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British MuSEum Crystal Skull Guide

BM skull Awakening the World

In general, a crystal skull energetically does not like to be enclosed in glass in a museum setting - however, the British Museum Crystal Skull ( "BM skull") seems to have an interesting 'mission'. 

It is rare for a crystal skull to have the opportunity to encounter as many people as the BM skull does.  Located in a major gallery of the British Museum in London, England, the crystal skull virtually records a constant parade of people from all around the world.

The British Museum was founded in 1753 as the first national public museum in the world, granting free admission to all 'studious and curious persons'. The museum supported the work of the famous explorer, F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, and he donated numerous artifacts and specimens to the British Museum (and to Museums of Oxford and Cambridge, etc.). Among his other adventures and exploits, F.A. Mitchell-Hedges became well-known for his discovery of the world-renowned Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, which he called "The Skull of Doom". The crystal skull which was later named after him was found on an archeological dig in Lubaantun, Belize, by his adopted daughter, Anna. What is most remarkable is that the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and the British Museum Crystal Skull have very similar features, except that the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull has a removable jaw.

In a secluded corner of Gallery 24, the British Museum crystal skull is virtually hidden in plain sight. The crystal skull is beautifully lit and serves as a beacon to those who are conscious of it, while remaining almost invisible to others.

Benches can be found on either side of the case containing the crystal skull, allowing for peaceful moments of contemplation and communion with this magnificent crystal skull.

This crystal skull has remarkable features, including very deep eyes that have unusual optic qualities. As we observed people coming and going, we could see their images projected in the back of the crystal skull, so that it seemed to be recording an impression of each passerby. This was truly extraordinary. As we looked down at the crystal skull, an image appeared between the eyes that alternated between a skull and a face, which could be clearly seen.

This is a very powerful crystal skull that seems to be drawing energy from those who give it attention, while also giving them energy in return. Over the years, many people have reported extraordinary phenomena in the presence of this crystal skull, including seeing it move, or hearing unusual sounds (often reported by guards at night). For this reason, it is not always on display.

This is an amazing real quartz crystal skull, yet officially the British Museum sadly calls it a "fake". This is because "modern" tool marks were found on this crystal skull, meaning that it was carved and polished after the invention of the jewellers wheel, so it was not a pre-Columbian artifact, as originally speculated. However, this crystal skull has been in the collection of the British Museum for over 100 years, and is most definitely a genuine crystal skull.

Regardless of when or how this crystal skull was carved, it is an extremely beautiful and powerful crystal skull, with features and phenomena not found in other crystal skulls. The deep eyes are truly mesmerizing, and the light that comes from this crystal skull is intense. It is far more stunning and clear in person than photos can convey (which is often true of all crystal skulls). The energy coming from this crystal skull is palpable, and it enjoyed sharing this energy with those who focused attention on it.




In a nearby room at the British Museum is the Rosetta Stone - a key to decoding hyeroglyphs that opened a new dimension in archeological and anthropological understanding of ancient Egypt... There are still many mysteries in this world, with crystal skulls among them - what might be the key for decoding the crystal skulls?


This is the direct link to the BM skull from the British Museum

You can also access the British Museum version of the scientific study they conducted, although you will notice no reference made to either the crystal skull Sha Na Ra nor Max, which were examined at the same time. These two skulls, SHA NA RA and MAX, were found not to show any evidence of modern tool marks, but apparently these findings did not fit their agenda and they refused to release these results - to the point that they denied that such testing ever took place, even though there are actual photographs that exist to prove it, such as this photo below with crystal skull researcher, F.R. "Nick" Nocerino.

FR ' Nick  '  Nocerino
Nick Nocerino at the scientific authenticity examinations
done at the British Museum
Photo shows (l to r) the Smithsonian skull, the British Museum Crystal Skull, MAX, and SHA NA RA

photo credit: JoAnn Parks

What should be considered a fake crystal skull?

British Museum

Size: 12.02 lbs / 5.45 kgs

British Musem Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Aztec / Europe

"Aztec Skull "
Reclassified from ancient to "old" after tool marks were found.

Official Website for "BM"

Photo Credit


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BM skull

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