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Mayan Crystal Skull

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2012 Anchor CRYSTAL sKULLS

12-12-12 crystal Skulls for Beyond 2012

12-12-12 marks the opening of a gateway to a new dimension of reality that unfolds as we cross the threshold beyond December 21, 2012.

These very unique crystal skulls took part in a special ceremony for 12-12-12 with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM.



Atlantis Power Crystal Skulls Necklace

Immerse yourself in the energies of Atlantis!

These Crystal Skull pendants were placed directly underneath the Ancient Crystal Skulls throughout the events that took place on the "Crystal Skulls Return to Atlantis Cruise" so that these pendants would absorb all of the energies, knowledge and ancient wisdom that were present there. These Atlantis Power Crystal Skulls traveled throughout the Caribbean Sea, including the edges of the Bermuda Triangle and stopped at the island of Cozumel. There are many who believe that this area is where the Lost Continent of Atlantis was once located.

According to Jaap Van Etten, Phd., Crystal Skull Researcher and author of several books on Earth Energies, as well as on Crystal Skulls:

"… The Mayans believe that the area where Atlantis was located will especially be important. This area is mostly at the bottom of the sea. They also believe that when crystal skulls will be in that area they will be charged with energies that will help mankind on their evolutionary journey. Every crystal skull present in that area at that time period will be a carrier of these energies that will be available to support people and the process of change of consciousness.”

This is a different style of crystal skull pendant that we energize in special ceremonies - it is very handsome on men or women. These Crystal Skull pendants are carved from different stones with a hole drilled through them from side to side - they come on a 30 inch black cord and can be worn individually to benefit from the energy of each different stone, or all together for maximum energy and impact. They can also be used as ornaments or a talisman for energy and protection at home, at work, in your car, etc.

Set #1
Atlantis Power Crystal Skulls Necklace

Set #1 Includes one of each:

Blue Sodalite -self-trust; self-acceptance; self-expression; unites logic & intuition; deepens meditation; calms the mind; harmony; balance

Smoky Quartz – grounding; protection; transforms negativity; elevates moods; stress; depression; abundance; prosperity; good luck

Purple Goldstone - master healer; confidence; attain goals; calming; balancing; uplifting; vitality; courage; protection; grounding; conduit

Rose Quartz - attracts love; enhances self-love; promotes loving thoughts; peace and calm; heals heart physically and emotionally

Silver Sheen Black Obsidian - scrying; divination; mirror of the soul; enhances meditation; insights; uncovers truth; grounding; protection

Golden Tiger Eye - brings money; luck; confidence; courage; willpower; patience; determination; psychic protection; attracts helpful people

Silver Hematite - protection; deflects negativity; courage; strength; vitality; self-esteem; confidence; willpower; compulsions; calms stress

#1 Atlantis Power Crystal Skulls Necklace
Regular Price: $140(S&H $6.95)
Save $40 Sale Price $100


(for set of 7 skulls; each approx. 10 g
L: .75 " W: .5 " H: .75 ")


NEW Crystal skull Meditation

Journey on a crystalline stairway, through the crystalline gateway to sit in the center of 12 crystal skulls where you become one with crystal skull consciousness, and connect to all crystal skulls that exist in all dimensions.

The Mayan Blue Jade Crystal Skull Cana Ixim has rare Mayan glyphs carved in relief on top of the skull that represent the alignment with the Galactic Rift and the return of the Solar hero. This provided the ideal inspiration for this meditation, along with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR.



This guided visualization is a journey to become One with the crystal skulls and with the crystalline resonance so you can open the gateway to the highest frequencies, empowering you to create the reality that you choose for yourself and for your world. This meditation allows you to experience crystal skull consciousness for yourself, opening your third eye to receive clear guidance, wisdom and intuition. This visualization aligns you with with All That Is so you can fully embody your own power and greatness, raising your own vibration and that of the entire world.

This meditation will be available soon for sale.
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I have found your 'Opening the Gateway' free meditation one of the most powerful guided meditations I have encountered. It is amazing... I would like to listen to it often as it touches my centre deeply.(read more testimonials)


I did the meditation. Thank you very much. When I was communing with all the Crystal skulls infinitely beyond the twelve crystal skulls in your meditation, I felt so empowered. I saw myself happily moved into a home, with my guy. I saw myself helping with the Ascension and helping others on the Path, as a Light Worker, a Wayfinder, a Shamangelic-type. It was moving, and I began to cry. I began to say, "I am a skull whisperer," over to myself a few times. Then, the name "Ixtar" or something like that, came into my mind, and then I was holding a very large, very clear crystal skull. I walked away with it down the crystal steps. Hmm. Infinite Blessings back your way! (read more testimonials)



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The Magnificent Four – Master Crystal Skulls

Citrine, Rainbow Quartz, Clear Smoky Quartz, Dark Smoky-Citrine

These 4 magnificent larger-than-life-size crystal skulls are some of the most beautifully stunning crystal skulls we have ever seen. These are truly outstanding crystal skulls, not only for their colossal size and beauty, but also because they absolutely glow with light and energy.

These Master Crystal Skulls have been energized and activated in the sacred lands of the Hopi under a full moon, and in the holiest of holy places for the Yavapai in Sedona. These 4 huge crystal skulls (26 to 38 lbs) were also energized in a life-size pyramid under a rare Blue Moon, and they anchored the four directions in the special ceremonies for 12-12-12 and 12-21-12. We realize that not everyone can manage a crystal skull of this size, but you can still receive tremendous energies just by looking at the photographs… they are truly breathtaking!

Clikc here to see these Master Crystal Skulls,
along with all the activation ceremonies


December 21, 2012

crystal Skulls for a New World

All of these highly energized and activated crystal skulls will hold these energies in matrix through 12-21-12, after which time they are available for their new guardians to continue to work with and benefit from these powerful energies.

For those who feel called to bring these energies home, you will find them all listed here (starting at $20):



13 Crystal Skulls

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