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Largest Crystal Skull in the world

Are you Destined to be the guardian of this crystal skull?


(photos taken at carver's studio in Brazil)

This colossal crystal skull called AKATOR is absolutely awesome to behold. The larger the crystal, the greater its power, and the power of this crystal skull can be felt across great distances.

The chances of ever seeing another crystal skull of this size are very slim, because it requires an enormous block of high quality crystal many times larger than the final carving. There are few carvers who could or would work with the challenge of carving a crystal skull of this size, and it takes a master carver to produce one of this fine quality. It took an 800kg rock of Brazillian Smoky Quartz to carve this 144kg crystal skull.

For those who would be looking at this crystal skull as an investment, the carver Leandro, is recognized as a true artist and one of the best crystal skull carvers in the world. The prices for his carvings continue to rise exponentially, so this crystal skull in particular will increase in value as one of his masterpieces.

Some may want to keep such a powerful piece working privately for you, while others may revel in the glory of its size, and the attention that it can garner from the world media, and from public admiration and curiosity. If desired, this crystal skull could have you immortalized for posterity in various publications (possibly including the Guinness Book of World Records).

This colossal crystal skull is carved of one massive block of high quality Brazilian Smoky Quartz. While it may appear dark in some photos, it is actually quite transparent. It becomes positively luminous as one shines light through it, and will change colors depending on the color of the light involved, which amplifies its power for profound healing work.

Whether it ends up in the hands of a healer, or in a corporate office or lobby, or in a gallery or museum, this stunning masterpiece will be a powerful beacon and a focal point for attention and intention. Everyone who experiences this enormous crystal skull will naturally benefit from the powerful metaphysical properties of smoky quartz:


Mental (& Meditative) Enhancement:

Promotes positive and pragmatic thought; dissolves contradications; promotes concentration and eliminates difficulties with communication; alleviates nightmares and manifests your dreams; facilitates clearing the mind for meditation and moving between alpha and beta states.


Physical (& Healing) Enhancement:

Because smoky quartz is naturally iradiated, it is excellent for treating radiation related illnesses or chemotherapy; assists elimination and detoxification on all levels; provides pain relief in healing; effective for ailments of the abdomen, colon, digestive system, hips and legs; relieves pain, including headaches; benefits the reproductive system and the heart, muscles and nerve tissue; dissolves cramps, strenghthens back and fortifies nerves; regulates liquids within the body; strong link with earth and base chakras; antidote to stress.


Emotional (& Sexual) Enhancement:

Releases all that no longer serves you; relieves fear and depression; brings emotional calmness; aleviates suicidal tendencies and ambivalence about being incarnated; aids acceptance of the physical body and sexual nature; enhances virility and cleanses base chakra so passion can flow naturally; dissolves negative emotions.


Spiritual (& Psychic) Enhancement:

Grounding and anchoring; raises vibrations during meditation; assists in tolerating difficult times; fortifies resolve; neutralizes negative vibrations; excellent for scrying to give clear insight and to neutralize fear of failure; dissolves energy fields that have been generated from negative thought forms, anger and resentment; powerfully protective; enhances contact with otherworldly dimensions.


Environmental (& Global) Enhancement:

Blocks geopathic stress; absorbs electromagnetic smog; promotes ecological solutions; brings in positive vibrations to fill the space; heals the earth.


Professional (& Success) Enhancement:

A stone of co-operation; stimulates the unification of energies working toward the same goal; diffuses communication deficiences; dissolves mental and emotional blockages which limit perception and learning; regulates creativity in business; encourages astute purchasing.


Price: $100,000+
The carver has had a vision for a spiritual piece of land as a sanctuary to birth future crystal skulls, and to reunite crystalline souls. We are informed that the land has now come forth - your transaction will go directly to him, we are simply providing a service.





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