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The Art of Scrying with
Crystals and Crystal Skulls

How to do scrying

Scrying, also known as crystal gazing or crystallomancy, allows one to see psychic visions or impressions in a particular medium, such as a crystal ball or polished black surface such as black obsidian or golden obsidian or a scrying mirror. Scrying is a powerful psychic tool. It can bring hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability and can act as a portal to other planes of existence.

For centuries, many cultures around the world have used scrying techniques for divining the past, present and future. History shows its use in many of the traditional mystery schools and oracular temples, and Nostradamus used scrying with a bowl of water to foresee the future. This powerful tool is now even being used for therapeutic purposes, as Dr. Raymond Moody has utilized scrying techniques to allow people to access an altered state of consciousness so they can connect with the spirit world and departed loved ones.

Scrying is the art of gazing into or upon a crystal (or a dark mirror-like surface such as polished obsidian), allowing the physical eyes to relax, and letting the inner psychic eyes open to receive desired visions or information. Scrying tools allow one to achieve the state of mind required for entering trance, acting as a focal point for visualization, which can become a doorway into the astral plane. Scrying allows communication with higher realms, the subconscious self, and access to Akashic record (which contains the record of the soul, and information about All That Is, all that has been, and all that will be). Accessing the Akashic record can offer a vast source of timeless knowledge.

A clear crystal ball or clear crystal skull are wonderful tools for scrying, as are dark polished crystals such as obsidian. With scrying, a person has the ability to focus intent in order to receive visions and desired information. Scrying can provide a connection with one’s guides who can lead the scryer in astral travel and mental journeying through crystal gazing. Scrying develops one's clairvoyant abilities and is especially helpful in strengthening the third eye.

Scrying can be used to:

Receive clairvoyant visions
Access the Akashic Record for yourself or others
Contact spirits and spirit guides
Access knowledge from higher realms
Heal yourself and others
Receive and transmit energy and information
Divine the past, present and future
Access a portal to the astral plane
Experience shamanic journeying


  1. Choose to sit where you will be comfortable for at least 20 minutes. Make sure that you are in a quiet place where will not be disturbed or distracted.
  2. Create a sacred space in a dark room for your scrying session, with the only light being from a white candle or a dim light source behind you and below you. Place your crystal at a comfortable level in front of you so that the light is not reflecting into your crystal. (Some people may prefer to have two candles on either side of the crystal)
  3. Set your intention for the session of what you are seeking to experience.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize a bubble of white light completely surrounding you and your crystal. Imagine that the entire room you are in is filled with the light of love and protection. Visualize a circle of protection around you and know that you are safe and in control of all that happens within it.
  5. Call upon your guides, guardians and angels, and ask to be shown all that is for the highest and best good of all for you to see and to know. Feel your guides loving and supporting you on this journey.
  6. Ask to be given access to the highest levels of the Akashic Record. 
  7. Imagine your crystal filled with light and surrounded by light. Call upon the guides, guardians and masters of the crystal to guide you through a gentle healing journey to access all that you need and desire to know, to see and to experience.
  8. Once you are ready, close your eyes and begin to relax. Breathe slowly and deeply into your abdomen. With each breath in, feel yourself relaxing more and more. Each time you exhale, feel every part of your body releasing, relieved of all tension.
  9. Begin to breath rhythmically and fully; try a count of four in, hold four, release four; four in, hold four, release four and so on.
  10. Feel yourself entering a light trance surrounded by sacred space, removed from time and the material world. Silently call your guides, guardians and angels, thanking them for their love, guidance and protection, and reaffirm your desire, intention and purpose.
  11. Now open your physical eyes and gaze into the crystal; remain relaxed and do not hesitate to blink when necessary. Peer deeply into the crystal, or try relaxing your gaze and looking a few inches beyond the crystal. If working with a crystal skull, look deeply into its eyes, or turn it around and look into or beyond its cranium. Do not stare intently, but instead simply gaze into or beyond the crystal in a gentle manner, allowing your eyes to relax. Your eyelids may want to close halfway, which is fine.
  12. Create a conscious link between your third eye and the crystal by visualizing a ray of light coming out of your third eye and entering the crystal.
  13. Relax the focus of your eyes but remain alert. After a while, the surface of the crystal will begin to change and fade; a mist, clouding or fog may appear.
  14. Your inner eyes will now open, and your crystal journey begins. Remember that the inner eye sees inside the mind, through the imagination. Most people when scrying do not see the images appear with their physical eyes in the crystal, but see within the crystal and in the mind's eye. The crystal acts as a focal point, a gateway within. The images can morph into other images, they can be symbols, or they may be actual pictures of events – past, present or future. Try not to judge or control the images, just allow it to flow.
  15. Keep your mind blank except if you have a specific question to ask, then relax and allow the answer to appear and be shown to you.
  16. Do not scry for more than 20 minutes at first.


When you have completed your journey or the work you set out to do, begin to return to your body and ordinary senses. Breathe fully and deeply, and remain still until you feel you have completely returned. Feel yourself stretching into your body, embodying every cell. Now close your eyes and remember all you saw and felt during the scrying or journey. Review your entire experience mentally, and write it all down immediately.

To begin to see

This is a very important exercise to master if you are new to scrying or are having trouble receiving images. It will aid your "visual imagination," which allows your psychic and physical eyes to see clearly together. It promotes clairvoyant strength; it gives discipline and strengthens the inner eye so visions can come with clarity and ease.
Sit in front of your crystal and begin to imagine objects on its surface and within it, one after another. You should try to see these images clearly in the crystal with your eyes open, just as if they were there in reality. Try simple shapes or colors first. Hold onto the image of each shape, object or color one minute before dissolving it and going on to the next. For example, use a red triangle, a yellow square, a blue circle and silver crescent; see them appear in the crystal using your firm imagination. For best results, do this exercise every day for 15 minutes until it is mastered.


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