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Mayan Crystal Skull MASK

Caretaker needed for ceremonial Mayan Mask

Newly Discovered Mayan Mask: Kemé

This is an original Mayan Ceremonial Crystal Skull Mask that has recently been discovered in an archeological site south of the famous Tikal region of Guatemala. The mask measures 14,3 centimeters (5.3 inches) by 11,3 centimeters (4.4 inches) width and consists of a rare green stone called "guatemalita" which is only found in Guatemala (traditional Mayan country).

This type of mask was utilized by the ancient Mayan shaman when they officiated ceremonies. They placed it over their face and transformed into "Kemé - el señor del inframundo" - a Lord of the Infraworld (which covers the Lower World: 9 earth layers of the Mayan Universe) with all its magic, energy, purity and power.

Mayan Mask


Simply meditating with these pictures alone gives you a glimpse of the amazing powerful energy of this Mayan masterpiece. During the recent Crystal Skull World Meditation, I focused on these photos of this Mayan Crystal Skull Mask which guided me to experience a phenomenal mystical journey that was unlike anything I have ever encountered before:

"At first I felt the rush of being the only one in the world of seeing it this way - then I realized the magnificance of the mask with its shape-shifting facial quality that could be used for either good or not. I have noticed this perceived duality in the past with other noteworthy crystal skulls.

But what was totally unexpected was what happened when I looked at the inner side of the mask. It's like this inside silhouette has captured the energetic imprint of those who have worn it before and has left an almost palpable residue of ancient wisdom. It's like the mask's interior served as a direct contact, a sort of conduit, to generations of Mayan Shaman.

Thinking it couldn't get any better, I was astounded at what transpired next. It is as if the mask pulled me in and I was able to see through its eyes, but as a timeless doorway - like seeing another world - perhaps even seeing what the ancestral Mayans saw. It is literally as close as you can get to time travel! - an absolutely amazing and unparalleled experience."


Ceremonial Mask


This is the information that we received pertaining to this mask from the man who is seeking its new caretaker (this is a direct translation from Spanish):

"In Guatemala, the Mayan funeral masks are rare but the ceremonial masks such as this one are even rarer. Each mask is unique, as it conserves the historical context in which it was created, and the transformations that it has witnessed. A measurement that we cannot underestimate is the essence of the artists or craftsmen who created it, since for the Mesoamericans, the artist is the link with the spiritual world expressed in his historical forms of symbols and images.

This mask symbolizes Kemé, a very special grandfather that comes to teach us the mystery of death and the dimensional doors that it opens. He also teaches us to transform what needs to be transmuted so that it can be reborn in harmony.

It says: Observe the stars…. From them you come to the Earth and towards them you will return when it is the moment for leaving. I open the door to travel to other dimensions - to other realities that are next to you but which habitually you do not perceive.

Grandgather Kemé gave the gift to comprehend death, not to fear it, as it is part of life. Everything that is born knows that it will die and it understands this well. Death is the end of a stage and the beginning of another one. With it opens a door towards the infinite from which we have come.

This grandfather Kemé brings the good wisdom of the spirits, those who descended from the stars, the Pleiades, so that we may remember the way for us to return home. Kemé also gives force to transform what we do not like in ourselves, or in situations in which we are living, and the power so that energy appears again harmonized.

Kemé facilitates communications with departed ones. Remember that night awaits you with this mystery and light - to enrich your life with these gifts."





Mayan Crystal Skull Mask Calling its Owner

This sacred ancestral mask was found approximately a year ago at an archaeological site south of Tikal, Guatemala. It has not been used by any modern person, seemingly maintaining its faithful and powerful ancestral energy.

A Mayan priest is presently in charge with its safekeeping until the ideal new caretaker is found. This search has now been taken out of the traditional Mayan heartland - perhaps with the intention of spreading greater Mayan awareness and more predominant world presence by finding a home outside of the traditional Mayan country.

The Mayan priest states that he has not received the permission for himself to use this mask in any ritual, because the ancestral representative powers of the mask are waiting for somebody suitable. It is likely that this mask is waiting for that particular person that may have actually previously used it in a past life - but who no longer resides in Mayan lands.

Mayan Mask (Mascara) : Kemé
Stone: Guatemalita (unique to Guatemala)

Weight: 2 lbs
Measurement: H: 5.3 inches  W: 4.4 inches
Origin: Guatemala

Guardian Found

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If you are called to be the new guardian for this crystal skull mask, send me an email me ( .

A note on Mayan items offered through this website:

First of all, know that does not set the base price on these items- we serve as a conduit through which new guardians for these sacred power objects are sought. We assist in searching for the next guardians based on positive energy of the item and the spirituality of people involved - therefore we simply provide information that is passed on to us so you can better determine if this crystal skull is calling you.

In general we believe that:

The crystal skulls are resurfacing at this time on Earth to spread their power and energy throughout the globe in order to raise the consciousness of humanity. Some Mayan Shaman recognize that the time has come for the sacred power and wisdom of the Mayan people to spread outside the Mayan Lands, and that new caretakers must be found around the world for some of the sacred power objects like the crystal skulls. This is their gift to the world and to the future of humanity. The past must inform the present in order to save the future.

Although does not set the base pricing on these crystal skulls, we have been asked to find a spiritual-minded person that will appreciate these sacred Mayan artifacts for what they are. Such items are unearthed and come into the present at the time when we are ready to receive their gifts. It is clearly evident that Mayan wisdom is resurfacing as a whole and at this time there is a desire to extend its footprint worldwide.

In summary we believe in a Universe grander than ourselves and we also listen to its guidance. The reason for this crystal skull to resurface at this time and in this way, may never be known to us but we must trust it is in its own perfection.

Note: Potential guardians of this sacred Mayan Crystal Skull Mask may be interviewed to determine whether they are truly aligned with its sacred purpose.


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Sacred Mayan Crystal Skull

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Mayan Crystal Skull Mask

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