stone that attracts abundance and prosperity – both are also extremely grounding and protective.

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A BIG "Thank You" for the Neuumite skulls you have selected on my behalf. They are both mesmerising and have such loving energy, including the rest of the other radiant skulls I ordered. The package arrived at noon today. Your packaging is very professional and careful. (read more testimonials)


Advisor Crystal Skulls are crystal skulls that speak to you directly! A powerful and proven tool that allows you to receive instant guidance from your crystal skull.
Click Here for more on Advisor Crystal Skulls

Clear Crystal Skull Advisor Pendulum with round Nuummite bead

Self-Mastery, Confidence, Self-Acceptance. A Stone of personal magic, increasing frequency of synchronicities and "good luck"

Price: $44
(S&H $6.95)
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I did receive my Muummite crystal skull today. It is amazing. I fell in love with my crystal skull right away. Thank you very much for delivered it to me safely. (read more testimonials)


Message from the Guardian of AMAR

WARNING: Please DO NOT order a Nuummite crystal skull if you are not ready for profound change and positive transformation in your life!


I have been a professional psychic and crystal healer for over 20 years and have worked with all kinds of crystals since I was a young child. I have never encountered a crystal as powerful as Nuummite, and I am in absolute awe of this extraordinarily beautiful and very rare stone – it is so exquisite that it defies words to describe it. And when Nuummite is carved into a crystal skull… it has a power unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

So how powerful is Nuummite? I started carrying a 1.5” Nuummite crystal skull in my purse when we first discovered it, and I called it “Numie”. Within 2 weeks, I found the most amazing house that was beyond what I could have dreamed of, at a price that was half of what it was worth, in an entirely new city hours away that I was guided to but had never been to before. After 20 years of living in the same house that my family had owned since the 1930’s – a house I never thought I would ever leave – I was guided to buy this amazing new house in one day! I was rubbing my little “Numie” when I heard it say: “New Me!” I realized that this little Nuummite skull was a powerful stone of transformation, and my life has gotten better and better every day in every way since I’ve had it. It is the only crystal skull that I carry with me everywhere I go. I am indeed a “New Me” and happier than I have ever been.

I have received the stunning beautiful Nuummite Crystal Skull, its very calming smoothing energy's coming out of it, I called the skull Galaxy.
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Received Nuummite and Labradorite Crystal Skulls today, and they are exquisite! (read more testimonials)


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I received the multi nummite skull first, thinking I could order just one skullie despite being intuitively told to order a pair. When he arrived he was upset because I did not order a partner for him. I was hoping he would find a partner to his liking amongst my many other skullie friends, but He told me no one was like him, which was true. Most of my skullies are quartz variations. None of my quartz skulls ever insisted on a partner, so this was a suprise. He could not be consoled, which bothered me...being sensitive to the energies of crystals.

I ordered another nuumite skullie in the gold flash because he told me that is where I would find the partner. MD, you so kindly intuited which of the skulls available was a match. During the period of waiting for the partner to arrive, he was very patient. He felt contented, and even got the chance to look around a bit and get to know his new home(without constantly obsessing over being partner-less).

When the gold flash arrived, he wanted to sit next to it with his eyes angled a little towards, as we do when talking to each other. This is how they spend the nights on my nightstand. I carry them during the day, tho in separate pockets so they don't damage each other. They both seem happy

Yin has joined with Yang. It seems you have correctly intuited the partner!! Zama has found someone as old and as powerful as he...a worthy partner. Thanks so much for the help with these two!

One can learn something new just about everyday when working with crystals, and especially skullies. Once we carve the crystal into the basic shape of the resonant cavity which is the human skull, consciousness grows and they can develop strong personalities.

You are correct in saying nuumite transforms your life. I was already being transformed from the moment I ordered the first skull, and it will continue I'm certain, lol. They are both beautiful !!
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Since the small (-in proportion but great in presence-) nuumiet skull arrived with a rainbow over my house in october, many good things have happened and dreams that seemed unreachable mountains are showing roads to their realization.(read more testimonials)

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These crystal skulls were specially activated in a ceremony with Amar, the rare Tibetan crystal skull that has been used in Tibet for healing and divination. They have also been activated in the presence of an authentic Mayan crystal skull that has been used in ceremonies for healing, fertility and prosperity.

For additional information you may call me at 1 800 663-6463 or email me directly at .
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