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2014 International
Year of Crystallography

The little-Known science behind
DNA, computer memories, new drugs

The Paris headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) just officiated the opening ceremonies of the International Year of Crystallography, the science that studies the composition and structure of crystals, with 2014 celebrating 100 years of ground-breaking advances. Crystallography deals with the study of mineral crystals and details the physical attributes of mineral crystals. So with this idea, most of the European countries have associated crystallography with the branch of earth science. The study of quartz by Nicolas Steno in the 17th century paved the way for the concept of the interesting and powerful branch - Modern Crystallography.

In the early 20th century, it was discovered that X-rays could be used to ‘see’ the structure of matter in a non-intrusive manner, allowing study of the arrangement of atoms in solids and the chemical bonds that draw one atom to another. Crystallographers now apply this knowledge to modify a structure and thus change its properties and behaviour. Since this discovery, crystallography has become the very core of structural science, revealing the structure of DNA, allowing us to understand and fabricate computer memories, showing us how proteins are created in cells and helping scientists to design powerful new materials and drugs.

Thus crystallography has many applications. It permeates our daily lives and forms the backbone of industries which are increasingly reliant on knowledge generation to develop new products, in widely diverse fields that include agro-food, aeronautics, automobiles, cosmetics and computers as well as the electro-mechanical, pharmaceutical and mining industries.

Almost all of the Earth is formed of crystals, and everything is crystalline. The UN declaring 2014 as the year of crystallography is seen by those in the metaphysical sciences as an evolution of humanity into crystalline consciousness. The United Nations represents a major aspect of the collective consciousness on Earth, and the year 2014 is offering a universal opportunity to align with the crystalline grid. One of the greatest tools for crystalline consciousness is a crystal skull.

Crystal skulls are an earthly representation that reality is a hologram of cosmic consciousness which we experience virtually. A crystal skull is an amplifier, projector and receiver of consciousness itself. The ancients fashioned and used crystal skulls to represent consciousness and the eternal evolution and transference of awareness, and storage of knowledge. These ancient crystal skulls were carved in the form of a human skull as the receptacle of consciousness, and were usually carved from clear quartz crystal.

While the age of a crystal skull may not be accurately measured because crystal cannot be carbon dated, all crystals are ancient as they have taken thousands of years to grow in nature - some, like Nuummite, are millions of years old. Therefore, no matter what the age of the crystal skull carving, even a modern crystal skull draws upon the ancient energy, wisdom and consciousness of the Earth, and of the crystalline grid that connects all crystal skulls and all beings who resonate at the frequency of crystalline consciousness.

Crystal skulls can be made in various sizes ranging from a few centimeters to the size of an actual human head, or even larger. While the size of a crystal skull does increase its potential energy, the true power of a crystal skull is in the consciousness and intention of those who work with them.


United Nations Launches Year of Crystallography

Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon announces the International Year of Crystallography, calling to raise awareness about the power of crystals. Granted the message was geared towards scientific approaches but this can be seen as a step forward to unveiling other true powers of crystals that some crystal skull guardians have already experienced. After all, history is full of accidental discoveries, like the "quasicrystals".

For the last three decades, quasicrystals have both astounded and confounded scientists. The first sample, made in 1982, was so improbable that eventual Nobel prize winner (2011) Dan Shechtman was ridiculed and ultimately asked to leave his lab. Then, for years, no one believed that quasicrystals could exist anywhere but the lab — assembling the strange, quasi-periodic structures was simply too tricky, requiring precise temperatures and strange conditions including vacuums and an argon atmosphere.

But in 2007, physicist Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University and geologist Luca Bindi from the University of Florence cracked open a strange-looking rock from Bindi’s collection. And what did they find inside? Quasicrystals. Turns out, the rock was actually a meteorite – an extraterrestrial visitor that had been retrieved from the Koryak mountains in far eastern Russia in the late 1970s.

Bindi and Steinhardt eventually proved, in 2012, that the quasicrystals inside the rock had been forged in space, and were the natural result of an astrophysical process, and not the product of terrestrial furnaces or a consequence of the rock’s collision with Earth.

So with so much more attention focused on crystals this year, we can envision for a whole new perspective by 2020.


Elementary Snow Crystals

With the birth of Crystallography in the 18th century, new tools became available for observing and measuring crystals. Crystalline structures could now be classified by measuring their interfacial angles, studying their symmetries, and describing their geometry. The world of crystal can be a hidden one, but a simple magnifying glass or microscope can reveal their inner forms.

By observing even the commonest of the crystals, those of snow or ice for example, we can discover the multiplicity of their growth forms. This is a real source of wonder for the curious, but it is also a source of precious information on the state of the material and its inner workings.

Crystals - known to people as gems, snow crystals, or salt grains - are widespread in the nature around us. The investigation of their structure and properties means looking inside their atomic geometries - contributing to the scientific development of chemistry, solid state physics, Earth sciences, and even, surprisingly, biology and medicine.

Some may think that studying a snow crystal may be simplistic, but think about this; considering that a typical 'hard' crystal can take months and years to grow, a snow crystal provides an accelerated study into the creation of a crystal, particualry as each flake's identity is shaped by its environment.

Just like rain comes down in diferent forms ...drizzle, light rain, sheets of rain ...so does snow differ. And if you are lucky enough so see true snow once the sunshine embraces it, it will sparkle like no other crystal. You could say it is more precious than diamonds as diamonds may last for ever, but snow crystals do not.

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Heart Green Earth Day

One of the reasons the United Nations named 2014 the Year of Crystallography is so that more attention would be focused on emerging discoveries related to the many powers of crystals.

In Europe, there is an innovative project based on piezoelectricity, which involves capturing energy from kinetic movements thanks to the properties of certain crystals. These crystals are activated by pressure, in this case from a vehicle like an automobile or a train, and the pressure produces electricity whenever a car drives over the crystals. This type of crystal costs about one euro. Its life span, connected with the wear caused by the asphalt, makes it easy to recover the investment.   

This eco-technology has evolved to the development of  Smart Floors consisting of a self-powered smart-membrane which analyzes any movement on its surface and sends data via wi-fi.  Upon the displacement of a person, the force applied is usually lost (about 5 Watts per step) but this new Green Heart piezo-electric crystals technology allows recovery of the energy and converts it into usable electricity.

We have yet to discover all that crystals can do to enhance our lives. New discoveries like these by young entrepreneurs offer rewarding potentials with worldwide patents that can benefit mankind and truly bring to reality Earth Day mandates.

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The Human Body : One Giant Crystal

Quartz crystals are a crucial element in transmitter-receiver technology and can be found in devices like computers, digital audio players, televisions, watches, cell phones, sonar and radar. Your computer screen is called an LCD, which stands for "Liquid Crystal Display".

Bruce Lipton, a research scientist and former medical professor, produced a detailed study of the cell membrane in his book, Biology Of Belief. Lipton concluded that the membrane of every cell is a liquid crystal semiconductor. Semiconductors are excellent conductors of electricity and can also be used as insulators.

Anything that is computerized or uses radio waves depends on semiconductors, and here we have a semiconductor liquid-crystal membrane encasing every cell in our bodies and we have up to 75 trillion of them.

We were taught that the nucleus was the control center of the cell , but when it is removed the cell will keep on functioning. In fact, the cell receives it's information through molecular antennae on the liquid crystal membrane.

To go even one step further DNA is a crystalline substance with a shape that makes it a perfect receiver transmitter. From the characteristic form of this giant molecule, a winding double helix, the DNA represents an ideal electromagnetic antenna.

DNA with its crystalline structure, is a very powerful receiver, transmitter and amplifier of the frequencies or light that connects us to the Universe.

The Earth is loaded with crystal. Quartz crystal is one of the most abundant of all minerals and appears in every grain of sand, in quartzite and granite, and is found in nearly every type of rock. Quartz crystal has the ability to generate a fixed frequency and convert vibration into an electrical signal and that is exactly what our five senses do.

The human body is a crystalline receiver transmitter and decoder of information. The five senses decode information from vibrational wave-states and transmit it to the brain as electrical signals. The brain is made up of crystalline cells which decodes the information into an apparently three-dimensional world that appears to be outside of us, but only exists in that form inside of our brains.

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World Peace Day

The United Nations General Assembly designates a number of "International Days" to mark important aspects of human life and history.  The September 21 International Day of Peace reflects the innermost aspiration of all peoples to live together, free and equal in dignity and rights. The theme of 2014 is the “right of peoples to peace”. With all that is at stake for humanity as a whole, this may be more important at this time than it has ever been before...

Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, brings up an alarming trend in some countries where schools are being targeted for education to become a means of indoctrination for sowing the seeds of hatred. Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed. To build peace, we must open our eyes also to the reality of the hidden crisis facing education in conflicts.

One of the Mayan Elders invited to speak at the UNITED NATIONS in New York implored that crystal skulls should be in every school:

Another goal, spearheaded by actor-filmaker Jeremy Gilley, is to create a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. Today the organization PEACE ONE DAY extends the message to more than just one day, including partnering with corporations (like the AXE commercial) and even associations with heads of state. Ambassador (actor) Jude Law states "AWARENESS OF PEACE DAY CREATES ACTION, AND THAT ACTION SAVES LIVES"

Our lives are made up of day-to-day experiences and interactions, so every day we have the chance to make someone else’s life better. To build a more peaceful and sustainable world, we need to build peace in our everyday lives.

You do not  have to necessarily do anything good this day... just don't do anything bad. This statement may refer to 'actions' but should extend to spoken words. Be kind to yourself and to others...in all ways.

And you can work with your crystal skulls to project peace into your surroundings, to your environment, to your world, and to all of humanity - you can also work with your crystal skull gem essences to embody the energies of peace. The United Nations also declared 2014 as the International Year of Crystallography - to raise awareness about the power of crystals

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Water and Crystals

Water is a component of life. Our body is 60% water and the human brain is over 75% water. Water serves as a foundation for rock crystal, and can play a big role in the chemistry and evolution of the rock. On rare occasions, bubbles of water can become trapped in a crystal for millions of years; when a crystal contains water, it is called "Enhydro".

Did you know that you can actually grow your own crystal? In the simplest of ways, you can combine water with borax (a household cleaning product) and within a week you can visibly see results. Of course many elements other than water will affect the growth of your crystal, particularly temperature.

As part of the International Year of Crystallography, there is a crystal growing competition.  The UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network is encouraging schools to explore the wonders of crystal growing.  To facilitate the process, there is an amusing instructional video.

For those serious about winning, this newsletter may provide a competitive edge for those who are aware of the power of the mind and the power of intention, because focused intention may be able to affect the growth of a crystal, as Dr. Emoto's work has demonstrated (see section 2 below).

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Inside Water Crystals

Despite water being so prevalent in the heart, the liver, the brain, as well as in the rest of the human body, scientifically there is still much to discover and pioneering studies are taking place.  Many people are now familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who in 1994 conceived the idea of freezing water in order to study water crystals and their reaction to specific words, music and prayers. The results were astonishing and the revolutionary pictures impact anyone who sees them.

The power of Dr. Emoto's work is that it proves that thoughts and feelings affect PHYSICAL reality - and the realization that "changing the expression" can change the reality.  This is the basis of future sciences, including vibrational medicine.

The theory postulates that, since all phenomena is resonating energy, by changing the vibration we change the substance. Conventional science in general still does not support this notion. Yet quantum physics and in particular the 'observer effect' (of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle) clearly suggests we do alter our environment.

A new generation is getting to learn the truth about water as Dr. Emoto has embarked on a Peace Project focused to 3-12 year olds. Children should learn that we reflect our self in water and in our surrounding. An attitude of Love and Gratitude can change us, and so shift the entire world to a sustainable and beautiful place for everybody.

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Dazzling Crystal Collections

2014 has been decreed by the United Nations as "The International Year of Crystallography", which has resulted in a greater interest in crystals, both in their natural formations and in their inner workings.  Part of the celebration includes an exhibit in Florence, Italy, called "Cristalli", the world's most dazzling exhibit created thanks to the passionate efforts of Mr. Giazotto, who spent over half a century collecting and preserving what are recognized as some of the finest crystal and mineral specimens outside of museums.

Giazotto's collection is one of the most important and famous collections of crystals, thanks to its extraordinary variety and aesthetic richness of items from all over the world. The purpose of this collection is to preserve mineral specimens in the same spirit as art masterpieces are preserved. If you can't make it to Florence to see the exhibit in person, the link below will allow you to see breathtaking images of this collection through Giazotto's virtual museum.

Crystals serve humanity in many ways, and in many forms. In their natural formations, they are marvels of beauty and nature's work of art; and like humans, no two crystals are ever alike. Crystals and gemstones have imparted healing energies for centuries, and have been cut, carved and faceted to create adornments of splendor. Crystals and minerals serve an infinite number of industrial and technological purposes, and the entire digital age is driven by crystals, from microchips and computer processors, to quartz batteries and LCD's (liquid crystal displays). Perhaps the greatest service that a crystal can offer is when it is carved into a crystal skull, which can then serve to raise the energy, frequency and consciousness of everyone and everything around it. Even ancient cultures recognized the power of crystals and crystal skulls as vessels and conduits to preserve, record and impart energy and information for eternity.

In the crystal skull world, the Van Dieten Crystal Skull Collection, featuring the Ancient Crystal Skull ET, has been worthy of being exhibited in a museum. This outstanding collection of ten life-size crystal skulls in various minerals from all over the world has been examined by museum experts and laboratory technicians who have determined these crystal skulls to be truly extraordinary. The "youngest" crystal skull in the Van Dieten Collection was carved in 1926, which still makes it one of the oldest known crystal skulls in the world today. Although the Van Dieten Crystal Skulls are not currently accessible, the family has made special arrangements for CrystalSkulls.com to offer the only crystal skulls in the world that have been specially energized with the Ancient Crystal Skull ET and the entire Van Dieten Crystal Skull Collection.

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Biocrystallographer - Frank Dorland

The life path of Frank Dorland had him employed in the engineering division of Consolidated Aircraft at Lindbergh Field in San Diego. Later as an art conservator, Frank researched and produced the first scientifically formulated artists' wax for painting and preserving art pieces, sculptures, and archeological artifacts. In 1964, when a human sized quartz crystal skull was brought to Frank from England, his life made another turn - the more he studied the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, the more it demanded further research.

Having been entrusted with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull for 6 years, Frank Dorland's work evolved into a new category: biocrystallography, the study of the interchange of energies between the human mind and electronic quartz crystal. He was also responsible for the important examinations conducted on the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull at the Hewlett-Packard Laboratory.

His research culminated in a book titled "Holy Ice - The Bridge to the Subconcious". Regarding the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, Dorland concludes "the Skull is genuine, even if most of the stories around it aren't." But this book covers so much more than a crystal skull - it is a true investigation into the powers of rock crystal and it addresses topics that even today are considred advanced findings - like the human body being a Super Antenna.

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The End of Crystallography?

The year 2014 was declared the International Year of Crystallography by the United Nations in order to raise awareness in the world at large about the importance of crystallography in the modern world.  The year may be coming to an end, but this is by no means the end as the excitement built over the year spills into new frontiers.  They have ignited a fire in the new generation and Crystallography now matters ... more!

Crystals – familiar to all in the forms of gemstones, glittering snowflakes or grains of salt – are everywhere in nature. The study of their inner structure and properties gives us our deepest insights into the arrangement of atoms in the solid state. From these insights has come the understanding needed to advance the sciences of chemistry, solid-state physics and, perhaps surprisingly, biology and medicine. A century has passed since crystals first yielded their secrets to X-rays. In that time, crystallography has become the very core of structural science, showing us the structure of DNA, allowing us to understand and fabricate computer memories, showing us how proteins are created in cells, and helping us to design powerful new materials and drugs. It also underpins investigations of cultural heritage artefacts.

As Crystallography itself evolves, one day it will embrace and perhaps even promote astounding works such as these in this field:

Frank Dorland : art conservator & investigator of the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull and author of "Holy Ice" revealing the secrets of quartz and the bridge to the Subconscious

F.R. "Nick' Nocerino : researcher & world's foremost expert on crystal skulls; recipient of the first teachers credential issued by the State of California (1968) for Parapsychology and Hypnosis

Marcel Vogel : IBM scientist with over 100 patents issued for his inventions, and researcher of therapeutic application of quartz 

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