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Healing Grief & Overcoming Loss

Remembering & Honoring

Grief is probably the most difficult thing to bear in life, yet it is something that each person will have to face at one time or another, for one reason or another. Grief has a life of its own, and a rhythm of its own, which may be different for every person. It is an emotional roller coaster ride that runs the full spectrum of emotions: one moment you can be sobbing, then laughing, then angry, sometimes all triggered by the same incident. It can sometimes feel like you are losing your mind because the heart takes over and seems to have a mind of its own. The more you try to resist grief, the more painful it becomes because it is not just an emotional response, it also produces physiological and chemical reactions in the body - therefore, the more calm, patient and peaceful you can become, the easier the process can be.

There is a season for everything in the cycle of life, and although we don't like to talk about it, death touches us all. Time does lessen grief, but the journey varies from person to person, which can be very challenging and stressful if other people in your family or household handle grief differently than you do. In cases where tragedy is the cause of loss, the level of shock can be so great that it adds a whole new level of emotions.  It is important to note that one is not alone in the pain, even though it can feel that way. Death is a part of life, and it can and will change one’s life. Dealing with it appropriately can be healing and can even be experienced as a rite of passage that stretches and evolves the heart and soul, giving one even greater strength and courage to face life. Death is a form of transformation for all involved - for many, it is best to stay sheltered in a coccoon for a time before you can emerge transformed as a butterfly.

Testimonial: I am so grateful for your support and generosity. As I opened it, instinctively blew on the crown on the skull. Then a memory of my dad (passed on in 1988), then my sister... I am just about preparing for bed and have the jet skull on my right... I look forward to dreams that help me heal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May you and yours be Blessed."(read more testimonials)

What is important to remember is that grief is for the living, not for those who've passed. Death is actually a birth: for the soul it is not an ending but a new beginning as our loved ones have passed into a higher dimension of love and light, and they are always with us. However, the grief we feel is for our own loss of their physical presence in our life. The soul is eternal, and transcends time and space. We will all see our loved ones again, for we have made contracts and have promises to keep with one another to serve each other in the eternal evolution of the soul. Those who have touched others will live on in their hearts until they can be together again, and again, and again....

Crystal skulls are very gentle and powerful tools for healing grief… they often come to people in times of loss and transition to support peace and healing.

Testimonial: "Just wanted to let you know that the 2-inch multi-flash nuummite skull has been assisting me in releasing griefs since the day I received him and his friends. He always does his works when I am sleeping, and it is in my dreams that he shows me my unresolved issues, one at a time, in ways that are non-invasive. He is very powerful, yet at the same time, gentle. I would always cry in my sleep when faced with my griefs, and then I would wake up with a fresh mind while still remembering the dream/issue and I would know how to resolve it and let go of the grief."(read more testimonials)


Overcoming Loss with Crystal Skulls

These Crystals and Crystal Skulls can give comfort in times of loss and can facilitate communication with higher dimensions: 

Agate - a gentle, calming stone that promotes tranquility, brings harmony and helps calm depressive or agitated states. Allows you to accept the things you cannot change and gives courage to change the things you can. Blue Lace Agate crystal skulls bring peace, happiness and hope for the future; they access higher spiritual planes, and facilitate communion with angels.

Amethyst - facilitates communication with one’s guides, connection with the divine, and communion with higher realms of consciousness. Amethyst enhances psychic abilities and may help you communicate with the spirit world. It supports emotional stability and inner strength, and can help overcome the suffering of personal loss. Amethyst dispels fear and anxiety, and alleviates sadness, grief, depression and anger. It helps you to adjust to any loss you have suffered, absorbing pain and grief and offering spiritual protection and comfort. It induces tranquility, promotes sleep, and soothes any negative emotion.

Jet - facilitates rapid personal growth. Jet supports psychic experiences, enhancing insight and clarity. It protects sensitive people from negative energies, and helps release negative patterns and emotional attachments. Jet is a powerful healer; it can help ease the pain of headaches and migraines, and can speed healing of injuries. It absorbs negative energy, alleviates grief and depression.

Larimar - is a stone of joy and peace that can help ease grief. It can dissolve energy blockages from the past. Larimar facilitates angelic contact and communication with other realms. It quiets the mind, promotes serenity, calm and relaxation. Larimar can be held as a worry stone, or used in the home or workplace to promote a tranquil atmosphere.


Healing Grief with Crystal Skulls

Crystals resonate at higher energetic frequencies that can support our wellbeing on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Crystal skulls can uplift our energy, bring us peace and calm, and assist us through life’s challenges… These stones can be especially helpful and supportive during times of grief and loss, and in gaining clarity for new beginnings:

Apatite - increases motivation, creativity and intellect. It clears confusion and frustration, and eases sorrow, apathy, anger and irritability. An Apatite Crystal Skull supports self-acceptance and self-confidence, removing negativity about oneself and others. It heals the heart and emotions, releases grief and guilt, and uplifts your spirits. 

Jade - alleviates depression and instills feelings of serenity and tranquility. It reduces stress and is powerful for relaxation; it also improves sleep. Jade promotes courage and wisdom, and also relieves grief, trauma, and loneliness. Jade soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts. It is also a protective stone that wards against negative energies. Jade can help attain goals and dreams, and encourages you to become who you really are.

Lapis - quickly releases stress and anxiety, bringing deep peace and harmony. It also strengthens ability to concentrate and improves physical strength. Lapis can help to shake away distress and painful memories. It helps to change life for the better and promotes new interests. It may alleviate insomnia and vertigo, and overcome depression and fatigue.

Moonstone - can help soothe the emotions, it is a stone of joy that will balance the emotional body and allow one to let go safely. A stone of optimism, it can work wonders for the bereaved. Rainbow moonstone promotes calm, balance, harmony, compassion and inner confidence. Placing rainbow moonstone under the pillow can promote restful sleep.

Obsidian - has healing properties that protect the very sensitive from depression as it blocks negativity of all kinds. It is an ideal protector and stabilizer for gentle-hearted people. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. It promotes qualities of compassion and strength. It is especially helpful in times of grief. It vibrates calmness and security, and stabilizes the energies of everyone around it. Black Obsidian is protective and provides support during change

Rhodonite - assists to release repressed grief or denial, allowing a person to move on. It promotes calm, builds confidence and alleviates confusion. Holding it soothes the nervous system, calms stress and anxiety, facilitates relaxation and brings a sense of well-being. It can help mend a broken heart, healing trauma, self-destruction, codependency and abuse issues. It is a stone of compassion and forgiveness, an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past.

Rubellite (Pink Tourmaline) - is a very uplifting stone that is deeply relaxing and comforting. It is a very positive crystal that brings peace, balance, calm and a feeling of security; with Lepidolite it is powerful for calming people in distress. Pink Tourmaline facilitates healing loss of love, and old emotional wounds.

Ruby in Zoisite - a stone of transmutation, it is especially helpful during the grieving process. It facilitates releasing pain and sorrow, and enhances compassion to support others who are also grieving. It offers spiritual comfort and encourages you to regain your passion for life without shutting off your deeper feelings. It is a very positive stone and it assists in seeing the good and the joyful in the present moment, no matter how dark that may appear. It keeps you centred so that you do not over-react to situations. Zoisite is a heart-centred stone and with its help you can give thanks for the happiness you had and catch a glimpse of the bright future that is beckoning you on.

Sugilite - is one of the most important love stones. It facilitates physical and emotional healing, and can relieve pain and discomfort of all kinds. It dispels negativity and anger, and creates peace, calm and harmony. Sugilite is nurturing in times of grief, and can comfort you when you feel all is lost. It reminds you to love yourself and be kind to yourself and to those around you. A stone of forgiveness, it dissolves hostility and encourages mutual support. Sugilite protects your soul from shocks and trauma and clears disappointment from your life (hold it over your heart or third eye when you feel despair). It fills you with love and teaches you how to live from your own truth.

Coping with grief

These crystals and crystal skulls are particulary helpful in coping with grief:

Ametrine - offers the benefits of both amethyst and citrine. Citrine uplifts and brings joy, and dissipates and transmutes negative energy. Citrine aligns with the higher self and is a powerful transformer for healing. Amethyst creates a protective energy field, and supports growth to reach one’s higher potential. Ametrine alleviates depression, leading to inner peace and tranquility. Ametrine instigates change and eases transition.

Aquamarine - a soothing, calming stone that provides peace, comfort and upliftment. Helps to release grief and give it over to the universe; facilitates let go. Aquamarine helps bring unfinished business to a conclusion, and is useful for closure on all levels. It invokes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Emerald - a powerful healer, especially for the heart; it can lift depression and bring balance on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. Helps to remove negative thoughts, soothes grief and promotes harmony within.

Malachite - is excellent for depression and grief. It can heal the heart by releasing past hurts or trauma, allowing one to grieve properly and not hold onto emotions or stuff them down. Malachite helps one connect to the All; it is a transformative stone that brings peace. It soothes the soul, releases stress, and creates new beginnings. 

Rhodochrosite - can help with grief and banish negative thoughts from one's mind. Rhodochrosite opens the heart, uplifts moods and attitudes. It instills peace and tranquility, and it is difficult to be depressed or negative in its presence. Rhodochrosite heals the emotional body, and soothes emotional stress. It helps alleviate loneliness, loss, heartache, fear, and insecurities. It promotes self-forgiveness, self-worth, and self-love. It inspires trust, a sense of purpose and desire to live.

Rose Quartz - heals the heart of past and present pain. It is calming and fills us with love. Wearing a rose quartz pendant over the heart chakra is powerfully healing. It fills and heals the heart with gentle love, and helps one to move on when the time is right. Rose Quartz emanates loving energy throughout its environment, creating peace and calm in the people and places that surround it. Rose Quartz can support and heal the heart, both physically and emotionally.

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Testimonial: "Thank you so much for this beautiful meditation.  (light mp3) I bought my first two little crystal skulls from you back in 2011, shortly after my 3 year old granddaughter had passed away.
Every night, for a year, I would fall asleep with one in each palm of my hand. They brought me such peace and comfort and allowed me to sleep gently while my broken heart was mending. I don't remember when I stopped holding them nightly but they now reside on an alter to my granddaughter which is in my bedroom. In my mind they act as her guardians in the after life.

Today was the first time I have picked them up to again hold them in my hand throughout your meditation. I'm glad I did this. I really needed their healing love today... as the 5th anniversary of my dear ones passing is slowly approaching, June 1, and 2days prior to that 5/30, would have been her 8th Birthday... My courage and strength gets weakened... The meditation filled me with renewed strength. I will do this everyday. Thank you again! "(read more testimonials)

Reply:  Your email brought us tears and joy at the same time! I am so grateful that our crystal skulls and meditation have touched you and supported you in your healing. The crystal skulls are very gentle and powerful tools for healing grief… they often come to people in times of loss to support peace and healing. This journey with AMAR and the crystal skulls began for me with the sudden loss of my dear mother, and I found AMAR on her birthday a few weeks after her passing. This has led us on a journey to offer crystal skulls to people all over the world for healing and transformation. We feel truly blessed to be able to help people like you, and your email is a gift to us as an affirmation of the work that we are doing. Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we really appreciate it.

Wishing you profound peace, strength and courage in the days and weeks ahead! With love, light and blessings,
Grace (the voice on your meditation)




The Day Of The Dead

Many ancient societies believed that objects like the crystal skulls represent "life": the honoring of humanity in the flesh and the embodiment of consciousness.

Rituals celebrating the deaths of ancestors have been observed by civilizations around the world for more than 2500 years. In some cultures today, especially in Mexico, they still honor the dead and celebrate "The Day of the Dead", usually on November 1st. This coincides with the Christian observation of "All Saints Day", which also honors the spirits of departed Saints. During the celebration of the Day of the Dead, images of skulls can be seen everywhere, much the way we see them for Halloween (originally called "All Hallows Eve", the night before "All Saints Day").

Even in present day Western Religions, it is believed that during the time around November 1st, the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, allowing us to communicate with those beyond this world. The Day of the Dead is particularly known as a time to communicate with the souls of the departed, and crystal skulls may have served as communication tools to connect to other realms and dimensions.




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