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Stephen Mehler, MA

Crystal Skull Researcher, Egyptologist,
and Rosicrucian Research Scientist

Stephen Mehler

Stephen Mehler has been involved in crystal skull research since 1979. What sets him apart is his background as a research scientist and credentialed archaeologist and pre-historian, specializing in the area of ancient cultural artifacts.

While crystal skulls are a passion of his, Stephen's major work lies in the field of Egyptology, and more specifically in bringing to light the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, or Khemit which is the ancient name for Egypt, meaning the black lands, so named because of the black silt deposited by the banks of the River Nile which made it so fertile that people fought to occupy the region.

One of Steven Mehler's first jobs was in the research department of AMORC -the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis - which is entrenched with Egypt.  The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is the only museum in the world with buildings constructed in Ancient Egyptian architectural style; it houses the largest exhibition of Ancient Egyptian antiquities in the Western USA.

It was there, back in 1979, that crystal skulls entered his life, sparking a path that would connect with many of the major players in the field. His rich experiences are described in detail in the book he wrote with colleague and publisher David Hatcher Childress.

In essence  “The Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals to Man’s Past” is 2 books in one offering lots of photographs, many of which you will not find anywhere else. The first part of is written by David Hatcher Childress on the topic of the Maya and Olmec Civilizations and their connections to crystal skulls; the second part of the book is written by Stephen Mehler focusing on crystal skulls. This section includes great photographs, engaging stories, personal anecdotes, and a compendium on crystal skulls.

The Crystal Skulls : Astonishing Portals to Man's Past

David Hatcher Childress &
Stephen S. Mehler

Crystal Skulls - Book Mehler
Pub. Date: 2008
Review Rating: *****
"offering lots of photographs, many of which you will not find anywhere else"
for more info on this crystal skull book click here

Many people think that The Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals to Man’s Past is one of the best books on crystal skulls. Here is a sample testimonials:

"I have collected almost every book on Crystal Skulls and this is by
far the best and most complete. It is loaded with beautiful color photos that are breath taking. It is by far my favorite Crystal Skull book and it is one I want to read again and again. The chapter on F.R. "Nick" Nocerino is worth the price of the book and more."

The book also recounts his association with Nick Nocerino, the world’s foremost crystal skull researcher and one of the pioneers in the field. At the 10-10-10 Legend of the Crystal Skulls Conference in New York City, Stephen Mehler introduced the newly established Nick Nocerino Award to Nick’s daughter, Michele Nocerino, who is carrying on the legacy and work of her father by becoming the present guardian of the ancient crystal skull Sha Na Ra.

Stephen Mehler has also written other books covering Khemitology, the study of Ancient Egypt. He has been fortunate to work closely with indigenous wisdom keeper Abd El Hakim Awyan (Hakim for short) who also earned a degree in archeology and became one of the first official Egyptologists.

Perhaps one of Hakim's most far-reaching legacies is his participation in the documentary film series called The Pyramid Code that used pioneering ideas, backed by real scientific research, and some imaginative thinking, to bring a new light to Egypt’s amazing technologically advanced and enlightened past.

Hakim also mentored Stephen Mehler, who labored to redefine the field of Egyptology as Khemitology, with the publication of "Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology".

Whether covering the topics of crystal skulls or Egypt, Steven Mehler is an informative and entertaining speaker, with frequent appearances on Coast to Coast Radio. Stephen Mehler was one of the first people to encounter the Ancient Crystal Skull “AMI” and the Ancient “Mayan Crystal Skull”, whose whereabouts are now a mystery. His vast experiences with crystal skulls over the past 3 decades have given him many fascinating stories to tell.

If the possibility arises to explore Egypt with Stephen Mehler as a tour leader, you will comprehend a new Egypt, and see it for its true power place.

You can contact Stehpen Mehler and read more about him here

13 Crystal Skulls

Stephe Mehler

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