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December 21, 2012

crystal Skulls for a New World

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Our special December 21, 2012 Solstice ceremony began at the dawning of 12-12-12 and has continued through 12-21-12. Over 200 crystal skulls in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of stones, took part in our 12-12-12 ceremony, and most have remained in the special matrix that was created to anchor the energies for 12-21-12. This is a powerful time on Earth for raising the frequency and consciousness of all beings, and the crystal skulls have been holding the vibration for peace and ascension.

We arranged for Medicine Woman Marza Millar to fly in and help us with the numerous ceremonies that were performed throughout the day of 12-12-12, and in the days following and leading up to it. She was taught the medicine ways since the age of 5 from her father, who was of the Yavapai Nation of Sedona. Together with Marza, ceremonies were performed in different ways and in various places to bless humanity and the Earth, and to hold the energies for the Highest Good of All. The crystal skulls that were employed in these ceremonies will remain in place through 12-21-12, after which time these highly energized crystal skulls will be available to their new guardians.

Another powerful crystal skull matrix was created near this map on a large round table inlaid with semi-precious stones. This special matrix includes:

Large and Life-Size Crystal Skulls

  • 12 life-size Nuummite Crystal Skulls – the stone of transformation – at 3 billion years old it is one of the oldest, rarest and most powerful stones in the world. These large Nuummite crystal skulls were placed in an outer circle to facilitate and ground the energies of transformation for this world.
  • 12 life-size Clear Quartz, Citrine and Smoky Quartz crystal skulls were placed in a circle, interspersed between the 12 large Nuummite Crystal Skulls to amplify and further support the energies of transformation for this time on Earth
  • Himalayan quartz crystal skulls anchored the energies of the four directions, bringing the energies of higher consciousness, healing and compassion
  • Jewel-encrusted Himalayan Crystal Skull scepters served as conduits for the energies to flow out into the world – this is the same style of Tibetan crystal skull wand used by Mayan Elder Grandmother Flordemayo in her 12-12-12 ceremony, although these scepters are slightly larger and more ornate (2 are still available)
  • In the center of this circle is the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM, who continue to hold the energies of peace for mankind and healing for the Earth as we undergo the profound transformation that has been prophesized for millennia.
  • All of this was anchored by 4 colossal crystal skulls that are exquisitely beautiful; these 4 huge crystal skulls have been working in ceremony with us throughout this momentous rebirthing year of 2012. These spectacular crystal skulls were energized in a special full moon ceremony in February in the sacred lands of the Hopi. They came with us to prophecy rock, which is no longer accessible to outsiders because it is crumbling. These four crystal skulls were also energized in Sedona, as well as in a huge pyramid in another full moon ceremony. Having completed their work for the year 2012, we are told that it is now time for these four highly energized, powerful crystal skulls to find their new guardian(s), so were are offering them for the first time for 2013 They are truly amazing, magnificent, breathtaking works of art that will never be recreated again (and as a group of four, would serve as a stunningly powerful cornerstone for an organization, business, healing retreat, etc.). See the Master Crystal Skulls

All of these highly energized and activated crystal skulls will hold these energies in matrix through 12-21-12, after which time they are available for their new guardians to continue to work with and benefit from these powerful energies. These crystal skulls have been cleansed daily with rose water to feed the highest vibration of love to the Earth. They have been attuned to the highest frequencies to serve the Highest and Best Good of All.

Master Crystal Skulls

These 4 magnificent crystal skulls have completed their work with us anchoring many ceremonies for 2012. They are now ready to go to their new guardians and will be offered for the first time in our upcoming VIP alert December 28)


NEW Complimentary crystal skull Meditation


A Guided Meditation to Align and Raise your Frequency

This special meditation was recorded live within a full size pyramid under a rare blue moon and within a crystal skull grid with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR while energizing crystal skulls (including the largest Nuummite crystal skulls in the world - the oldest and most powerful stone on Earth) to support transformation and ascension beyond 2012.

This guided visualization is designed to align your chakras and attune your energies to the higher frequencies of the crystal skulls so you can commune with higher consciousness and receive higher guidance. This meditation also connects you with the crystal skull grid, raising the vibration of the Earth and all living things, while raising your own vibration to the optimal level to support your greatest joy, prosperity and wellbeing.

crystal skulls
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I really enjoyed your meditiation can't express it -don't have the words!!.(read more testimonials)




Many believe that crystal skulls are now proliferating to assist humanity through these times. This is a special message from the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR about fear of doomsday:

Message from the
Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR
about fear of doomsday

The Earth will not be destroyed – it is not her destiny nor her desire; she has Free Will and so it will not be allowed. Neither forces from within the Earth nor from beyond will be allowed to destroy her. Yes, she is sick, but she is still vital and beautiful. She needs to be loved, not feared. Your waves of fear are creating tsunamis; your collective imbalances are shifting the Earth’s axis; your constant abuse, neglect and indifference is depleting her. She IS your mother, and she NEEDS your love. All that is on the Earth is created of the Earth, and is sustained by her lifeforce.

The Earth will not end today, tomorrow, in 2012 or in your lifetime – FEAR NOT. However, humanity is another issue altogether. Humanity is at risk of destroying itself – this is not coming from external forces, but from repercussions and consequences of your own actions and inactions. The warnings have been made clear, yet you do not change. You speak incessantly of the Earth changes, yet you do little to change yourself in order to shift them. It is as if you see an accident on the road ahead of you, but you just keep steering right into it. This does not make sense.

We crystal skulls are here to raise the consciousness on Earth, to heal our mother Earth, and to help humanity to avert the disasters of its own making. We can guide you, help you, support you – if you listen. We can help you to rise above and to ascend to higher frequencies.

It will not be a comet that changes the Earth – you must commit to that change yourself. You keep looking for forces outside of yourself that could destroy you, but it is this constant fear and worry that will destroy you from the inside. Remember, fear is poison – it will paralyze you into apathy, it will rob you of your power and lead you to feel hopeless. Whatever you focus your attention on is what you will create and experience – and crystal skulls amplify and intensify that force of creation and attraction. Choose your thoughts wisely and focus well for the highest good of all.


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2012 Crystal Skull Power Jewelry

2012 is a year that has been prophesied by several cultures as the time of a new begining and crystal skulls may play an integral part in this new realization.

The number 12 has been held sacred since ancient times all over the globe - in fact, 12 is the base of measure for time itself (12 hours, 12 months, 12 zodiac)! Now you can harness the power of 12 crystal skulls to energize your own crystaline body - essentially you become the "13th " crystal skull. Available as necklaces or bracelets.

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13 Crystal Skulls

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