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SACRED Mayan Crystal Skull

Spreading Mayan Wisdom to the World


Sacred Mayan Crystal Skull

Mayan Crystal Skull: IXCHEL
Weight:   19 lbs
Measurement:  L: 8.25 inches W: 5.5 inches H: 5.75 inches
Origin: Guatemala

Mayan Green Jade

One look into the mesmerizing eyes reveals the intensity of the power of this sacred mayan crystal skull. The carving on this skull is truly unique and draws you into the skull itself. This Mayan Crystal Skull has the unusual characteristic of being an 'active' skull, meaning that it has powerful energies - which is probably one of the reasons why you can even feel it at a distance, even through a photograph.

According to its original steward: "Her name is "Ixchel" and she is carved of Mayan green jade. At 19 lbs (8.6 kg) it is large like an actual human head [the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in comparison weighs just 11.9 lbs]. Its approximate dimensions are 8.25 inches in length, 5.5 inches in height and 5.75 inches in width. (Length: 21 cm Width: 14 cm Height: 14 1/2 cm)".

This sacred Mayan crystal skull has been involved in powerful healings. Jade is known for its healing energies, and also for holding the energy of creating and attracting prosperity, good fortune and well-being. To the Mayans, jade was more valuable than gold.

Mirador - Peten - Guatemala

The following is a direct translation of the history of this sacred Mayan crystal skull:

History of the sacred Skull “Ixchel“

"The skull is called Ixchel and was found near the Mirador in Peten - Guatemala. Mrs. Maria recounted that when she was adolescent, she always accompanied her mother into the forest to collect firewood and wild fruits. One of these times her mother could not accompany her because she was ill with malaria so it was up to her alone to collect the firewood.

Because the previous night there had been a severe storm, she had to enter deeper into the forest and suddenly she saw a small bird of many colors that walked, as if it was hurt and was able to fly short distances only. Because she was a curious girl, she wanted to take hold of the bird to take it home. So she chased the bird through the forest - when she was close enough to catch the bird it flew again and It seemed to wait until she got close again, to repeatedly take short flights.

She thinks she walked for about half an hour until she found herself near a small cliff where there was a waterfall. The bird passed through the waterfall as if It was a curtain of water and she followed it via a small path. Behind the waterfall there was a very great cave as if it were a church, and all inside It was very fresh and dry. The waterfall did not let see of inside from outside nor of outside inwards, but everything was very clear as if the water illuminated the place.

The small colorful bird sat on a stone and when she went to take the bird it turned into the sacred skull 'Ixchel' and a sweet but energetic voice said that its name was "Ixchel", and had been waiting for her, on that precise day, in the perfect universe, that with mutual aid, it could attract water, give fertility to the women, heal diseases, grant necessities, provide relief/relaxation, change the spirit of mankind, bring good moon for the harvests. And that in exchange for the mutual assistance it would grant her a long life, full of joy, love and health and that the day that she would pass on, as God would call for her up, she would not encounter any suffering, but would simply remain asleep and her body would be transformed towards the light.

Returning into the forest already with the skull Ixchel on her back and without feeling its weight, she found firewood prepared as if it had been gathered by somebody else, so she collected it and returned home. From that instance the force of Ixchel helped change very many lives, healing innumerable patients, from fever to diseases that nobody could cure, enabling spiritual healings, giving hope to oppressed/depressed lives, making forests alive again, filling with a wonderful energy all beings who called it forth. So recounted Mrs. Maria, according to her relatives, that there does not exist anything in this earth, in this earthly world, that Ixchel cannot clean, heal, or fill with its powerful energy.

Her grandsons mention that Mrs. Maria one night kissed each one of them on the forehead and she went away to sleep like every day. The following morning they found it strange that she did not rise, because she was one who always rose before all. Upon knocking on the door and not obtaining an answer, they pushed open the door and there she was Mrs Maria as if she was asleep with a smile in her face and her gray hair shone like the moon. She passed away as prophesied, peacefully, at the extraordinary age of 118 years. Since then nobody has taken the place of Mrs. Maria although many people still ask for her."

According to present Mayan Shamans (translated from Spanish), "Ixchel possesses a truly powerful energy, full of light and spirituality, able to realize 180% changes in the life's of those people that ask".

Museums would pay great sums for a sacred Mayan skull of this size and quality. However, the wishes of the original family were that they did not want this very special healing crystal skull  to be imprisoned behind glass in a museum, because crystal skulls lose their power and energy and effectively "die" under those circumstances (like being in a coma). They want Ixchel to continue to do its work and to share its phenomenal healing power with the world.

Those who have seen this crystal skull have declared it to be an amazing treasure, not just because of the quality of the carving, but because this crystal skull also emanates tremendous light and power. This is not always the case with ancestral objects that may hold residual energy of sacrificial rituals rather than healings. This crystal skull's destiny has always been to heal many, even if its guardian is not necessarily a healer.

Mayan Crystal Skull: IXCHEL
Weight:   19 lbs
Measurement:  L: 8.25 inches W: 5.5 inches H: 5.75 inches
Origin: Guatemala

Mayan Green Jade

New Guardian Has Been Found


Special note concerning this Mayan item:

First of all, know that does not set the base price on these items- we serve as a conduit through which new guardians for these sacred power objects are sought. We assist in searching for the next guardians based on positive energy of the item and the spirituality of people involved - therefore we simply provide information that is passed on to us so you can better determine if this crystal skull is calling you.

In general we believe that:

The crystal skulls are resurfacing at this time on Earth to spread their power and energy throughout the globe in order to raise the consciousness of humanity. Some Mayan Shaman recognize that the time has come for the sacred power and wisdom of the Mayan people to spread outside the Mayan Lands, and that new caretakers must be found around the world for some of the sacred power objects like the crystal skulls. This is their gift to the world and to the future of humanity. The past must inform the present in order to save the future.

Although does not set the base pricing on these crystal skulls, we have been asked to find a spiritual-minded person that will appreciate these sacred Mayan artifacts for what they are. Such items are unearthed and come into the present at the time when we are ready to receive their gifts.

In summary we believe in a Universe grander than ourselves and we also listen to its guidance. The reason for this crystal skull to resurface at this time and in this way, may never be known to us but we must trust it is in its own perfection.

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