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Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment

“Skulls have taken on an aura of magic and mystery like no other
crystal artifact. They excite the imagination and are an amazing tool for personal and planetary evolution if used with the right intention and metaphysical awareness.” —Judy Hall

In this book, crystal expert Judy Hall (author of the best-selling book series "The Crystal Bible") provides essential information on crystal skulls:
• What they are
• Where they are found
• Their role in legend and lore around the world
• The facts and the fakers
• How to use and communicate with a crystal skull
• Cleansing and Activating crystal skulls
• Physical and Psychic Healing, as well as Earth-Healing
• Scrying, Journeying and reading the Akashic Record
Also included in this book is an examination of the prominent “skull keepers” of the past 100 years

Judy Hall Book : Crystal-Skulls Ancient Tools

An interview with "Crystal Skulls" Author Judy Hall

Are the skulls just a New Age fad?
Indeed not, they’ve been around for thousands of years. But the time has come for them to share their wisdom, regardless of whether they are ancient skulls or not. They do want to usher in a ‘new age’ of expanded consciousness.

How did you come across them?

In 1976 in the Museum of Mankind in London. A lifesized
flawless crystal with more than a tinge of blue about it reached out and grabbed me. Its mesmerising eyes were alive with intense intelligence. It was a truly awesome experience. I gazed into it, watching an ancient civilisation going about its daily business. I thought I stood there for a few minutes, it turned out to have been almost two hours. I had been seduced.

But it took another forty years for me to begin to collect skulls. I’d met several over the intervening years. The lovely skull-keeper Edwin Courtney introduced me to his huge collection in the faded grandeur of a ballroom in a decrepit Bolton hotel. They lifted the gloomy atmosphere, but didn’t grab me. It took a visit to Glastonbury, the home of all things magical, mystical and downright weird, to get me hooked. Now I have an ever growing collection.

What is their history?

It goes right back into prehistory, often as actual skulls that were plastered and painted, or as stone heads. But jade and other crystal skulls have been found that date back to the Stone Age. The Olmecs (1200–400 BCE) commonly carved huge stone heads and skulls in all kinds of stone including rock crystal (quartz). The skull sizes range from small pendant beads to larger than life sculptures.

Although many are carved from stone, gem-quality jade skulls are also known from the first millennium BCE. In ancient China examples of jade skulls go back as far as the Neolithic era examples being found from between 4000 to 6000 BCE that can be up to life-sized. They were also carved in quartz and amber—which was highly prized in the ancient world as a medicine and was carried along a well-established trade route from the Baltic.

Why has so much rubbish and speculation been written about them?
They excite the imagination and are fitted into people’s expectations and their own agendas. So, for instance, they were annexed to the speculation about 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar—many of the skulls are claimed to have Mayan antecedents. There are stories about curses and other creepiness. Much of that is for marketing purposes. And it’s important to remember that the ‘messages’ pass through the receiver’s mind and can be coloured by their personal beliefs. But the skulls are exciting enough in their own right not to need that kind of overblown hype.

Does it matter whether they are genuinely old artefacts or not?

No, it doesn’t because it’s a separate consciousness that takes up residence in the skull that is communicating. That consciousness can just as easily access a new skull.

How can someone work with a new skull they have bought?
Once a skull has been cleansed (all crystals need to be cleansed before use), they can be used for healing, insight, guidance and wisdom-gathering. Some skulls arrive with a being already in residence, but others need to be activated and the being invited to communicate. But it’s important to check out that this is a being with high consciousness, not just some random entity that’s looking for a home. The skulls can be held or placed on your body. It depends on what is needed. Often holding one in your hands or looking into its eyes is enough. My book details many applications and ways of accessing the skulls. It’s important to choose the right kind of crystal skull so there’s guidance on doing that, too.

Are all skulls wise and beneficial?

No, unfortunately they are not. Some are mischievous and ignorant because they have entities attached that are close to the earth plane rather than being a higher consciousness. When using a skull it is always sensible to check and check again any information that is given until you know that you can trust the skull to give you wise advice and guidance from a higher level.

How does someone look after their skull?

Keep it cleansed— I use a purpose made crystal cleanser for this— and energized. Treat it with respect and use it with common sense. Remember it is a tool for spiritual development and healing, not a toy.


Crystal Skulls
Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment

Judy Hall Book : Crystal-Skulls Ancient Tools


Crystal Skulls
Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment

Judy Hall

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Unlocking the Secrets
Pub. Date: 2016
Review Rating: pending
"insights by the author of "The Crystal Bible" book series - could be considered The Crystal Skulls Bible

13 Crystal Skulls

Judy Hall

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